Birth stories

My second birth or the birth of a son

Hi, my name is Camilla, 24 years old, the second pregnancy, the first pregnancy – the daughter of 5 years, the DA in December 23. It all started on December 18th at night, somewhere at midnight: Girls, the belly is stone at the top and the pain of chu is just below the belly, this is a hole.

Birth stories

How I gave birth to my daughter in 27 years

My name is Arina, I’m 27 years old! Pregnancy first! My husband and I were planning a child, so almost in 2 days I already had a test.

My first pregnancy, my first birth

My name is Madina. I am 25 years old. This is my first pregnancy. Oh, and I had a difficult birth … Let’s start with the fact that I had the DA. 2. After.

My childbirth (Julia)

I must say that the head is so good to start dropping a couple of days before the birth. We just moved to a new home and cleaned and parsed the boxes. Standing upright and on.

Third birth (already in the hospital) through the eyes of the Pope

Perhaps, after a few days after birth, I’ll hurry and write a little about them while the memories are still fresh, but I feel that I don’t have much to write about, not because I gave birth this time to the family home, but because rather sun

Cloning machine Second birth, Alexk

My second pregnancy was pretty easy and was almost identical to the first. At first, she really hoped for the girl, as the first son. But fate decided otherwise, and now u.

About chocolate candy Tay-Tayushu (Elijah)

I’ll tell you about the birth of our Taisk. Pregnancy was hard: I felt sick until 18 weeks, my neck opened at 19, swelling started at 26, and I was put on storage. Millen tablets, round-the-clock droppers.

My fast labor (waiting)

Birth Day, I waited impatiently, the DA was on

My “rejection” of hospitalization_Romashka_0209

So, 03.02 I came to my LCD for referral to planned hospitalization at the maternity hospital, more said so, and not because it worried about me. I took a piece of paper and went. In the maternity hospital I sat down on the armchair, listened to my heart.

This funny-funny childbirth or Princess with us! (Montmartre)

Well, I was in this joyful section and I have the honor to tell you our story. Foreword: My pregnancy proceeded calmly and safely. It was the first pregnancy and everything was completely new.

Third genera dashylechki

Hi everyone. Until I decided to write! This pregnancy was a surprise for us. and mentally I was not her goth.

Childbirth without fear and pain / second birth Liony /

Hello! While my baby is sleeping, I will write a story about my second birth! The DA was set for me on December 15th. The husband was confident that the baby will be born 16! At 39 weeks she came to the next visit to her doctor in the LCD, except for the increase in weight / for.

The emergence of our 4 th happiness Steshenki! (Elvira)

Hello everyone, so I got to this beautiful section and is ready to share our story! Since all three before this kids, I gave birth on the dates 39 and 3; 39 and 4 weeks then.

My second and not forgotten childbirth. smiglyanka

It is necessary to write until

My second planned CA in the USA (elisevka)

I am ripe and write my story about childbirth. My first pregnancy ended EX at 39 weeks exactly. The son was a big 3939 grams and in the process of labor activity he pulled up.

Childbirth “not by the book”, or how I scared Isis (Nata Lia)

It’s been almost 5 months. and only now can I return to those events … Already at 30 weeks. My husband and I made a contract in Isis that we will give birth to them. Bannikov is a great marketer, very good.

Birth stories

The birth of sweet Oksik11

Yesterday our sweetheart Nikitusik was half a year old, but as if he was just born yesterday. Having crossed the threshold of the Nadia clinic, I knew for sure that I would go out pregnant and female intuition did not fail Pregnancy.

And so it happens! (KSUHA)

They finally waited! Born sweet our baby. So, the 41st week has come, and the childbirth did not even think to start. I know that up to 42 weeks is this.

21olya12 my story about childbirth

So, I’ll start. Since I was re-going, they put me in hospital for 41 weeks. I went to bed with peace of mind,

How we reached the maternity hospital (slivka-84)

Didn’t wait ?! and here I am with my story! the third time I try to write and nothing at all. So … we mean a lot.

Birth at 41 weeks (zakr)

I’ll write quickly) I reached 41 weeks. It was already hard, swelling, heartburn, in general – all the “charms” of the river was on October 15th. I did not go to my G, I went exactly a week. By the way, lay in one fell.

The history of the third birth (Oriela)

I’ll try and write a little tale. I’ll start with the prehistory. I gave birth to my first son hard. At 42 weeks, grab.

Starting to plan a second baby, I really wanted to remember how it was for the first time (Anette_mvd)

Having started planning a second baby, I really wanted to remember how everything was for the first time (although this is never forgotten!) … So it was almost 13 years ago)) There were no pathologies during pregnancy,.

The history of my birth after 3 years. (lirka)

I keep a diary of Varia for Vari. And now, after 3 years, it seemed to me that it would also be interesting for her to read the history of childbirth in a conscious way.

Births in the 3rd maternity hospital in Moscow

I’ll tell you, and now, at 36 weeks, I signed a contract in the 3rd maternity hospital (here I already gave birth and our dad was born). The choice was between the leading centers of Moscow (TSPSIR, Oparina and our hospital, which is very good).

Quick delivery 40-45 minutes (Mariam)

I thought to write in more detail. But I see that inspiration does not come. I will describe briefly. 7 th removed the ring. I was preparing all day, worried, b.

Second birth my story (IaAngel)

Immediately sorry for a lot of letters, but in short I did not succeed. For myself (as a memory) I wrote it while still in the RD (as.

My story about childbirth (Tasha)

A bit of prehistory – my pregnancy is fifth and I can’t say that it’s easy, I had my moments. One of these moments was a suture, which I put on the neck at 22 weeks, because it was short and there was already a small opening. Ck

My second birth, the birth of a son

Here is my story about the third kind. Who remembers my story about the second birth (http: //

My childbirth (zirochka)

I’ll tell you how it was, and it was like that … At the 37th week I started to grab quite regularly and strongly.

NatashkinZ birth history

Mmm … who dares to read? Finally, I got to this Temko))) So, in June 2014 I was dumbfounded // on the test))) No.

My birth in 5 maternity hospital (plaisir)

Yes, they concluded, before paying, my husband received another premium, so I decided to take a separate room with a toilet and a shower. NEVER ABOUT ANYTHING NOT WISHED. In fact, it was like this. PART 1. Freedom of movement Sub.

The genera of Vladislav far in 2001. From the personal diary. (Theodora)

Cases of bygone days, old stories of deep … I copy the story of the first birth with a diary. This was my first and.

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