With diarrhea, you can eat

Bees are in wintering condition in January. It is necessary to visit insects 2 times a month. It is impossible to open the hive and inspect it without urgent need. At the very beginning, you must enter the dark barn and listen to the sound that insects make. If you do not hear anything or barely catch a uniform hum, then wintering goes well.

With diarrhea, you can eat

Very often insects can be found in the leletka, this is a bad sign, it indicates nozematosis or diarrhea. Workers are very noisy if a mouse has penetrated into the nest. In any case, after listening to the hive, inspect it.

At the bottom you will find a submor, scatter it on a white sheet and carefully inspect. If there are traces of diarrhea on the sheet, then an unplanned flight of the bees is necessary. If insect remains are found with torn abdomens, move the hive into the vestibule and remove the rodent from it. It is best from the fall once a week to arrange bait with poison in the barn. So you save your insects.

How to understand that insects do not have enough food?

If sugar crystals are found on the paws of a bee from the priory of the sugar crystals, make a feed in the nest. The crystallized honey indicates that insects with a huge amount of food can not eat it. Just put some water in the hive. Toilers will moisten the paws with water and thin the feed. If there is a sub-bottom in the feed, you will have to feed the insects with sugar syrup or candi.

Kandy – a product that feeds insects

To make sugar syrup, you need to dissolve 2 kg of sugar in a liter of water. This mixture is poured into a jar and cover it with 5-7 layers of gauze. Tie neck with string. Now hang upside down and place it on the bars. Insects will fly in and eat.

List of works at the apiary in January:

  • inspection of bees;
  • rodent extermination;
  • if necessary, the organization of the flight;
  • top dressing and watering of insects with water.

With diarrhea, you can eat

Please note that the temperature in the winter house should be + 2-4 ° С. It is not recommended to raise the temperature above 6 ° С. When it is very warm in the hive, the uterus lays eggs more actively, and the toilers spend a lot of energy on growing the brood.

How to fly in winter?

If you notice traces of diarrhea in the hive, make insects fly around. Of course, in the winter hives can not be carried out on the street. In a shed with a heater, raise the temperature to 20 ° C. Close all the slots and windows and turn on the light. Insects will soon fly out. Leave them for 4 hours. After the flight, they will return to the zimovnik. Now gradually reduce the temperature to +2 ° C.

Feed Candi

As feed, you can use not only sugar syrup, but Candi as well. This is honey and sugar dough. It is made from acacia honey and powdered sugar. On fire, bring high quality honey to a temperature of 60 ° C. When all the grains are dissolved, pour a little icing sugar. On 1 part of powder there are 3 parts of honey.

When the liquid no longer absorbs the powder, put the mass on the table, sprinkled with sugar, and knead for 20 minutes. Dough should not lose shape and stick to hands. Divide the lump into kilogram cakes. They are laid out at the top of the hive.

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