Batalov Alexey children

Sergey Batalov

Sergei Feliksovich Batalov. Born on April 19, 1957 in Irbit, Sverdlovsk Region. Soviet and Russian film and theater actor. Merited Artist of the Russian Federation (2005).

Sergey Batalov was born on April 19, 1957 in Irbit, Sverdlovsk region.

Mother worked as a teacher.

Sergey’s parents parted when he was still small, brought up his stepfather, who worked as a driver.

According to him, he fell in love with the theater at the age of 4 years, when Shura’s grandmother took him to the local drama theater for the fairy-tale-hunchback horse tale. The boy has since started dreaming about the acting profession, although for the time being he did not tell anyone about it.

After graduating from the 8th grade, I went to see my aunt in Omsk, where I entered the local aviation technical school. It was during his studies at the technical school that he began to fulfill his dream of acting, he began to attend drama school. In 1973, at the festival “Omsk Theater Spring” he even received a diploma for the best performance of a male role.

After graduating from the technical school, he went to Moscow and became a student of GITIS, from which he graduated in 1980. At first, he studied with Oleg Tabakov, and graduated from the university already in the course of Vladimir Andreev.

Sergey Batalov in his youth

Sergei Batalov was often mistaken for a relative of the great Soviet and Russian actor Alexei Batalov. In fact, they are just namesakes. At the same time, as the actor said, he somehow pretended to be Alexey Batalov’s son. It was in Baku, where he traveled for a month at the invitation of Sergei Gazarov. It was the latter who set him before the fact that, he said, he told his relatives and friends that he was taking his son Alexei Batalov with him. Sergey had no choice but to play up to his friend. Alexey Batalov himself later learned about this story, but he was not offended, but only laughed.

From 1982 he worked at the Moscow Drama Theater on Malaya Bronnaya.

From 1990 to 1992 – actor of the Theater-Studio “Man”.

Batalov Alexey children

In 1992 he returned to the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where he worked until 1998, after which he was forced to leave the theatrical scene due to being busy at the shooting.

Winner of the National Prize “Golden Mask” (Ilyin “Five Evenings” A. Volodin, Theater on Malaya Bronnaya).

Since 1983, acted in films, making his debut as a policeman in the film “Suddenly-unexpectedly.”

Sergey Batalov in the film "Unexpectedly"

Then there were works in the paintings “Love Arithmetic” (Victor), “Far Away” (Sergey), “When the echo will respond” (Cap).

He became widely known in 1990 after Fedi’s role in the tragicomedy Cloud-Paradise director Nikolai Dostal. The film tells about the simple, artless people who are awakened from the daily routine of the unusual act of a young, loving slightly to lie, but, in fact, a good guy. The film collected a lot of prizes, according to a survey of film critics and journalists, became the best film of the year. In 1991, at the KF Young Actors in Geneva, the cast (A. Zhigalov, S. Batalov, I. Rozanova, A. Kluka, Vl. Tolokonnikov) was awarded the Special Jury Prize.

Sergey Batalov in the film "Cloud-heaven"

Then there were successful roles in the films “Cynics” (comrade Mamashev), “The Minor Demon” (Pavel Volodin), “Policemen and Thieves” (Amelkin), “Kings of the Russian Detective” (Ivan Smetanin), “I want to go to prison” (Vovan) , “Artist and Master of Image” (Vasily Bashlykov), “

In 2005, the sequel to the film “Cloud-Paradise” was released “Kolya – rolling the field”, where the actor again played the role of Fedor. Phrases of his hero went to the people: "Nothing changes here. The most irresponsible place in the world"; "Returning from distant wanderings, I came home, and here – hryas!"; "Yes, he swam everywhere. Where there is water, there swam"; "This is not the case. This, consider, tricks"; "Children are "not by itself". Needless children are not"; "What are we drinking for? Survived. Not for what, what?"; "Come on, one smoke and throw again".

For the film “Kohl, rolling the field,” the actor was awarded the prize of the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts “Nika” – for the best male supporting role. As well as Irina Rozanova, who played in the film the spouse of his hero.

Batalov Alexey children

Sergey Batalov in the film "Kohl – rolling the field"

In 2005, the actor was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

The audience remembered the work of the actor in the tapes “In the First Circle” (Major Shishkin-Myshkin), “The Happiest” (Ivan Cherdakov), “Extraterrestrial” (Tolya Semyonov), “Vanechka” (Major Nikulenko), “Assault Dad” (Father Vasily Merkulov), “Two colors of passion” (Uncle Volodya), “Gentlemen officers: Save the emperor” (Frolan Akimych Unclear), “The Brothers Karamazov” (Peter Ilyich Perkhotin), “Zhurov” (Romanych).

Sergey Batalov in the series "Zhurov"

In 2010, the comedy series “Stroybatya”, in which he played Lieutenant Colonel Vasily Ivanovich Arkhipov. His hero is the commander of the military unit in which the main characters serve. Athletic and fit (in the story he was 42 years old), he dreamed all his life about airborne troops, but fate was different. In spite of everything, he doesn’t hang his head down, and sometimes because of his overruns, the main characters of the series feel that they are real paratroopers. "Uncle Vasya’s troops" – so called part of Arkhipov.

Sergey Batalov in the series "Stroybatya"

Batalov Alexey children

Then the actor could be seen in such films and serials as “Case of Deli No. 1” (Korney), “Assignments of Special Importance. Operation “Typhoon” (Ivan Kuzmich Bryantsev (Grandfather), “A Stranger Amongst His” (Victor M. Kuznetsov), “What Men Want” (Vladimir Ivanovich), “Chao, Federico!” (Vasily Dmitrievich Ivanov), “Mommies” (Belousov ), “Three happy women” (Gerkules Anatolevich (Hera).

In early 2018, the comedy “Team "B"”, In which Batalov played one of the main roles – Colonel Viktor Stepanovich Okhotin. In the story, rescuing Misha’s nephew from prison, General Brusnitsyn instructs him to lead the team of ordinary guys selected for the flight to the Moon – team “B”. He is confident that the experiment will fail and the “losers” will not fly anywhere. But in the end, the “losers” are ready to compete with the professionals from the team “A” and conquer space.

Sergey Batalov

Sergey Batalov’s height: 175 centimeters.

The personal life of Sergey Batalov:

Married Wife – Zoya Batalova, she works as a prop at the Taganka Theater.

Married daughter was Catherine. Catherine did not want to continue her acting dynasty, she is an economist.

"They are my modest girls, not a party girl"- said Sergey Batalov about his wife and daughter. At the same time, he noted: "For me, a family is a fortress, where I can hide and when I feel good, and when I feel bad. Maybe it’s from my childhood".

Sergey Batalov with his wife and daughter

Sergey Batalov and daughter Catherine

Sergey Batalov’s hobby is collecting toads and frogs. Carried away by this during filming in Ryazan. There a woman approached him and said that he was her favorite artist. "She got a huge sculptural composition in the form of a toad, seven pounds, and gave it to me. Then in Italy, I bought an amazing old colored glass ashtray at the bazaar. Well, since then, gone-gone"- told the actor.

Filmography by Sergey Batalov:

1979 – The Band "Seven winds" (film-performance) – Sergey 1983 – Suddenly – unexpectedly – militiaman 1984 – Rowan nights – country boy, visiting Bazanov 1985 – Vosstaniya Square – Okhrimenko 1986 – Lunin, or the death of Jacques (movie-performance) – uniform at the ball 1986 – Love arithmetic – Victor 1987 – Kolya loves you (film-performance) – Ataulin 1987 – And again Krizhevsky (film-performance) – Slava, secretary of the Komsomol organization of the plant 1988 – Conduct leads Connoisseurs – tenant complaining about the lack of water 1989 – When the echo will respond – Cap 1990 – Cloud-paradise – Fedya 1990 – Far away – Sergey 1991 – Cynics – comrade Arishch Mamashev, member of RVS 1992 – I trust in you – Father Valentine 1993 – Captives of luck – Kulibin, accordionist 1993 – Life and extraordinary adventures of the soldier Ivan Chonkin – Kurzov 1994 – Golden ring, a bouquet of scarlet roses – Gavril Semenovich Hrymin, manufacturer 1995 – Shirley -myrly – policeman 1995 – Night and day (short) 1995 – Minor demon – Pavel Volodin, peredonov’s friend 1995 – Ehay! – Kohl, security guard 1996 – Kings of Russian investigations – Ivan Smetanin, widow’s nephew 1997 – Policemen and thieves – Amelkin 1998 – I saw you first – Vladimir Vladimirovich Bessonov 1998 – I want to go to jail – Vovan, bosom friend of Lyamkin 1998 – Composition for Victory Day – policeman 1998 – The night before Christmas (film-performance) 1999 –

Sounding Sergey Batalov:

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