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Seventh season came to an end. The audience was not deceived in their expectations, although this season was not as unpredictable as the previous ones. Key characters remained alive, although in previous seasons George Martin “mowed down” the main characters right and left without the slightest bit of regret. Of the unexpected deaths of the seventh season, we can note the death of Little Pink, Ellaria Sand and her daughters, and, perhaps, everything is on this. Uncle of Jon Snow, Benjen Stark, and Deacon and Randill Tarley, were killed, but they had a rather small influence on the plot and were rarely mentioned in the series. Now the audience is looking forward to the description of the season 8 series “Game of Thrones”, at least those spectators who do not spoil their viewing experience with spoilers. The preliminary release date for the 8th season of the Game of Thrones has already been announced by us, follow the link.

Spoilers season 8 Games of thrones

So, the season 8 spoilers of the Game of Thrones season abound in the network. They appeared on the same “foreign” English-language site Reddit, on which there were announcements of the content of the sixth and seventh seasons. Reddit says that the description of the episode of the season 8 series “Game of thrones” was merged by hackers who were able to steal one and a half or two terabytes of information from HBO servers. But in fact, the mentioned merged script of season 8 of the Game of Thrones looks so fantastic that it is difficult to believe in it. Although we recall that info about season 6 and 7 was confirmed completely with virtually no errors. Check the spoilers will be possible only when the 8th season of the Game of Thrones comes out, but for the sake of interest you still need to tell about them. Since the script was originally drained on an English-language site, as already mentioned, we have prepared a translation into Russian. But scenario spoilers season 7 will be somewhat lower, first verified facts.

Description of season 8 Games of thrones: how many episodes in the last season

So, it is precisely known that the 8th season of the “Game of Thrones” season will have 6 episodes, for each of which, on average, approximately 150 million dollars are allocated. The usual duration of the series is about 65 minutes, it was so in all seasons, except the seventh – the last seventh series had a duration of 80 minutes. All episodes of the season 8 “Game of Thrones” will have a duration of 80 minutes – this is as close as possible to the full timekeeping of a feature film. The question of how many episodes will be in season 8 of the Game of Thrones is clarified – 6 episodes of 80 minutes each.

What will happen in Season 8 Games of Thrones: accurate information

Before publishing the spoilers of season 8 of the Game of Thrones, which all fans of the series perceived with disbelief, let us mention accurate and reliable information about the last season.

So, the exact information about what will happen in season 8 of the “Game of Thrones” season, which is not related to the series’s plot, looks like this:

George Martin did not rule out the possibility of his participation in the filming of season 8 as an executor of the role of a minor character. He stated succinctly when answering this question: “Everything is possible.”

The actors all as one claim that they are not aware of the content of season 8 of the Game of Thrones series before filming. Emilia Clark (Daeneris) said the following regarding the announcement of the plot of the last season of the series: “We are not told anything. Everyone was told directly that they do not trust us. ” Keith Harrington (John Snow) said: “I can’t wait for the season 8 scenario. I myself can’t wait to find out who will sit on the Iron Throne and what will happen to my character. ”

Before the start of filming season 8, negotiations began on the participation in the series Vanessa Redgrave. Oscar-winning British actress, who is now 80 years old, may not play a new character, but an old-fashioned character who already exists in the series. Who exactly – is still unknown.

The creators of the series filed an application for filming in Italica (near Seville) and in Las Atarasanas (near Valencia). Both of these locations are known to the viewer for season 7: in Italica, for example, the scene of the negotiations was Deuerice and Cersei. Photos of locations, see below:

Producers Chris Neumann and Bernadette Clowfield were very interested in the castle of Uruegna in the Spanish province of Valladolid. Especially their attention was attracted by the round tower, which ideally fits into the plot of one of the episodes of the season 8 “Game of thrones”:

The same producers visited the small church of Santa Maria del Azog (this is Florence), which may also appear in one of the episodes of season 8:

Aidan Gillen (who plays the Little Pink) may reappear on the set. Perhaps Arya Stark will use his face on the plot.

Merged Scenario Season 8 Games of Thrones: read at your own risk

But now it is time to announce the spoilers of season 8 of the “Game of Thrones” season, which can be both truthful and fake. There are so many critics around the announcements of the final season that there are more doubts than confidence in the reliability of facts. We warn you once again: the present content of the 8th season of the “Game of Thrones” may differ significantly from the spoilers suggested below or completely disagree with them!

Description of 1 series 8 season Games of thrones: episode spoiler

one. The King of the Night attacks the Black Castle. In the battle with the hordes of the dead, the Sorrowful Edd, the Lord Commander of the Night Watch, and most of the defenders of the Wall, perish. Jendry and Tormund are moving toward Winterfell to warn Snow and Deaneris about the dead men breaking through the defensive line.

2 Returning to Winterfell, John (along with Deineris, Tyrion, Missandee and other retinue) meets a cool welcome from Sansy. She does not like Deanerys and the fact that John recognized her queen. In addition, she has doubts about the very idea of ​​an alliance with Cersei Lannister. For the first time since the first season, Jon Snow, Bran and Arya meet. John also welcomes Sam with sincere joy, who reached Winterfell the previous season of the series.

3 Euron Greyjoy returns to Royal Harbor. His fleet delivers 20 thousand mercenaries, Golden Swords. The first task for mercenaries is to seize the Storm Limit. This impregnable fortress can withstand a long siege, so it is there that the renewed army of Lannisters will be located. Regardless of the outcome of the war between Deineris and John and the King of the Night, here you can wait for the end of the Winter. Euron also requires a night with Cersei, and gets the right to intimacy with the queen. He assures that after him she will forever stop thinking about Jaime. But Cersei is clearly not in awe of Euron after the night spent. Then Euron goes to the “Silent” in the Storm Reach with an army of mercenaries, and on the way he talks with his captive niece Yara. He says he will be king. Yara says that Cersei will not allow this to come true, but Euron hints that some “friends from Braavos” will help him deal with this problem.

four. The description of the plot 1 of the 8th season series “Game of thrones” is again transferred to Winterfell. Here is the military council, with the participation of John, Deineris and Lords of the North. John Snow vassals are unhappy that they are now forced to obey Deanerys. But Deieris herself was able to earn the respect of the severe Northerners. Lianna Mormont flatly turns out to recognize Deineris as the queen, claiming that she already has a king – John Snow. She says that her lips will never utter the words “Your grace” in relation to Deineis. There is a proposal to use the Eagle’s Nest as a trap for the army of the dead. When Robin Arryn, Lord of the Valley, rejects this offer, Deineris states that the northerners are intractable and not very smart people.

five. Theon Greyjoy meets Branna Stark in the Godgaw. He asks him for forgiveness for his actions, but Brann says that Theon does not need forgiveness. Brann says Theon redeemed those who saved his sister Sansu. Theon asks how Brann knows this, but Brann does not answer this question. John sees Arya practicing fencing with Brienne Tart, and is surprised at her incredible fighting abilities. He asks Arya why she was not at the military council, to which her sister replied that she was interested in battles only in a practical sense, and not in a strategic one.

Angelina Jolie is pregnant

6 Melisandre arrives in Volantis, where she meets with the priestess of the Lord of Light, Kinvara, in the Red Temple. Melisandra says that she fulfilled her mission – joined Ice and Flame, John Snow and Deineris Burerozhdennaya. But Kinvara says that Melisander made a lot of mistakes, but you have to pay for mistakes. Melisandre will again go to the North to make another necessary sacrifice.

7 Announcement of the 1st series of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones also includes a description of the further journey of Jaime Lannister. As you can remember, in the 7th series of the 7th season of the series, Jaime left Cersei and went to the North in order not to break his word to help Snow and Deineris in the war with the dead. On the way to Winterfell, Jaime stops at an inn where Bronn meets him unexpectedly. He tells Jaime that he hates “this smelly little town,” referring to Royal Harbor, and would prefer to “die in the war with the dead, rather than hiding like a rat.”

eight. Completing the description of the 1 series of the 8 season of the series “Game of thrones” the following scene: Sam and Brann tell John the secret of his origin. John learns that his real name is Eygan Targaryen. John does not know whether to believe him or not, whether he wants to believe at all. But the gift of Brann (we recall, he calls himself a Varg, the Three-Eyed Raven) is too convincing to disbelieve his words. John saw other wargs behind the Wall. Brann says that he saw John Snow all the way: his duel with the King of the Night in the Stern Share, death from the blades of the traitors from the Night Watch and John’s mystical resurrection. John understands with his mind that everything said by Sam and Brann is true, but his heart refuses to believe. Sam Tarley says that John Snow, or Eygan Targaryen, is the only true heir to the Iron Throne.

Description 2 episodes of season 8 Games of thrones: episode spoiler

one. Gendry and Tormund reach the walls of Winterfell. In the great hall gather Deineris, Jon Snow, Sansa, Tyrion Lannister and Davos. Jendry and Tormund tell the crowd that the Wall did not withstand the onslaught of the dead and fell. John says that there is no time left for preparation and redeployment, and he will have to meet the enemy here in Winterfell. He orders to collect all the vassals and prepare for a bloody battle. Of particular concern is the story of the resurrected dragon Vizerion, who spews a blue flame.

2 In the last episode, Jon Snow learned the secret of his origin, so he goes to the crypt to visit the grave of his real mother – Lianna Stark. Deaneris notices a change in John; he has become thoughtful and silent. She follows him to the crypt to ask him what the reason for this change is. John replies that he is no longer John Snow, that this name has been a lie all his life. She asks John about the real name, but John Snow avoids the answer. He does not know now how to behave with Deineris, who is his own aunt.

3 Upon exiting the crypt, Deaneris meets Jorah Mormont. She says that John is hiding something from her, and also says that she has not been doing well in recent days. Sir Jorah tells Deaneris that she needs to appear to Maester Volkan.

four. Meanwhile, in the Royal Harbor, Cersei watches the snow begin to fall outside the castle window.

five. Bronn and Jaime reach Riverran. Castle besieged army Talley. Jaime meets with Edmur Tully and asks him to help in the war against the dead. In exchange, he offers him Riverran after the war with the King of Night. Edmur Tully agrees.

6 Our description of the episode 2 episode 8 of the Game of Thrones season again moves to Winterfell. Here is going to the army of John Snow, the army of Deineris and the forces of all the vassals of John Snow. Among the standard bearers of Starks is Howland Reed, the father of Mira Reed, who arrived in Winterfell with his daughter. A guest comes to Arieh, a stranger who removes his mask and turns out to be Yaken Kh’Gar. He informs Arieh that a price has been paid for Queen Cersei, and the Many Faces God awaits her death. Arya must kill Cersei, for this Yaken gives her a bottle of poison.

7 John Snow meets with Howland Reed. It is important for him to know whether Brann told the truth, but at first Houlen refuses to speak. John insists and practically begs him, and eventually Howland confirms Brann’s words. Many years ago, Ned brought out of the Tower of Joy the child of Lianna Stark, Howland promised Ned Stark to remain silent, but since the secret concerns John Snow himself, he breaks the oath. John is grateful to Howland for the true answer.

eight. In Winterfell is going to a great military council. The following strategy was proposed and approved: division of the army into several units. Flawless and Dothraki advance to Dredfort, the generic Bolton castle, and will attack the army of the dead from the flank. The warriors of John Snow and the Warriors of the Valley will remain at the walls of Winterfell, supported by the two dragons remaining at Deyneris. Dragons will destroy the undead fire, and those dead people who manage to break through the fire barrier of dragons will be attacked by the Knights of John and the Knights of the Valley. Theon asks for help from John in order to repel his sister from Euron. John can promise help only after the battle with the army of the dead. Theon is disappointed but forced to agree.

9. Deaneris was not present at the council, she was unwell, and the reason was clarified. She tells Missandea that she is pregnant, but her joy is clouded by the fact that John has changed in relation to her. Most of all, Deaneris is oppressed by the fact that she cannot understand the reasons for such a dramatic change in John.

ten. The announcement of series 2 of season 8 of the Game of Thrones continues the description of the following scene: the army of the King of Night is coming close to the walls of Winterfell. Troops are on full alert. Arya rushes into battle, but John dissuades her from such a bold, but reckless act.

eleven. A bloody battle begins on the approaches to Winterfell. The resurrected dragon Viseerion pours ice on the Knights with an icy blue fire, the dead go in an endless stream. The army of Winterfell defenders is rapidly shrinking. The Ghost is dying, trying to protect his master. Drogon rushes into the thick of the battle and destroys quite a lot of the dead, but due to the fact that the battle turned into close combat, many knights burn with flames. Lord Glover and Tormund die in the fire.

In the meantime, Brann in Bogorosche is trying to control the second dragon of Deineris, Reigal. He succeeds in this and for some time the forces of the parties are compared. But then Brana is killed by the White Walkers and Reigal is killed. If the merged script of season 8 of the Game of Thrones series is true, then at the decisive moment, Jaime Lannister, who came to his rescue, is connected to the battle with the army of Lannister and Tully. In addition to the losses already mentioned among the living, it is necessary to call Peace and Podrika, the squire Brienna. At the end of the battle, the King of the Night is forced to retreat in order to gather his strength and again fall upon the enemy forces. The Valley forces are retreating to Eagle’s Nest, the Lannister and Talley’s army retreating to Riverrun, the soldiers of John Snow, the remnants of the Dothrakians and Immaculate are shifting southward, the army of Lianna Mormont retreating to Bear Island.

Description 3 episodes of season 8 Games of thrones: episode spoiler

one. Deineris, Jon Snow, Jaime, Bronn, Edmour and other military leaders and advisers gather in the Watershed Patrol, this is an ancient Reed stronghold. It is necessary to decide which strategy to choose for war with the King of Night army. John’s suggestion is to lure the King of the Night into the Eagle’s Nest, as he already suggested in the previous series. According to him, there will be easy to keep the defense, because the castle is high, and the approach to it is very narrow. The Lannister and Tully armies, meanwhile, will continue to be in Riverran to shut the trap when the dead reach the Blood Gate. In the meantime, Theon will have to hold Pike at all costs along with other Ironborn.

John draws attention to the fact that there is no Arya and Ps in the Serovodnom Patrol. He fears that Arya died, but Edmour reassures him and says that Arya, along with Dog, has gone south. John also asks Daneys to return to Dragonstone and take Sam Tarley with his family. Meanwhile, Maester Volkan receives a sad message that Lianna Mormont could not reach Bear Island and died.

2 Further description of the plot of the 3 series of the 8 season of “Game of thrones” takes us to the Royal Route. Here we see Dog and Arya moving towards the capital. The dog is unhappy, he says that it would be better for the girl to stay with his sister and brother than to wander around Westeros while there is a war with the dead. Arya mockingly replies that the Dog may leave her at any time if he is afraid. The dog asks why Arya is going to the capital, to which Arya replies that she needs to cross out another name from the list. The dog finds it ridiculous, in his words, “everything will soon die,” when the King of Night comes. Arya replies that Cersei should perish at her hands, and not at the hands of the King of the night. The Dog himself says that he, too, has unfinished business with his brother in the capital.

If the script of the 8 season series “Games of Thrones” merged by hackers is true, then on the Royal Route Arya and Pes are met by some old woman. The old woman says she needs the King of the North. Arya replies that it is impossible to go to the North, he is practically captured by the living dead. But the old woman replies that the dead her fear the least in life. The old woman’s remark that she had already met Arya puzzles the girl.

3 If you continue to read our description of the season 8 series “Game of thrones”, move again to the North after the plot of the third episode. Here, John Snow talks to Howland Reed. Howland says he is ready to give his life in the war with the dead, because now nothing holds him back – the children are dead. Howland also says that he must atone for his murder with the sword in the back of Arthur Dein, which he committed many years ago. Howland also says that John would be the best ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, and that the Iron Throne should belong to him. To this, John replies that he does not need power.

four. Quibern tells Cersei that Winterfell was attacked by the King of Night’s army. According to the hands, Snow and Deineris forces suffered heavy losses. The Queen is glad to such a news, she can not help smile. Cersei learns that the Lannister army has joined the rest of the defenders of the North, and with anxiety asks if Jaime survived the battle. Quiburn replies that this is unknown.

Then Euron Greyjoy returns to the capital. He informs the queen that the army of mercenaries was taken to the Storm Reach and took the fortress. Now Euron is counting on the promised marriage to Cersei. He does not intend to wait and offers to hold the ceremony tonight. Cersey has no choice but to agree.

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five. A further description of the plot of the 3 series of the 8 season of the Game of Thrones is again connected with John Snow and Deineris. John and Deaneris spend the night together. Deineris learns that John Snow’s real name is Eygan Targaryen, and that he is her nephew. She, in turn, reports that she is expecting a child from John. John is pleasantly surprised, and at the same time concerned, because they are close relatives. Daeneris says that Targaryens have had marriages for many centuries, and this has never affected the health of children.

Deaneris tells John that she will have a boy in her inner feelings. She wondered what name John would choose for his son. John says that he should give his son the name of the most worthy person in his life – Eddard Stark. Deaneris says she likes – Eddard Targaryen.

Ibid: Jaime meets and talks with Brieno Tart. Brienne says that Subrik is very saddened by the death. According to her, he was the man who deserved the least death. Jaime says that Brienne was very lucky that all this time Podrik accompanied her.

6 Further events of the 3rd series of the 8th season of the Game of Thrones take place near the Royal Route. The dog and Arya make a fire in a forest glade. Arya is worried – she can hear strange sounds. Her instinct does not fail Arya – in a few minutes she and the Dog are attacked by a detachment of the dead. The battle begins, but the dead are all coming and coming. Suddenly, the dead people are attacking the dead along with Nimmeria. In the battle, many lyutovolkov died, but it gives Arieh and Psu the opportunity to leave a dangerous place. In the heat of battle, Arya loses her blade, the needle, which she so valued. The dog says that there is no time to look for the “damn blade,” and they need to carry their legs. Arya loses the blade, but Nimmeria follows her.

7 If the merged script for episode 3 of the season of “Game of thrones” corresponds to the real plot of the series, then in the next scene of the episode the viewer will see the wedding of Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister. Euron Greyjoy is excited, while Cersei is oppressed and depressed. Holds the ceremony right hand of Queen Quibern. At Cersei, a long dark dress that looks like a mourning outfit.

Then the rooms of Cersei and her bed fall into the frame. A scene of intimate closeness between Euron and Cersei is shown, in parallel with the viewer, a similar scene is shown between Jaime Lannister and Brienne Tart. But at the same time it becomes clear that Jaime and Cersei think about each other.

Angelina Jolie is pregnant

eight. The announcement of the series 3 series concludes the following scene: John Snow and Sans are parted in the Gray Water Patrol. John instructs Gendry to look after Sansa. The following is a farewell scene for John and Deineris. Deaneris leaves John the dragon Drogan to confront Vizerion. A farewell kiss between Deinerys and John, which is painful to see Jorah Mormont. In this scenario, the description of the episode 3 of “Game of Thrones” comes to an end.

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