Baby keeps crying

Magic book

For children of the middle group

Holiday course Children to the music enter the hall and dance, become a semicircle. The hall is dark. Christmas tree draped screen.

Leading: What? Why? I do not understand. It seems, we went on a holiday, And we got into the forest of Winter! The hall enters Winter. Winter: Hello my friends, How glad I am to see you! All snowed up, All paths swept up! Hurried to your holiday. That’s what kind of winter I am! Are you ready for the holiday? (Yes!) So what are we waiting for? We are fun dance Our holiday will begin!

song-dance “Russian snowstorm”

Host: Zimushka – Winter we went with the guys for the holiday, and got into the dark. Winter: Do not be afraid, the dark forest carries many wonders. Leading: Well, what magic, need a tree that’s all. Winter: I am a fairy winter, I will give you a book! This book is not simple, and it is not golden. Book list turn the Fairy Tale to invite guests. Winter is leaving.

Leading: Do you guys want a fairy tale? Let’s open the 1st page. The first page is drawn princess Nesmeyana. To the sound of magic comes out and cries. Leading: Oh! Well this is the princess Nesmeyana. Hello Nesmeyanushka. Well, why are you tearing tears? What happened? Nesmeyana: Nothing oh oh! Crying. Leading: Can we help you guys? Nesmeyana: Nooo! Crying Leading: Guys, let us sing a song to her can she have fun? ♫ song “Snow down”

After the song, Nesmeyana continues to cry.

Leading: What do I do not know. Child: Let us turn the page, Cheer our queen. Turns the leaf upside down, a clown is painted on it. Under the sound of magic appears clown. Clown: Hello guys from the children of the garden, hello parents, our viewers. Nesmeyana crying. Clown: Kauryas. What kind of sound is not pleasant, I used to hear laughter. This is me something unpleasant. Leading: Why, Nesmeyana came to us on holiday and cries, we do not know what to do. Clown: Now we will understand. He walks in front of her ape, and Nesmeyana cries. Clown: Come on toys come out, help me cheer.

dance “Toys”

Nesmeyana crying. Upset clown comes up to the guys and says. Clown: The case is of course difficult, what I do not know. Well, maybe try to tell her poems, well, well, okay, I went. The clown is leaving.

Leading: Let’s try poems, maybe they can help us. 1 child: Christmas trees are green, Forest decoration, In elegant dresses It would be like a princess.

Baby keeps crying

2 children: Snow falls silently, Sparkles, silvers, And the tree lays down On long eyelashes.

3 children: Silver cones Hang on the Christmas tree They contain delicious nuts For birds and squirrels.

4 children: Our tree is high, Our tree is large, Higher than mom, higher than dad, Pulls up to the ceiling.

5 child: Lit up the tree with lights, Call us on a holiday! Fulfill all desires! All dreams come true.

6 child: What a miracle, a miracle – a tree, All green needles, In beads, and balls, In yellow lanterns.

Nesmeyana ceasing to cry. Nesmeyana: I want … (Asking intonation appeals to the leader and the children.) I want a Christmas tree, a green, fluffy one, and so that with beads and balls, And so that all dreams fulfill, and so that all wishes come true.

Leading: Let’s guys look in the book elegant Christmas tree. The presenter leafs through the book, leafing through the woman — the yaga, the tree, and stops at the New Year tree.

Leading: Fluffy herringbone, Revive the beautiful, Shine and shine, Amuse amuse. Removed the screen turns on the lights and lights on the tree.

Nesmeyana: Oh, what a beauty, well, well, all here, start a dance, there will be a holiday, New Year.

♫ Round dance “Green Beauty”

Host: Ah, New Year, an amazing ball, How many friends have you gathered for the holiday! Let everyone laugh, dance, sing, Waiting for all wonders ahead! Let us sing children for our amusement, Let your tears dry Nesmeyana.

Song-dance “Santa Claus”

Nesmeyana: Crying. No miracles happen. I became bored, you have few guests. Leading: But how little it is, look at the hall how many guests have come, and how many babies we have are beautiful and smart. Nesmeyana: And you have no Santa Claus … ceasing to cry. Let’s leaf through your book, call Santa Claus.

The presenter turns the page in the book. On it is painted Dded Frost. But nothing happens.

Nesmeyana: Aaaaa and the book does not help, Leading: Hush, hush, we’ll call for the Santa Claus guys now. Children name is Santa Claus. There is a knock at the door Santa Claus comes in.

Santa Claus: Hello, kids. Girls and boys! Holiday joyful for you I brought in a fun hour. Happy New Year congratulations, I wish you happiness, joy. And let the bright star always shine for you. Let’s stand together in a dance, With the song we will celebrate the New Year! ♫ Round dance

Nesmeyana: Grandpa, do you know any tricks? Santa Claus: Of course I know! Nesmeyana: please show me the magic. Santa Claus: Carry my magic table. Focus Water is poured in a white transparent jug. You need to take two glasses, pour water from a jug into them – in one glass the water will turn pink (put potassium permanganate at the bottom), in the other green (drops of green) Focus An envelope is made in advance with pockets in one pocket to put a scarf in one color, and in the other . During the demonstration of the focus, one scarf is inserted, and then another one is carefully drawn. Nesmeyana: And you can turn me into a Snow Maiden?

Santa Claus: Of course! On this night, on New Year’s Eve, Magic will occur. Let me just say, one, two, three Nesmeyana in the Snow Maiden turn around! Transformation Nesmeyany in Snow Maiden. Snow Maiden: Oh, what a beauty, now I am very happy.

Santa Claus: Naughty kids play with you it’s time.

Santa Claus: – Oh, how Santa Claus loves To pinch children by the nose! (addresses to one of the children) Do you want to pinch the nose? He will become beautiful! Red or blue … I’ll run in a circle, I will pinch everyone for the spout!

Baby keeps crying

Snow Maiden: – Take care of your ears, nose – Frost freezes you!

Game “Frozen” Game “Collect a snowman”

Snow Maiden: Grandfather Frost, you’re probably already tired, take a seat, rest. Santa Claus: Yes, I got tired, I became old! And girls Snowflakes let cool grandfather. ♫ Dance “Snowflakes”

Santa Claus: Oh well done, how beautiful the snowflakes were spinning, me, Santa cooled. Snow Maiden: Grandpa it’s time to cook gifts! Santa Claus: And the truth is late. Bring me a pot and more. A bucket of water, a little tinsel, Hinders the ladle. Tries Something is missing. We will add ice and clapper here. Here it is. The secret of the saucepan: In a large saucepan there is a small saucepan, where the water is tinsel and

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden distribute gifts.

Title: Scenario of a New Year’s holiday in the middle group “Magic Book” Nomination: Kindergarten, Holidays, entertainment, scripts, New Year’s holiday, Middle group Author: Korobeynikova Maria Anatolyevna Position: music director Place of work: Municipal institution of pre-school education “kindergarten of the combined type“ Kid ”Location: s. Corner, Bakhchsarai district, Republic of Crimea

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