Children of Yana Rudkovskaya

Any family union of media personalities becomes a matter of public discussion. Popular representatives of show business Rudkovskaya and Plushenko, whose age difference stirs up additional interest, were no exception. Moreover, each of them had a traditionally approved marriage, which was disintegrated largely due to the fateful meeting with each other.

Children of Yana Rudkovskaya

Which marriage is considered to be unequal?

The difference of seven years is considered quite acceptable, because the spouses are representatives of one generation, they can be linked by common ideas about life and common cultural values. But it is applicable only towards the man. If a woman is older, such a marriage is immediately regarded as unequal. Rudkovskaya is older than Plushenko, so it is important to understand what worries psychologists in this alliance:

  • The slower development of men implies the need to choose a younger partner so that the spouses can match.
  • Physiology limits the child-bearing age of a woman, so the choice of a mature spouse is unnatural.

If, nevertheless, this happens, then what are the causes of this phenomenon? Scientists believe that the origins are in the relationship between a young man and his mother: either from childhood he was deprived of maternal affection and care, or faced with an overly imperious character. In this case, he is either looking for warmth and tenderness, or with the help of her partner, he is trying to escape from the maternal care. To better understand the situation, it is important to know how old Rudkovskaya and Plushenko are.

Age of spouses

Eugene – a native of the Khabarovsk Territory, was born

Yana was born in Moscow in a military family

Plushenko about the difference in age

It is interesting to know what the spouses themselves say about the current situation and what psychologists can object to. After all, everyone had a previous bad experience. An outstanding figure skater, married to the daughter of the richest Petersburg businessman Maria Yermak, who was two years younger than him, faced a complete reluctance to start a family by his wife. The young woman did not have the wisdom of life, patience and understanding of the complexity of the nature of the star husband.

Evgeni Plushenko believes that due to circumstances, being cut off from his family for a long time at gatherings and competitions, he grew up faster than his peers. Therefore, he does not consider Rudkovskaya much older and more experienced.

At the time of marriage (34 years), a young woman was in child-bearing age and did not make her husband wait a long time for her heir. In addition, she looks great, being one of the most stylish representatives of the domestic show business. Being the owner of beauty salons in Moscow and Sochi, she carries with her half a box of cosmetics and always appears in public in excellent shape. To prove to others, as a woman is young at heart, she embarked on skates, taking part in the ice show “Star Ice”.

Rudkovskaya and Plushenko: the difference in age through the eyes of Yana

The wife of the Olympic champion at the time of marriage was at a wonderful age, when the woman wakes up a real taste of love. Her first husband, Viktor Baturin, brother of the wife of Yuri Luzhkov, was 18 years older. Desperate desire to preserve youth often pushes the fair sex into the arms of young partners, because the French do not in vain say: the age of a woman can be found on the passport of her lover. At the same time, it is much easier for her to understand a man whose age periods are familiar firsthand. It is not difficult to adjust to the change in the mood of the partner, which stimulates a new stage of development in career, education and childbirth.

Children of Yana Rudkovskaya

Yana Rudkovskaya in all interviews declares that she can imagine her future without Yevgeny, because it is impossible to keep a person near yourself against his will. There are many temptations in life, and no one is immune from partings. However, she is convinced that Plushenko’s champion character is too tough for young girls who are not ready to be flexible and tolerant.


For the first time Rudkovskaya saw Plushenko on TV. He seemed to her a thin elf with a nose that stood out on her face. She still thought that such a nose should stop the guy from kissing. But he spotted it in Sochi. She and her friend were sitting in a restaurant. At that time, the young man rested in the south with his former girlfriend Ulyana Petrova. But they were not destined to meet. Everything happened

At the end of the festival “Russian Winter” was Dima Bilan, whose producer Yana became after the death of Yuri Aizenshpis. Outstanding athletes at the same time carried out in London the campaign “Sochi-2014”. Among them was Plushenko, who expressed through a mutual friend a desire to meet Rudkovskaya in order to discuss joint creative plans. Jan had one look at Zhengie’s eyes to drown in them. And on the very first evening he made her an offer to become his girlfriend. And although at that time their marriages were cracking at the seams, both were not free. But there was a creative union of the Hungarian violinist Edwin Martin, who spoke at the ice show Plushenko, the figure skater himself and Dima Bilan, who brought the last victory at Eurovision one year later.

Similar problems

The creative success of 2008 was accompanied by severe divorce proceedings that Rudkovskaya and Plushenko experienced. The age difference did not prevent them from being in a similar situation. Viktor Baturin, who tried to expose the former spouse as an immoral man, took two sons and did not allow them to see his mother. During public fights, it became known that the eldest son Andrei was the son of Baturin from a previous marriage with Yulia Saltovets, whom Yana adopted, but loved as a relative. If Plushenko, after his divorce in February 2008, came to terms with the fact that Maria Yermak did not allow him to see his son, whom she gave her maiden name, then Yana fought like a tigress, experiencing a real nervous breakdown.

It seemed to her that their affair with Plushenko was doomed, because she could not give him the emotions that he was waiting for. Transformed into a whiny, obsessed with the only idea to take a woman to her children, she suddenly found understanding and support in his face. This situation brought them even closer, having received an unexpected permission after the former husband was arrested for financial fraud in 2011.

An offer of marriage

Evgeny Plushenko announced his intention to marry after a brilliant victory at Eurovision Dima Bilan. But the official engagement had to wait another six months. In early January of 2009, a young woman celebrated her birthday in one of the metropolitan restaurants. Under the song of Joe Dassin Et si tu n`existais pas performed by Pierre Narcissus, an outstanding figure skater made an offer to his lady of the heart by handing a ring with a lemon diamond worth 160 thousand euros. On the date of the three nines was appointed wedding day –

In fact, the wedding took place on the twelfth of September, as the athlete could not transfer the training process. It was a great event. In an interview, Rudkovskaya admitted that her first wedding was very modest, and the bride did not even have a wedding dress. But now there were as many as two, and the head was decorated with a diamond tiara, issued from Switzerland. Newlyweds painted at the Kutuzovsky registry office in the presence of the closest and witnesses: Lera Kudryavtseva and Nikolai Baskov. The main celebration was held at the spa hotel on Rublyovka, where 150 guests were present.

The cost of the celebration was about one million euros, but the main costs were borne by the sponsors. The wedding of Rudkovskaya and Plushenko was immediately ranked among the main events of the year, at which all the beau monde gathered. The bride’s bouquet was caught by Lera Kudryavtsev, but of the men, Andrey Malakhov was lucky. The main decoration of the table was a five-tiered cake with a height of two meters, which was crowned by figures of the bride and groom – exact copies of the newlyweds.

During a divorce from her former spouse, Rudkovskaya held 221 court hearings, most of which concerned the children’s place of residence. In 2010, an agreement was signed under which the sons were supposed to live alternately with their mother, then with their father. The woman went for it, so as not to divide the children, because she could not take both of them, not being the biological mother of Andrei. After the arrest of Baturin, the boys began to live permanently in the Rudkovskaya family. At first, they did not even call her mother, but after a year the situation changed. Now Andrey is 15, and Nikolay is 14, they are studying in the same class. Andrei refused to live with his mother after she claimed her rights to him.

After the birth of little Alexander in 2013, one can safely say that all three are the children of Plushenko and Rudkovskaya, for the outstanding figure skater turned out to be a good father. Mom is grateful to him for introducing the boys to the sport. Thanks to Eugene, Nikolai lost 10 kg and was accepted into the Torpedo football team, which he so dreamed of. At the beginning of 2016, Viktor Baturin left prison. Despite the scandalous divorce, the relationship between the former spouses is quite friendly. The father acknowledged the right of the sons to live with the mother, maintaining a close relationship with them.

Kids Eugene

In addition to sharing a child with Rudkovskaya, Plushenko has a son from his first marriage – Yegor Yermak. Largely thanks to Yana and her advice, he restored the relationship with his mother, who stopped interfering with the communication of the child with her father. Yegor is 10 years old, he resides in St. Petersburg, where Plushenko has a country mansion. They are seen not only during the visits of the figure skater to the northern capital, but also during the holidays. Father teaches son to ski. On the eve of the Olympics in Sochi, in which, after a three-year break, the athlete decided to participate, the family moved from Moscow to Rublevka.

The house of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko represents a three-meter three-storey mansion, designed by Vladimir Revin. After his death, she completed the construction and furnished the house itself, Yana, showing an enviable talent to equip life. In the courtyard for older children, a hockey rink was built up, and the younger Sasha, or Gnomych, as affectionately called him in the family, masters a children’s car park.

Living together

The strength of the family is tested in overcoming difficulties. At the Olympics in Sochi, everyone remembers the events when the skater, after winning the team event, was unable to continue the competition due to a back injury. The trouble happened during the warm-up, which did not allow Maxim Kovtun to replace the claimed participant. This caused a strong public reaction and ambiguous statements about the athlete. Being a nursing mother, Yana not only went to Israel to support her husband, who needed a serious operation, but also organized a video broadcast to defend the honor of an outstanding athlete of our time.

The answer to the question of how old Rudkovskaya and Plushenko is is not so important, because when there is love, these are simple numbers. For almost seven years, their marital happiness, fans do not hide their admiration for this wonderful couple, which can serve as an example to follow.

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