What to eat with constipation

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Drunken alcoholism is as common as systematic alcohol use. After a long binge, the human body will certainly need to be restored, since the organs and systems have experienced the blow of "heavy artillery".

In my next article you will find information about what to drink and eat after a binge and how to quickly restore the body.

What to eat with constipation

The consequences of hard drinking for the body

Long-term alcohol intoxication has a very negative impact on the health of both men and women. In some cases, the consequences after binge are how severe that lead to death.

Almost all people after binge have a pronounced electrolyte imbalance, a decrease in nonspecific resistance of the organism, and pronounced dysbacteriosis. Naturally, all this affects the work of absolutely all organs and systems. In alcoholics, the work of the liver, the process of digestion and the absorption of nutrients are impaired, the immunity is reduced, and overall health is deteriorating.

Prolonged hard drinking is accompanied by the development of severe dysfunction of the nervous system. Men and women develop depression, there is unreasonable fear and panic, it hurts and is dizzy. Many people cannot fall asleep, and during restless sleep they have nightmares. All this – only the external manifestations of deep organic brain lesions. Naturally, the reasons lie in the prolonged toxic effects of alcohol. Also, alcoholics may increase the temperature and appear excessive sweating.

The most dangerous complications that most often develop in alcoholics:

  • Blue Devils, Korsakoff syndrome or other alcoholic psychosis;
  • deep depression, severe neuropsychiatric disorders;
  • myocardial infarction, acute heart failure, various arrhythmias;
  • Mallory-Weiss syndrome, acute gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • fatty hepatosis, liver cirrhosis, liver failure;
  • acute or chronic pancreatitis;
  • acquired immunodeficiency;
  • exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • renal failure, violation of the urogenital system;
  • in rare cases, stroke occurs or swelling of the brain develops.

How long does the body recover after binge

Every person’s body is restored over a different period of time. The duration of rehabilitation depends on the age and sex of the person, the functional state of the liver, the length of the binge, the amount of alcohol consumed and many other factors. As a rule, men’s recovery is slightly faster than women’s.

As you know, alcohol metabolism occurs in the liver. Enzyme systems of this organ provide the cleavage of ethanol and its complete utilization. Formed metabolites are excreted by the kidneys. A healthy liver processes 7 mg of ethyl alcohol in one hour. Knowing the amount of alcohol consumed (in terms of pure alcohol), you can find out how long it takes a complete cleansing of the body. Detoxification therapy greatly accelerates this process.

It should be noted that for a complete exit from a long bout it is not enough to clean the blood and tissues from toxins. It is necessary to restore the normal functioning of the nervous, digestive, cardiovascular, urogenital and other body systems. Equally important is the symptomatic treatment – it helps to alleviate the health of the alcoholic.

Therefore, it is best to place an alcoholic in a clinic or a drug dispensary, as it is extremely difficult to restore the body after binge on your own.

As a rule, the abstinence syndrome lasts from three to six days. With severe intoxication, it can last up to two weeks. After this, there is a noticeable improvement in well-being, however, psychosomatic disorders can be felt for a few more months. Adequate treatment helps to get rid of them much faster.

After hard drinking – treatment and recovery

Recovery from binge drinking or long-term drinking is necessary for everyone. Of course you can and do nothing, but just fed up on your body. But after all, when people drink about their bodies, they usually think or forget to observe reasonable limits, so let’s help the affected organs at least after alcohol.

Owing to the latter, headache, dizziness, disturbances in the vestibular apparatus develop, accompanied by irritation of the vomiting center.

When you lose control in the use of alcohol, you want to restore the body quickly, naturally, without seeking help from doctors. In the case of alcoholism, recovery after binge at home is the choice of the majority, since very few people want to advertise their problem, even among the same patients.

How to restore the body after binge

First of all, you need to give up alcohol, from any alcohol-containing solutions. The desire to sober is the first sign of alcoholism and a manifestation of withdrawal syndrome.

  • Intoxication leads to a violation of the water-salt balance, so it is very important to restore it. This requires drinking as much water as possible, preferably salted or mineralized. Often used for this brine. A sign that the balance is restored will be a decrease in the intensity of the headache.
  • It is necessary to eat well, but the food should be easily digestible and gentle to the stomach. Alcohol has a negative effect on the mucous membrane, which is why alcoholics often develop gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. For breakfast, kissel with a fresh bun, oatmeal or well-mashed mashed potatoes is suitable. At lunch, you can eat chicken broth (not very fat) with crackers.
  • In order to release the gastrointestinal tract from the remnants of alcohol and its surrogates, you need to drink sorbents, substances that take toxins to themselves and remove naturally. Most often use activated carbon.
  • When recovering from binge drinking at home, various folk remedies are often used, which in combination with other methods are very effective.
  • Even after removing toxins, the most important question remains: how to restore the liver after binge drinking? After all, this body suffers to a greater extent. In alcoholics, due to frequent abuse, there is a degeneration of the liver tissue, otherwise cirrhosis.

    Power when leaving the bout

    Diet therapy (proper nutrition) plays an important role in the period of otkhodnyak, and recovery after hard drinking without it is almost impossible. Immediately after sobering a person should drink milk or chicken broth, a little later in the diet you will need to include more herbal teas and natural juices. It is appropriate to add natural honey to tea.

    What to eat with constipation

    The menu must be milk and dairy products – cottage cheese and kefir. Since they have the ability to neutralize harmful metabolites, they will be excellent in relieving intoxication. Every day should eat cereals, soups and broths. Fresh fruits and vegetables will help restore health.

    Products recommended for diarrhea:

    • bran bread;
    • hard-boiled eggs;
    • boiled lean fish;
    • dishes from dietary meat;
    • walnuts.

    Products to eat when constipated:

    • prunes;
    • pumpkin porridge;
    • zucchini dishes;
    • squash

    A good drinking regime and the use of products that are natural diuretics will help restore health. For the benefit will watermelons, cucumbers, lingonberries, green tea. You should also eat more asparagus, parsley, dill – they have not only a diuretic effect, but also strongly contribute to detoxification.

    When help folk remedies for alcohol

    To stop the hard drinking with folk remedies, the task for a person without medical education is practically unreal. But because folk remedies for binge drinking are ineffective compared with modern methods of treating a drunken condition. And because this is the essence of experiments on a weakened patient, most often a poisonous one.

    Therefore, folk remedies treat hangover when they drank a lot in one day – no more! Otherwise, in order to stop the bout it is necessary to call the physicians and not any, but special ones (narcologist or toxicologist).

    Hangover what to do after

    The simplest, but effective measures for recovery after binge are listed as 10 stages. It is better to perform them in the order as described below, but in principle it is not necessary. The procedures will not be superfluous even if you have already been treated by a professional narcologist. In any case, even with the performance of some of them – the state of health improves.

    First of all

    1. To get drunk is not an option, remember the contrast soul. That is, undress and go to the bathroom (shower will also be most welcome). Shower, should take a contrast alternating hot and cold water. Be careful, if the experience of receiving a contrast shower is not enough (or not at all), then begin the procedure of restoring the body with cool and warm water and only then, when you adapt a little, gradually switch to cold (for hardened men – ice), and accordingly hot or very hot water.
    2. Then we take measures to combat dehydration. It is not a secret that alcoholic beverages, especially low-alcoholic types of beer, have a diuretic effect; along with the fluid, the body loses potassium and sodium ions, which are vital for the normal functioning of nerve cells and the muscular system. This is where body aches and headaches come from.

    Perfect as a pickle, various types, from sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, and various fruit juices, even compote, especially apricot and peach. such drinking will help not only to restore the lost amount of fluid, but also to compensate for the deficiency of potassium and sodium ions. Do not be afraid of increased urination, alcohol intoxication products better to quickly withdraw from the body. A narcologist advises, carbonated drinks and hot coffee is not suitable for quenching thirst with a hangover!

    In the case when the symptoms of a hangover – nausea, vomiting, headache, weakness, and the like – do not stop, tincture of mint will help. Surprisingly, this method well helps to cope with nausea and vomiting after alcohol passes. This recipe for a simple hangover – 20 drops of mint tincture per cup of cold water, of course, not all pre-bought at the pharmacy just in case. In this case, liquid ammonia can help out, he probably has in every home first-aid kit – in a glass we dilute 5 drops of ammonia and drink. With the same purpose, suitable drink in the form of a weak solution of potassium permanganate – just half a cup of pale pink color. You should not rush, you should wait for the complete dissolution of all crystals in order to avoid damage to the tissues of the mouth of the esophagus and stomach.

  • How else can you help the body recover from yesterday’s binge drinking? Alcohol destroys vitamin C. To replenish its normal level, it is necessary to take it. Drugs containing vitamin C, there are a wide variety. From the pharmacy any one is suitable, better if it is quite concentrated – you need a dose of vitamin C of at least 1000 mg. For faster digestion, better soluble options like pops will be.
  • Folk recipes from the hungover state, although hangover hangover discord, helping, however, the field of hard drinking of any kind. Berries help well, even a small amount, although some are much more effective than others.
  • If strongly nauseous, cinnamon decoction helps a lot. The recipe for cooking broth is simple a teaspoonful of cinnamon for a glass of boiled water, cool and take at a time, repeat if necessary, until the disappearance of the urge to nausea and reduce the symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

    Second turn

    In order to take care of our own liver, which suffered the brunt of alcohol poisoning, we use the hepaprotectors according to the instructions for use of Essentiale Forte or other preparations.

  • Be that as it may, but for a high-quality recovery of the body after serious drinking, no special food intake is necessary. In this case, it is contraindicated to eat on the go than it is necessary, the first meal is shown to start with a hot one: meat broth, borscht, soup or oatmeal will work best. Suppose that at first you don’t want to eat at all, but then your body will definitely show its satisfaction.
  • For the upcoming hangover, you can prepare in advance. So, if you know what is expected to be a “serious event”, where you will not be able to drink moderately and you are expected after the booze is real, without any measure, how it will turn out … It is better to take activated carbon immediately at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg. weight, or a more modern adsorbent, such as white coal, filtration and the like. It is possible to take effervescent aspirin in advance. Of course, such preliminary care will not save you from the consequences of abuse, but the level of alcoholic suffering will reduce.
  • There are tools that after binge help to quickly bring back to normal. A number of biological active additives, for example, biolan, balacin, kudzu extract, bee royal jelly, not only reduce craving for alcohol, but also contribute to the rapid restoration of normal metabolism, and this significantly affects the well-being and performance. These dietary supplements may seem to someone expensive, and so in the pharmacy, in addition to them, or instead, you can buy a glycine tablet, this essential amino acid has a similar effect.
  • Finally, someone who is very bad and everything described above did not help, as an remedy for the consequences of a heavy hangover, an enema can be done. The tool is radical, but effective for preparing a solution, you can use a pink solution of potassium permanganate or juice from half a lemon per liter of water.
  • On this list of independent ways how to improve the state of health after a hangover we end. Since more complex methods should be carried out by medical personnel. Ten options, if you manage even half of them, will definitely help to significantly alleviate the condition.

    It is more correct to treat hard drinking in a narcological hospital, or to call a narcologist on a house, the relief of withdrawal in this case will be the most painless, but effective way.

    Binge recovery field full

    For people who have problems with alcohol, recovery after bingeing is often required. After what time the body of an alcoholic is restored – the question is not unequivocal. From short-term binge, for example, when the patient continuously drank only three days with a proper hike, the patient can recover literally within a week. If an alcoholic drank a week to restore the body, it may take up to a crescent.

    Not the last role in this is played by the quality of the interruption of the drunken state. After all, this will largely determine whether in the near future alcohol breakdown. Recovery after a long drunkenness requires a serious approach. Because the correct exit from binge drinking largely determines the duration of the remission.

    Even those who quit drinking are likely to encounter similar problems again. Unfortunately, most of them pass through binges again. But many will find out too late about the correct recovery after binge.

    There are two types of problems from alcohol. The first is actually those that are created from the use of alcoholic beverages. The latter are usually only masked by alcohol. The former are directly due to the physical condition of the person who is abusing.

    How to recover from binge drinking with the help of folk remedies

    Alternative medicine is rich in various recipes that allow you to quickly fill the body with essential substances. That is why many sufferers have a completely logical question: how to recover from binge drinking with the help of folk remedies?

    1. Brine. The best option is cabbage, but more often they use cucumber, as it is more affordable. This is a solution of salt in water and actually squeezing some ingredients of vegetables. The latter include vitamins and minerals necessary for recovery.
    2. Virtually every healing restorative cocktail includes lemon juice. When recovering from binge drinking, this component is also quite important, as it contains a large amount of vitamin C and tones well. It is recommended to drink lemon juice 2-3 tablespoons after meals. If in its pure form does not work, then you can with green tea, which is also useful in this period.
    3. Oats with milk. Take one part of oats and two parts of milk, bring to a boil and then boil over low heat until almost all the liquid boils away. Then the residue is drained and drunk throughout the day. Gruel rubbed, cooled, add lemon juice and use 1-2 tablespoon half an hour before meals.

    Traditional medicine is rich in a variety of recipes and tips on how to recover from binge drinking, but in fact this is not an option. No need to bring yourself to this state, every hard drinking, whether it is during alcoholism or is it just a loss of control over the situation, destroys your body and shortens your life.

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