Child 2 5 years

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Within a month, your baby will be 2.5 years old. With what skills, knowledge and physiological indicators does the child approach this date? We learn that a baby should be able to be at 2 years and 5 months old and what it still needs to be taught.

Physiological parameters of a child at 2 years and 5 months

Height, weight and other indicators of the development of a baby at 2 years and 5 months differ little from the physiological parameters of a child at 25 or 30 months.

Our baby should approximately correspond to the indicators indicated in this table.

It’s okay if the parameters of your child do not quite correspond to the numbers in the table. Each baby is different in its own way, and with age it will be equal to its peers.

What can a child in 2 years and 5 months

At this age, the baby becomes very active. He does not just walk, but moves with extraordinary speed, without forgetting to step over the obstacles he encounters. The crumblessly rises and descends steps with alternating or alternating steps. Curiosity and activity of the baby increases every day.

How does a baby speak at 2 years and 5 months

It is becoming more and more difficult to calculate how many words a child has mastered, as his vocabulary is replenished every day. The kid is able to express his thoughts with common sentences, in which there are more than 3 words.

At two and 5, the child should know the names of the primary colors, items of clothing and body parts, be able to describe the familiar picture and answer the leading questions.

So far in the child’s speech there are difficulties with the formation of some words by analogy with the vocabulary he knows. For example, according to the principle “I play” he can say “I get up” or “chew”. At this age, it is considered normal that a baby has difficulty at the moment of pronouncing long words. Usually, the baby simplifies them, turning the “Bus” into an “bus”.

Child 2 5 years

Emotional and mental development of the child

By 2.5 years, the baby begins the phase of active upholding his “I”. Psychologically, he is gradually separated from his parents, beginning to realize himself as a separate person. Observing the world around us, the child forms his own views on everything that happens around. At 2 years and 5 months, the formation of the character of the baby begins.

Child 2 5 years

  • Emotional development. When your child is a little over 2 years old, he will actively begin to show various emotions. He feels tenderness and cares about loved ones, is happy or angry, sad, jealous or afraid, very proud of his achievements. While he still can not fully understand the behavior of other people and assess their actions. Closer to 2.5 years old baby admires everything that happens around – seen on a walk of flowers or a gust of wind, which the autumn leaf quickly rushes through the air. Shows an active interest in animals and plants. In a small head, there are already emotional associations with what happened to him before – during the holiday it is fun, playing alone is boring, and it is scary to go to the doctor.
  • Attachment to close people. Children are still very attached to their relatives, but they are already clearly aware of the individuality of each of them and are treated differently to each. Scarce understands that the father is strict, the mother is kind, and the grandmother is the most caring. The kid now treats them differently, someone obeys, and someone does not. The caution with which he meets a stranger passes as soon as the child feels a friendly attitude towards himself. At this age, children become more curious and easy to contact.
  • Manifestation of independence. In 2-3 years, the favorite phrase of the little man becomes “I myself!” Unfortunately, not all the baby can get right away, so failures cause a child a storm of emotions. Adults need to exercise patience, not discouraging the desire for independence from the crumbs, and tactfully help to cope with this. The child should have the impression that he coped with the task himself.

Physical development of a child at 2 years 5 months

The musculoskeletal system karapuz continues to improve.

By this time, the baby is already quite developed physically and can do a lot.

  • He successfully overcomes obstacles in the way.
  • Jumps on 1-2 legs.
  • Able to tiptoe.
  • Crouches and bounces.
  • Holds balance, standing on tiptoes.
  • He skillfully draws a ball – throws it in a horizontal plane and through obstacles, catches it, and kicks it off with a foot or hand.
  • Takes things with two fingers, successfully puts one object into another.
  • Climbs and descends the stairs without the help of adults.
  • Independently opens and closes the door.

The muscular-ligamentous apparatus is becoming stronger, the movement is becoming more accurate, diverse and confident.

Routine day baby

There is no doubt about the benefit of keeping the daily routine by the little man. The child becomes disciplined and learns to do what he currently does not want.

What is in the mode of the day baby?

  • Meal
  • Educational activities with the child.
  • Mobile and passive games.
  • Walking
  • Daytime sleep.
  • Morning and evening water treatments.

The time allotted for each of the items, parents to this age can determine their own. Some of the children love to sleep more, others spend all day in continuous motion, and some children prefer to quietly play in the sandbox.

Baby food in 2 years 5 months

In order for the baby to develop normally, you need to properly balance the diet. It is necessary to feed a child of this age 4 times a day, including in its diet foods rich in proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for normal development.

  1. Meat products – lean pork, chicken, beef, liver, and fish products should be 7-8% of the daily diet of the baby.
  2. Dairy and dairy products – kefir, milk, sour cream, cheese, yogurt and cottage cheese make up about 40% in the daily diet of the crumbs.
  3. Flour and cereal products – baking and cereals make up about 15% per day.
  4. Vegetables and fruits – an indispensable attribute of the children’s menu. Being a well of vitamins for the child’s body, they should be at least 35% of the total amount of food per day.
  5. Sugar, butter and fats plant and animal origin are a source of energy for the baby. Their daily ration should be no more than 3%.
  6. Fluid requirementa child of 2 years 5 months up to one and a half liters per day. It can be tea, juice, compote or jelly.

All products are included in the diet of the little man in various combinations to his menu was varied, and the baby ate with pleasure.

Classes for physical and mental development in 2 years and 5 months

In order for the child to develop harmoniously, it is necessary to continue the lessons begun at an earlier age. All of them, as before, should be held in a fun way. A small Pochemuchka is increasingly learning about the world, the task of parents is to help him in this.

Ask a few questions to put it in front of a different choice.

  • Say what he will do now – draw or fold puzzles.
  • What drink to bring him – juice or jelly.
  • What socks he will wear – blue or green.

Child 2 5 years

Learn to make a choice not only from 2 subjects, but also from several. Ask them to explain why he chose that and not the other.

Teach your baby to be independent

At the age of 2 years and 5 months you need to teach a crumb to clean up the scattered toys. Coming from a walk, show where he should put his shoes and hang up his jacket. If the child is distracted and forgets, explain to him that he should independently arrange his things, as he has grown up and is able to do everything himself.

Help the little man to choose an interesting game for him, take a little part in it, and then let the little one play on his own. At this age, he should calmly play one for at least half an hour.

We carry out complex tasks with toys and games

It is time to teach the crumbs to perform successively 2 or more actions. For example, put the doll to sleep and sing a song to her, eat a spoonful of porridge and wash it down with tea. If the child forgets about the second part of the request, remind him about it. By this age, he must learn to cope with complex tasks, while not forgetting anything.

You need to talk with the little man as much as possible and teach him to master new skills and knowledge in a relaxed and accessible game form, pushing for independent actions.

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