Baby at 9 months

Nine months is an amazing age! The baby spent nine months of his life at your heart, nine months he already lives with you. Unwittingly pulls into romantic moods and reflections. And what the child learned at 9 months sometimes surprises and delights even his ever-excited grandmothers. And only the baby does not share any thoughts, but simply grows and learns, without even noticing it.

Baby at 9 months

Physical skills

According to your child, just sitting in a crib or playpen is for babies, and he is already big. The seat is a long past stage, it easily rises from this position, it is already firmly on its feet, even trying to walk near the barrier. Now you have to attach special pads to the legs of the chair – the child will happily walk around the apartment, holding the chair. But with much more pleasure, he will inspect his home, holding your hands. You should not hold it with just one handle – the spine may twist, better give it both (how to help the child walk). Or you can make the reins from a long towel and drive it on them.

Manege for many children is no longer a deterrent – they easily get out of it.

No need to worry if your toddler seems to be “fixated” on some kind of action – for example, he crawls around the arena for a long time – the kid is practicing movement skills.

He, most likely, has a new wonderful toy simulator – SOFA! The kid will be happy to climb on it and slazit – dozens of times a day! And walk along it.

But walking is not his only achievement. Now, if desired, he can crawl in any direction, even backwards. And maybe turn around.

Emotional development

  • Your son or daughter still love to play near you. You are his source of confidence and calm.
  • Now he has become so big that he can feel anxiety and fear. Especially if you are in an unfamiliar environment. These minutes you are especially necessary for him.
  • A new achievement – learned to cheat when you are going to do something that he does not like – to wipe the nose, cut the nails or put to bed.
  • A child in 9 months should be able to sit. And he can already be accustomed to the pot. This habit can be developed at this age rather quickly and simply.
  • In some matters, trying to be independent – for example, at the table. He easily climbs his plate with porridge and pulls a full cam in his mouth. And it’s just great, independent decisions need to learn to take as soon as possible!

Video 1:

Games and toys

  • You will not believe it, but a child at 9 months can build a house! The truth is only from cubes, and only two-story. Which immediately and destroy. But this is only temporary! Soon he will learn to make them higher and stronger.
  • Play ball – what could be better! And take it with two hands.
  • He also needs a variety of pyramids. Rings should be easily put on the rod.
  • Skills in 9 months long play independently the child does not yet have. But he will play hide-and-seek and Ladushki with you.
  • A wonderful toy for a baby can be his own face. He needs to show the nose, mouth, eyes. He will then gladly show them to anyone.
  • And such a wonderful game in Soroka-Raven, when you make your baby a soft massage of the palms and fingers, will help a person quickly learn to speak. So “cook porridge” is on both handles.

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Your baby is now a “little monkey”, copying everything and everyone has become his favorite activity. He will repeat for you any movement, try to copy any sounds. And not only behind you – cats, dogs, birds can become “teachers”. At this time, he will easily remember the names of the animals that most often surround him. Do not teach him distorted, “childish” names. Let the dog remain the dog, and the cat – the cat. In time, he will call them correctly, but so far he only imitates the sounds that he hears from them.

For example, a developing video: Teaching pets. Pet sounds

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In the meantime, a real breakthrough has occurred in mastering the language – the baby has already said the first word. So everything is going right. Soon these words will become much more, and you will be proud to listen to your child read the first learned verses on family holidays!

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