Can pregnant women go to the cemetery

There is an opinion that pregnant women should not go to the cemetery. This belief is passed down from generation to generation, while the explanation why the expectant mother should not do this has been lost over the centuries.

Today we will try to figure out whether it is worthwhile for a pregnant woman to go to the graves of her relatives, and what different experts say about this – from psychologists to priests.

Signs, superstitions and mysticism

Going to the cemetery, being pregnant, is not recommended by old-timers and people who are related to “white” magic.

We list the main arguments that explain the ban:

  1. There is an opinion that the unborn child does not have the Guardian Angel, who will appear to him after baptism. Therefore, the baby’s soul in the female belly is protected only by the Guardian Angel of the mother, and therefore the child can be exposed to evil forces.
  2. Since the cemetery is a place where many restless souls wander, they can harm the soul of a child who has not yet found his own body on earth, and it is possible to get this body to himself (it is a matter of reincarnation).
  3. A pregnant woman should not categorically contact with the dead. Even if the expectant mother just looks at the dead man, her baby can be born weak and painful.
  4. The souls of departed people who have not yet left the earth and have not gone to hell or heaven can take with them an unwholesome soul of an unborn child.
  5. In the cemetery you can meet unkind people who may wish a pregnant woman evil or even reluctantly jinx it. Moreover, at the cemetery there are often evil healers and sorcerers, whose activities also bear no good for the child in the womb.

If you believe all these statements, then sending it to a funeral or cemetery during pregnancy is really not worth it. Future moms and without the tragic situation of the cemetery often faint, especially in the early stages of carrying a baby.

The point of view of psychologists

Psychologists do not give a definite answer whether it is worthwhile for a pregnant woman to attend a cemetery or not. As for the above described, will accept superstitions, then psychological science gives them a completely logical explanation: with the help of such irrational beliefs, our ancestors tried to protect pregnant women from the effects of negative emotions and experiences.

In general, psychologists recommend expectant mothers to avoid factors that can cause negative, worries and stress. Such factors include visiting a cemetery or a funeral.

If you understand that you are going to cry and worry a lot at the cemetery, then you really should not go there. Instead of visiting the grave of the deceased, you can pray for him at home or in church.

In addition, the cemetery and the funeral – a place of concentration of a large number of people from whom a young woman in the position can become infected with a viral or bacterial disease. Based on this, pregnant women are not allowed in the cemetery even if they have their own wishes

Church opinion

Orthodox priests not only allow pregnant women to visit the cemetery on the memorial (parent) day, but even recommend it. This position is dictated by the fact that each of us has obligations to deceased relatives and friends, and therefore must regularly visit them at the place of burial and care for the grave.

Belief in God should help a woman to cope with prejudices, and sincere prayer and the opportunity to speak symbolically with loved ones promote inner cleansing and tranquility.

But if graves, crosses and thoughts about the afterlife scare you even at home, then the priests recommend staying at home or praying in the church.

Can a pregnant woman attend a funeral?

When close people die, all living people consider it their duty to honor the deceased at least by their presence during his departure. But it’s undesirable for a pregnant woman to attend a funeral, and the opinions of both priests and psychologists, as well as old beliefs, converge on this issue.

Do not be afraid that someone will judge you if you do not come to the funeral of a very close or even a loved one. Pregnancy is a natural and medically justified reason not to be present when performing such a ritual.

If you yourself feel the need to personally say goodbye to the dead, then at least try not to be present during the funeral and burial in the cemetery.

Can pregnant women go to the cemetery

Visit the deceased before his coffin is taken out of the house, and then return only to a wake, where you can share the grief with other people. During the funeral, think more about the child and his well-being.

What can protect a pregnant woman during a visit to the cemetery?

If the cemetery and thoughts about death cause you to have negative emotions, perhaps you should really refrain from visiting the graves of loved ones (as well as their funerals).

If you understand that relief will only come from visiting the cemetery, where you can talk to the bereaved, then follow your desire.

To protect yourself and your baby, use the following tips:

  1. To visit the graves choose morning or lunchtime. In no case do not go to them at a time when the sun begins to lean towards sunset.
  2. Before visiting the cemetery, try to talk to the priest or just pray in the church. Ask the saints to protect you and the child from evil spirits and restless souls wandering around the cemetery.
  1. Make a symbolic talisman for yourself (a bracelet made from a red thread or a pendant), and be sure to put it on yourself before going to the cemetery.
  2. Take with you a minimal amount of personal items, especially jewelry (leave only the body cross). Personal items of pregnant women are often used in black magic.
  3. Before you leave the house, pray and cross.
  4. During the funeral, try not to talk to people and not to intersect with them to avoid the evil eye.
  5. Do not come close and do not touch the departed, as well as their belongings.
  6. When you go to the cemetery, observe the behavior of animals and birds. If you see a cat, a dog or a crow who behave abnormally, it is better to return home. There is a belief that the souls of good people who can protect us from harm live in animals.
  7. Do not stay in the cemetery for a long time. 10 minutes is enough.

Often, all superstitions are based on irrational beliefs that people hold only because of internal fear (or which arise to explain fear). Therefore, considering the march to the cemetery, first try to listen to your inner voice and intuition.

If you are afraid – it is better to stay at home, if you still want to visit someone from close people at his grave – leave all the superstitions at home and allow yourself to do it.

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