What to cook from yolks

Question proper nutrition especially relevant for people leading active lifestyle and involved in sports. Many non-vegetarian trainers are convinced that meat should be present in the diet as source of complete protein for build muscle. In fact, it turns out that not everything is so simple – the cottage cheese protein, for example, is also of high quality, full-fledged amino acid composition and, at the same time, easier to digest, and many herbal products contain a lot of protein and by combining them in nutrition, you can also get everything amino acids necessary for muscle structure. Thus, if you competently approach the compilation of its sports menu, find a way out really.

What to cook from yolks

Sources of Protein for Vegetarians

one. Milk products. Preference should be given to those of them that contain less fat – they have a higher protein content. The most preferred are cottage cheese, low-fat cheeses, skimmed milk, yoghurts and kefir.

What to cook from yolksProtein content in some dairy products per 100 g is approximately as follows:

Kefir 0% – 3 g / 30 kcal Matsoni with low fat content –

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