What to cook for dinner to her husband

Today is Friday, which means the weekend is approaching. This is the time when you can: firstly, sleep. And on Monday back to work. Just kidding, there are other things that can and should be done on the weekend. During the week it is rarely possible to cook something special. In the morning there is only an hour before leaving for work, and in the evening: well, if the husband prepares something, then you can have a bite and work immediately after work. And if not, then nothing creative is thought up on an empty stomach.

Delicious weekend recipes

On weekends it is good to eat manti cooked in a double boiler. Just at the weekend to prepare them enough time. You can slowly wind up a good homemade stuffing, putting more onion into it for juiciness.

On Sunday, you can cook a large pot of rich red borsch with beets. I have detailed instructions for cooking delicious borscht step by step. You can experiment with the recipe as you like – instead of soup chicken, take pork on the bone, you can replace meat with mushrooms and beans. The result will be quite a dietary lenten dish – a vegetarian borscht, which can be eaten even in fasting.

I enjoy baking at the weekend! One of my favorites was carrot cake recipe, which is very easy to turn into a real cake, decorating its surface with any cream. This cake rises perfectly and is eaten very quickly.

It is impossible not to mention and not sweet pies. In our family, fish pies have become favorites. I love to bake both open and closed fish pies. Be sure to look at the recipe for the catfish cake, as well as the closed fish pie with salmon. On weekends, it is especially pleasant to bake a hearty fish pie with a soft crust and to please your relatives with such homemade yummy.

My husband asks me to bake on Friday or on weekends. pizza. Yes, I myself love to enjoy this delicious Italian dish! What kind of pizza I did not try to cook – on thin dough and lush, with meat stuffing and meatless, with sweet fruit and salty stuffing, there was even a fish pizza! Our most favorite is tomato pizza margherita with mozzarella and basil and Hawaiian pizza with pineapples and mushrooms. Very tasty is a classic pizza with ham and tomatoes, as well as vegetable vegetarian pizza.

But my ideas for tomorrow. First: the seafood soup. We already prepared a mushroom cream soup with potatoes, and the experiment was very successful. I hope, and the coming soup will not be worse. And I also really want to stick khinkali on my own – a dish of Georgian cuisine, reminiscent of the richness of manti, only molded tightly, and you can cook in broth. But we will still cook in a double boiler. So your ideas are accepted too.

Here on this weekend I have 2 whole culinary ideas. You can almost make a rating. But seriously, it will be good if you also offer something interesting in the comments. A couple of the most interesting dishes will be prepared this weekend and published in the coming days.

Everyone is interested in your opinion!

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What to cook for dinner to her husband

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What to cook for dinner to her husband


Review written on November 8, 2013 at 16:55

Congratulations to everyone on Friday! And I start cooking a festive dinner. Thanks for the ideas for Saturday and Sunday!

Comment written on November 14, 2013 at 14:40

Oh, right – I’ll make a pizza this Saturday! Even probably not one, but two) With different fillings – a cheese-dressing for herself, a husband with meat. Thanks for the idea! And I often bake pancakes for breakfast on weekends, on weekdays I somehow don’t want to spend my morning time cooking, and on Saturday or Sunday you can please yourself and your loved ones with a delicious breakfast

Comment out October 22, 2016 at 8:10 pm

What to cook for dinner to her husband

I’m going to bake apple sharlot and borsch at the weekend, I wish you a pleasant weekend

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