18 week pregnancy stirring

18 week of pregnancy refers to the second trimester, the fifth month of gestation. In fact, it is not much different from, say, the 17th or 19th, yet this week is important because a woman can feel the movements of her child.

What happens to the body of a woman and the developing fetus?

So, 18 weeks of pregnancy: what happens to a woman and an unborn baby? As a rule, at this time a woman clearly begins to feel the movements of her baby. If you have 18 weeks of pregnancy, there is no stirring, then this is not a serious concern, especially if this is your first childbearing. In fact, the future child begins to move from the moment the heart starts up, which does not stop its cuts right up to the very end of the path of life. Just the little man is still so small that the expectant mother can not hear his movements. Nevertheless, at the next visit to the gynecologist, the first thing a pregnant woman should say: “I have 18 weeks of pregnancy, I don’t feel a stir.”

The general condition of women and children

The second trimester of pregnancy is the most favorable period for both the baby and the mother. 18 weeks gestation – what happens at this time? As a rule, morning toxemia and malaise are gone, the woman feels excellent, the mood has already leveled, the tummy is not very big yet, but it is already noticeable to others.

The length of the fruit reaches more than 14 cm, weight – about 200 g or even more. There is enough space in the uterus for it, the baby moves in different directions, actively turns over, kicks. Such movements with ultrasound can even interfere with sex determination.

18 week of pregnancy: sensations of future mother

On this gestational period, feelings of pulling pain in the abdomen may appear when taking an uncomfortable position. Fearing this is not worth it, this phenomenon occurs due to the rapidly growing uterus, the stretching ligament. A yellowish discharge and, sadly, constipation may appear due to the fetus pressing on the intestines. And, most importantly, a good appetite! A woman who is expecting a child needs to balance her diet in order for the baby to receive as much nutrients as possible, especially when the 18th week of pregnancy is going on.

"I do not feel the movements of the child!" – another complaint? There is no reason to be wary, but you should not panic either, after all, everyone has everything individually. Someone first feels the movements of the crumbs at week 15, and someone at the 22nd. The woman is rapidly getting fat, it happens, in particular, due to the developing fetus, gaining weight and height, increase in the uterus, the amount of amniotic fluid. The mammary glands increase in size and prepare for milk production. The stomach at the 18th week of pregnancy is already quite noticeable. Many want to touch this miracle of nature; to allow it to do or not is a matter of taste and desire of mommy herself.

Fetal development

Fetal development, 18 week of pregnancy – at this time the following events occur:

– the immune system is no longer so helpless, it produces substances that can fight viruses and infections;

– the baby has grown, its length can reach 20 cm, weight – from 150 to 250 g;

– fatty tissue appears, the bone system is strengthened, there are sprout of molar teeth;

– a child in the 18th week of pregnancy may for the first time clearly tell the expectant mother about her existence in the form of perturbations;

– unique fingerprints have been formed, the handles can snap one another;

– genitals have evolved, you can determine the sex of the crumbs;

– heart formed, motor activity increased;

– eyes can distinguish between light and darkness;

18 week pregnancy stirring

– and, most interestingly, your baby is already able to hear his mother’s voice; you can start singing and telling him bedtime stories.

18 week of pregnancy, I do not feel perturbations! Norm or deviation?

The first movements of the future mother can be heard before going to bed when she calms down. Slender women will feel jolts a little earlier than those who are overweight. If the pregnancy is the first, the sensation will appear a little later than in subsequent ones. Women say that joyful and expected kicks are similar to the movement of gases through the intestines or the slight tickling of the butterfly’s wings, and anywhere in the abdomen. The baby is still very small, it has enough space in the tummy, and it tumbles in it, as it pleases. As the baby grows, shocks become more pronounced. Therefore, as the active movements of the crumbs, and their absence is the norm. But if a mother tells her relatives: “18th week of pregnancy, I don’t feel a stir”, she should calm down; the time limit for such a pleasant event is rather individual.

Required studies on this term

A woman during this period visits her doctor at least once a month. At each visit, weighing, measuring blood pressure, listening to the fetal heartbeat, measuring the height of the bottom of the uterus. Urine is taken for analysis. A visit to specialized specialists is made according to indications for a particular woman and her condition.

Lifestyle and diet of a pregnant woman

Proper nutrition, stay in the fresh air, gymnastics for pregnant women are all integral parts of a healthy lifestyle. A woman’s diet must be balanced. For the proper development of the baby, replenishing the growing body’s need for calcium and preventing osteoporosis in women, it is necessary to add milk, cottage cheese, dairy products to the diet, otherwise the baby will take calcium from mom’s supplies (usually teeth). In addition, to use chemicals containing this element should not be, everything should be in moderation. Products that contain high-grade proteins, meat and fish in the diet should be required! To prevent constipation, it is necessary to use as much fiber as possible in fresh vegetables and fruits. A woman can receive vitamins from both natural products and from complexes for pregnant women prescribed by her gynecologist.

What dangers lurk on this date?

In all terms, gestations may lie in wait for their dangers. This week is no exception to the rule. The risk of miscarriage does not leave the pregnant woman now. The risk of its occurrence becomes higher because of the existing chronic or acquired diseases of the expectant mother. Not exclude the risk of spontaneous abortion due to uncontrolled use of medications. The greatest danger is the discharge from the genital tract of a reddish hue, in this case, a visit to the doctor should be immediate! Monitor the condition of the intestines.

Instead of conclusion

Perhaps the most important recommendations. The right mental attitude – the main thing that should be. First of all, understand to yourself that such a state of a woman’s body is natural, it fulfills its purpose, set by nature, to bear and give birth to offspring. Therefore, everything that happens to your body is a normal process. Adjust yourself only for the best, think about your baby more often, about how he will stretch his tiny little hands to you and say “mom”. Avoid stress. Baby already hears and feels everything. Nervous behavior of the mother, chronic fatigue and depression will lead to the emergence of a nervous system disorder and a decrease in the protective properties of the child’s immunity. It is noticed that the crumb is sensitive to the mood of the mother and when experiencing the latter begins to move more actively.

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