Children down famous people

Disabled children of famous parents

Special children of famous parents, Disabled Children Cerebral Palsy, Downs, Autists

These babies are considered children of God. They are addicted and defenseless before the cruel world. To grow them is a great job, requiring above all enormous spiritual strength. The parents of such children were able to step over the rejection of society, they became above the philistine prejudices and are sure: their sons and daughters are the same people, like everyone, just with a different set of chromosomes.

Khakamada saved Masha from death

Irina Khakamada, the former leader of ATP, and now a business coach and designer, was struck by many, having decided to give birth to a child at the age of 42. In 2004, Irina ran for president of the Russian Federation. And no one knew that at that time she was experiencing a terrible family tragedy. Her younger daughter Masha doctors made a terrible diagnosis – leukemia. The girl underwent a course of chemotherapy. Fortunately, she overcame this ailment. And two years ago, Irina Mitsuovna came to the premiere of the blockbuster “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” with matured Masha. This appearance was not easy even for the strong-willed Khakamada. Everyone saw: her daughter suffers from Down syndrome – and imbued with respect for this persistent woman.

Masha is studying in a specialized school.

– She loves to dance. She has artistic thinking – in math there is no boom-boom, and everything that concerns the imaginative vision of the world, drawing, dancing, singing — that is what she gets, ”says a loving mother. Knowing how many trials these children and their parents have to go through, Khakamada created the Social Solidarity Fund and defends the interests of people of all ages in power structures.

Iya Savvina refused to take her son to boarding school

In 2003, in Moscow, in the gallery on Staraya Basmannaya, an exhibition of a 46-year-old Sergei Shestakov opened. His unusual, talented paintings destroyed the stereotypes of perception of people suffering from Down syndrome. Sergey is disabled since childhood. Despite a serious illness, he received a good home education: he studied English, excellently plays the piano, well knows poetry and painting. And he picked up a brush and paints as an adult. This unusual artist is the son of a famous actress Ii Savvina. On the diagnosis of the long-awaited son, Savvina learned back in the hospital. She was offered to register a sick child in a special boarding school. But she flatly refused. Savvina took her boy, unlike the others, as she was given to her from above. I studied with him, developed his abilities in every possible way, hired teachers. And she told her friends what a wonderful, kind and kind son she has. She stoically looked after Seryozha and continued to play in the cinema and in the theater, creating unforgettable images of selfless women.

Children down famous people

Tatyana Yumasheva: Gleb is just different!

A child marked by Down syndrome is growing up in the family of the first president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin. The boy was born in the second marriage of his daughter Tatyana – with Alexei Dyachenko. Journalists long ago uncovered this secret of the Yeltsin clan. But surrounded by the president, Gleb’s illness was hidden for a long time. Even in family photos you could never see his face. And so Tatiana broke the silence. In her blog, she spoke in detail about the sick son. According to her, Gleb is studying in a special school. Teachers come to his home. The boy is engaged in swimming and chess.

“He remembers hundreds of classical pieces of music – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven … The chess coach is amazed at how extraordinary he thinks. Even Glebushka swims amazingly in all styles, – writes Tatiana. – Down syndrome is believed to be a disease. But, in my opinion, children with Down syndrome are just different. They are worried about what we easily pass by without noticing. ”

Daughter of Lolita Milyavskaya wants to become a singer

Children down famous people

Lolita Milavskaya admires her daughter in every interview. But he does not hide the fact that the child has health problems. Up to four years old, Eva did not know how to speak, and besides she had poor eyesight. The singer herself never once mentioned how sick the girl was. But it has long been rumored that Eve has Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. They say that, having learned about this diagnosis, the singer at first experienced a shock, and now she is trying to do everything so that her daughter can realize herself as much as possible. Maternal love works wonders. In her 11th, Eva goes to the third grade, quite a bit behind the healthy peers. Lolita celebrates her every success with delight: she has learned to read, recites poems with an expression, sings jazz improvisations. Perhaps all these successes are not at all outstanding for ordinary children, but after all, Eva is from the category of special ones.

Milyavskaya’s daughter appeared at a mature age – after 35. The singer said that childbirth began in the sixth month of pregnancy. The baby weighed less than one and a half kilograms, and she was nursed in a pressure chamber for a long time. Lolita had to raise a child alone. Alexander Tsekalo, the then husband of the singer, immediately after the birth of Eve filed for divorce. He does not help in raising girls. At first Lolita often reproached Alexander for cowardice. But later she suddenly declared: Tsekalo has nothing to do with her daughter. However, many doubt that Eva is Milyavskaya’s own daughter. They say she took her in the baby house. After all, no one saw Lola pregnant.

However, for her Eve is the most dear person in the world, and her heart only hurts about her alone. Struggling with the daughter’s illness, she considers it her duty to help other children abandoned by their parents due to serious illnesses.

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