21 week pregnancy photo


21 weeks gestation is the fifth month or 2 trimester

Your baby grows, develops and is preparing for a quick new life outside of my mother’s belly. Its weight has already exceeded 350 grams. He swallows amniotic fluid containing epithelial cells, while the fluid is absorbed, and the intestines are involved in the processing of still too hard dead skin cells. The immune system of a small organism comes into operation, its own leukocytes and platelets appear in the blood. The child is actively moving inside the fetal bladder, because there is still plenty of free space. Suppose that he still has not learned to open his eyes, but he began to distinguish between tastes, since the first taste buds have already appeared in his language.

For the future mother, this week of pregnancy is not too different from the previous ones, with a noticeable increase in weight. The kid is building up fatty tissue, so mom is getting better with it. Appetite becomes more pronounced, but due to increased metabolism a woman can afford these gastronomic whims. Try to adhere to proper nutrition and avoid harmful foods.

Starting from the 20th week of pregnancy, it is customary to determine the growth of the fetus from crown to heel. By week 21, growth is about 26.7 cm, and weight reaches 360 grams. Despite the constant activity inside the abdomen, the baby is gaining weight and requires more and more resources.

The 21st week of pregnancy has begun, which marks the beginning of the second half of the term and the sixth, the most peaceful and convenient for a woman, month. The growth rate slows down a bit, mothers have enough energy and strength, and the tummy doesn’t interfere in everyday life. It’s time to enjoy this wonderful time! To keep the memories for a long time, you can keep a diary with records and photos. Later, you will tell yourself more than once that you are grateful for having started writing it. Make a list of urgent matters and try to complete them as soon as possible as your child grows harder.

What happens to the baby

The most actively developing digestive system. The kid constantly swallows amniotic fluid, training the organs of the digestive tract and providing himself with the necessary substances. The taste and quality of this “food” will depend entirely on the woman, her lifestyle and diet.

The child will try out tobacco and alcohol too if the mother continues to use them. Through the amniotic fluid, the baby gets water, sugar, and other nutrients. The formation of taste is happening right now, so you should pay more attention to the quality of food consumed.

For digestion of the first in a life meal, the baby’s stomach secretes a small amount of hydrochloric acid and enzymes. Endocrine glands are actively functioning, and from the 21st week the spleen is included in the work. Every day, bone tissue grows and strengthens.

Sensations (stirring)

Despite the rapid growth, the child still has enough space for any active movements and coups. His bones are already strong enough so that with each blow to the wall of the uterus, my mother clearly felt a push. Over time, such movements become a kind of communication. The baby is able to respond to sounds and touches, as well as mom’s mood. Feel free to use it! Talk with a crumb, call it by name, if you have already chosen it, or come up with a sweet appeal. Often, a resident of your abdomen is activated when you decide to sleep, try to calm him down, stroke him, talk to him or even sing a lullaby.

The increasing uterus puts pressure on the internal organs, and the woman begins to feel shortness of breath, sometimes so strong that it is literally impossible to take a breath. Respiratory gymnastics will help to adapt to the current situation, which contributes to oxygenation of tissues of both mother and fetus. During childbirth, the use of breathing exercises will be necessary. The bottom of the uterus is located 1 cm above the navel or 21 cm from the pubic joint.

What happens to the stomach at week 21

The presence of the stomach speaks for itself about your interesting position. Sometimes even the movement of the fetus becomes noticeable – it is clear how the baby puts out legs or ass, or moves completely to one of the sides. The uterus continues to grow, providing the child with enough space for “maneuvers”, so the stomach can sometimes ache from tension on the muscles.

Photos tummy 21 week

Pain sensations

Pain associated with the growth of the uterus, does not threaten the woman. Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of a special pain in the lower abdomen – cramping or pulling, giving in the lower back. The appearance of such pain may be associated with an increased uterine tone.

In addition to uterine pains, a pregnant woman may experience pain in the legs, navel, lower back, and sacrum. But they are also associated with the growth of the uterus, which puts pressure on the sacrum, navel, and pelvic organs. The spine is getting a lot of stress, like the knee joints. Possible night cramps of the calf muscles are associated with calcium deficiency, which pulls the unborn baby out of the mother’s body.

Alleviate the state and ease the pain will help simplest events:

  • discard heels in favor of flat shoes;
  • if you have to sit a lot, pause once an hour, take a walk;
  • monitor the correct posture;
  • do not sleep on your stomach or back;
  • stand up correctly from the prone position, first lowering your legs to the floor;
  • re-learn to squat and bend down, spreading your legs and bending your knees to evenly distribute the load;
  • while sleeping or resting, place your feet on a slight elevation, such as a pillow or roller;
  • do not spend much time on your feet without a break;
  • refuse to carry weights or, if absolutely necessary, evenly distribute the weight on both hands;
  • do not raise your arms above your head or stay in that position;
  • Consult a doctor about the need to wear a bandage.

Insomnia is another unpleasant surprise for a pregnant woman. Firstly, it is difficult to find a posture convenient for sleeping, and secondly, one or several times a night you have to go to the toilet. The uterus puts pressure on the bladder, forcing it to empty more often than usual. If this causes you inconvenience, restrict fluid intake after 18 hours, and, avoiding a little need, tilt the case forward. A comfortable pillow will help a special pillow for pregnant women (later it will come in handy while feeding the baby, and when the baby starts to sit down). Also increases the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and shortness of breath. The mammary glands are preparing for the upcoming feeding of the baby, highlighting colostrum. Observe personal hygiene and do not attempt to squeeze fluid out of your chest.

With a standard course of pregnancy, a woman at week 21 is waiting only for the second ultrasound examination. But even if there were more, do not worry about the possible negative impact on the health of the baby. Technologies used by modern medicine minimize the harm of instrumental research.

At this time, the doctor will be able to tell the child’s gender, assess the state of the main body systems, diagnose developmental pathologies or lack thereof, listen to the crumbs of the heartbeat, track the size of the uterus and fetus, condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid, give an opinion on how the pregnancy proceeds.

If the ultrasound is performed in 3d or 4d, then you yourself will be able to admire your baby, look at his face, try to guess what he will look like. You can ask the doctor to do for you the first photo of the unborn child, which will begin the chronicle of the life of the baby.

Ultrasound on week 21

Normally, vaginal discharge at week 21 is clear and fluid, odorless and does not leave marks on clothes. If a stain appears, for example greenish, or an unpleasant odor, take a smear for analysis. Often at this time thrush manifests itself, which before the birth of the child to the world must definitely be treated. The appearance of bloody stains on the linen indicates the presence of hemorrhoids or severe constipation. If blood is released from the vagina, immediately call an ambulance.

Is it worth having sex

Feeling a woman at week 21 allows you not to deny yourself a pleasant sex, and the resulting positive emotions will benefit the child. If the threat of termination of pregnancy is not, have sex for your own pleasure, abandoning only acrobatics, too deep penetrations and rudeness. If you feel unwell, set aside sex for a more favorable time.

Analyzes for week 21

This week you will receive screening test results. The assessment is carried out by a special program that combines all the indicators of markers (hCG, free estriol, AFP) into one image. The age of the woman, her weight and the presence of chronic diseases, heredity, the number of pregnancies and their results are also taken into account. The end result is a number that speaks of the risk of a congenital pathology developing in a child. The threshold value of 1: 350, women with this or lower value of skoring have a low degree of risk. Incorrect holding of the skirings reduces their informativeness. If necessary, the gynecologist may direct you to take other control tests. Visits to the gynecologist should be carried out 1 time per month.

How to eat during this period and why

Adherence to the principles of good nutrition during pregnancy contributes to carrying a healthy baby.

Recommendations on the qualitative composition of the diet:

  • abandon fried foods in favor of boiled and stewed;
  • eat protein-rich foods daily;
  • control the amount of salt and sugar eaten;
  • minimize the content of sharp and smoked products in the diet.

Eat fractional and small portions in the presence of heartburn. The occurrence of constipation and edema directly indicates errors in the diet. Eating tasty and healthy, you instill in your child a taste for healthy food.

If your doctor has prescribed extra calcium intake in tablets, be sure to follow his recommendations. A large amount of calcium contain in their composition dairy products, especially cottage cheese.

Weight features at week 21

As it was said earlier, the accumulation of fat by the child contributes to the weight gain of the mother. Rational nutrition is of particular importance during this period. The rate of weight gain on this period is an indicator of 300 grams per week. A significant deviation from this value indicates overeating or, conversely, nutritional deficiencies. The total weight gain from the beginning of pregnancy by this time averages 6.5 kg. Remember that this is an average value, the indicators of each pregnant woman are purely individual.

The greatest danger is calcium deficiency. Now the child needs it to strengthen the bones, and the lack of its replenishment is fraught for the mother with the appearance of problems with teeth, hair, and the appearance of calf cramps.


Take care of the prevention of varicose veins. Do not wear shoes with heels. Use elastic bandages if necessary. Rest at least 15 minutes a day with your legs raised high. Eat right and feel free to ask your doctor questions. In case of unusual pain, call an ambulance.

21 week pregnancy photo

Twins at 21 weeks

7 weeks before leaving for the decree, I want to complete all the work begun. In the children’s stores, you look after the clothes for two children at once, preparation for the appearance is in full swing. The tummy has become big, it is simply impossible to bend, and you ask for help when putting on shoes.

21 week pregnancy photo

Twin pregnancy at week 21 (photo)

You often hear and feel the babies, because at this time they are very mobile. Their weight can already reach up to 0.4 kg each. The activity of the children is due to the strengthening of the skeleton and the triggering of reflexes. The formation of the nervous system in children during this period occurs, the movements become more coordinated.

You can touch the baby’s leg and almost all pregnant women will feel how it will shrink. Another reflex: touch the child’s cheek and he will reach out with his mouth. At this time, the children are also actively developing visual perception. In principle, they will not see anything interesting, but they can already distinguish tones.

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