Zucchini Snack Cake Recipe

Basic rules for making good jelly

In order to prepare a transparent jelly, you must remember a few simple rules, adhering to which you can easily create this culinary masterpiece.

Rule 1. The choice of the main ingredient – meat.

Zucchini Snack Cake Recipe

You can cook jelly from any meat (from chicken, pork, beef, pork legs and

To buy such an important component in the jelly as meat is best on the market, because there it is guaranteed that it has not been subjected to freezing. Pork legs, which are the key to the solidification of the dish, must be well cleaned of bristles, and, if necessary, burned on the fire, then rinsed. You can add any meat, at its discretion. It will be chicken, beef or all the same pork jelly – the mistress decides, but the pork legs (to be more specific – the part that ends with the hooves) are necessary, then no gelatin is needed. If the meat is with the skin, it will also play a good role in the freezing of the jelly. The size of pieces of meat for jelly does not play a big role. The brisket and shin can be cut into several parts, and the large and central bone can be left entirely. In order to avoid small bones, pig legs need to be cut along in half, and then again in half along the joint.

But, oddly enough, you can not overdo it with meat. Some proportions must be observed, otherwise there is a risk that the dish will still not harden: you can take no more than one and a half kilograms of the remaining meat components for several pork legs weighing about 700 grams.

Rule 2. Meat before cooking must be soaked.

This procedure is necessary in order to remove the remnants of clotted blood from the meat. In addition, the skin after soaking will be much softer and more tender. Taking the pot and placing the meat ingredients in it, you need to soak them completely in cold water and leave for a few hours (or better all night). In the morning you can wash the meat again, carefully scrape the pork legs to remove the smoky places. Also clean the skin on the remaining meat compound. A small "vegetable" knife is suitable for this task like nothing else. Then you can put the meat in the pot and start cooking.

Rule 3. The first water to drain!

The conviction of some housewives that the descaling of a skimmer will completely solve all the tasks is not entirely correct. It is better to drain the first water after cooking meat, because along with it all excess fat and other undesirable components will be removed. Moreover, the look of such brawn will be much more attractive, its caloric content will noticeably decrease, and the smell will become much more pleasant. Ideally, you can drain the second water, then the jelly will be clean and transparent, like a baby’s tear. To drain the broth, it is necessary to rinse the contents of the cauldron under running water, which will remove small adhering residues of the coagulated protein. After that, you can put the meat back for final cooking. The amount of water should be above the level of meat by about 2 centimeters. If the amount of water is greater, then it does not boil away as it should be. Therefore, the jelly may not freeze. If the water is less, then in the process of cooking it will be necessary to add it from the kettle, which is also not very favorable effect on the final result.

It should also be borne in mind that in order to get the jelly turned transparent, you should not allow the boiling contents of the cauldron to boil. Cook jelly need on low heat, about 6 hours, and then the result will exceed all expectations.

Zucchini Snack Cake Recipe

Rule 4. Spices and seasonings also take their turn.

After 5 hours have passed since the beginning of cooking, you can add a whole onion and carrot to the broth. If you do it earlier, then all the "charms" from the addition of these ingredients will evaporate with boiled water.

Salt in the jelly also needs to be added after 4-5 hours, because in the process of boiling water, the broth becomes more concentrated, and there is a chance to simply over-salt the dish.

Allspice to taste is best added thirty minutes before the end of cooking, then a bouquet of aromas will win the hearts of even the most scrupulous critics.

Rule 5. How much time you need to cook jelly.

– jelly from pork (pork legs, knuckles) 5-6 hours; – jellied chicken 3-4 hours; – jelly from beef 7-8 hours.

But the best thing to cook aspic from assorted meat, then it will turn out more delicious and rich.

Rule 6. The stones are removed by hand, not by the meat grinder.

After the jelly has finished cooking, you must remove the meat from the pan. The most convenient way to do this is skimmer. Broth must also be filtered through a colander, and preferably through a clean cloth, removing the onion, carrot, pea and bay leaf.

Slightly cooled meat must be carefully picked with the hands, separating it from the bones (you can help yourself with a small knife). It is better to cut meat by hand, and not with the help of a meat grinder, since this will ensure that even the smallest bones, which are very easy to break your teeth, will not get into the bowl to any of the guests. Skins and cartilage are better not to throw away, because they will give the brawn a fortress. At the bottom of the plate, in which jelly will freeze, you can lay out greens or cut out various carrot figurines – this will be a wonderful decoration of such an interesting dish. After that, spreading the meat mass in the prepared container, you can pour it with broth.

Rule 7. The right temperature – the key to success.

Zucchini Snack Cake Recipe

The best place to freeze jelly is not a window sill or even a cold balcony. The most "correct" for the jelly temperature – on the middle shelf of the refrigerator. After all, if the bite is not enough cold, it will not freeze, and if, on the contrary, it freezes, it will lose all its excellent taste. This culinary masterpiece will be frozen for 5-6 hours.

Rule 8. If the jelly is not frozen (Jelly with gelatin)

If the jelly is not frozen, you should not worry. The dish can be easily saved by pouring it back into a clean pan and boiling for a few minutes. Next, you need to separate the gelatin in a separate container according to the instructions on the package (the dosage should be viewed there). Pour the gelatin into the jelly and mix well, pour into plates. After this procedure, the jelly hardens exactly, no doubt.

Aspic recipe

To prepare a delicious jelly, you will need the following products: • pork knuckle weighing about a kilogram; •

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