Cramps in a child at a high temperature

Children are much more adults exposed to viral diseases, accompanied by high body temperature. Some babies have febrile seizures in the face of fever. They are very scary young parents. And at the right moment moms are lost and are not able to carry out the first necessary help. But are they as dangerous as they seem? And how to give the child the right help for convulsions? To get answers to these questions, first of all it is necessary to understand the cause of this phenomenon.

Cramps in a child at a high temperature

Why do children have cramps?

The causes of cramps in children can be very different. This and the harmful effects in the prenatal period, and complications during childbirth, and traumatic brain injury. But the most common cause of their appearance is high temperature. Seizures in a child in this case are called febrile. Arise in children aged from six months to five years.

Symptoms of cramps in a child

Convulsions at a child’s temperature are usually accompanied by a sharp drooping of the head, all the muscles of the baby’s body are tense, and the extremities are stretched. Eyes are often rolled up, and foam appears on the lips. Teeth are clenched. Convulsions occur immediately throughout the body. Sometimes during an attack, enuresis or involuntary defecation is possible. Often, the child loses consciousness, and after graduation does not remember what was happening to him. Symptoms of febrile seizures can last from a few seconds to ten to fifteen minutes.

First aid needed

How should parents behave if a child has a seizure due to fever? What to do with convulsions, and what can not be done in any case?

If the child begins to turn blue, and his breathing becomes intermittent, you can splash cold water over his face. Be sure to remember that during the attack can not put or pour anything into the mouth, as the child may suffocate. For the same reason, in order to bring the temperature down during a seizure, the child should not be given oral syrups or tablets, only the use of candles is allowed.

It is very important to detect the duration of the seizure, as well as to remember exactly how the convulsions manifested. In the future, this information will help the doctor.

Do I need medication?

Convulsions at a child’s temperature usually do not pose a serious danger and pass by themselves. According to doctors, if the attacks occur only on the background of high temperature and do not last more than 15 minutes, they do not require any special treatment. As an additional measure, doctors sometimes prescribe calcium supplements or sedatives. In any case, if a child has convulsions, this is an unequivocal reason to consult with a pediatrician and, possibly, a neurologist.

When should I worry?

Usually, the convulsions at the temperature of the child stop themselves without any consequences whatsoever. However, in some cases they may indicate the presence of serious neurological diseases. There are signs that parents should pay special attention to:

cramps occur without fever;

an attack covers only half the body;

Seizures occur in children under the age of six months and after five to six years.

In these cases, it is necessary to urgently consult a qualified specialist.

Cramps in a child at a high temperature

Preventing unwanted seizures

To prevent muscle cramps in children by using special preparations. However, they are prescribed only for prolonged and recurring seizures, if there is a risk of developing epilepsy. But given that the likelihood of this is extremely small, and such drugs cause serious side effects, such measures are taken by neurologists extremely rarely.

Usually, for the prevention of seizures, it is enough to follow some simple rules. If a child has had a seizure at least once, there is a chance that it will repeat. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent a significant increase in body temperature. It should be often measured and, possibly, planned to take antipyretics. Overheating should also be avoided. Children prone to cramps, it is better not to sunbathe in the sun for a long time, do not go to the sauna. Very important is the ability to properly help the child with increasing temperature.

How to help a child with a high temperature?

In young children, the temperature rises at lightning speed. Therefore, it is necessary to measure it more often in order to take action quickly if necessary. Especially when it comes to babies prone to cramps.

How to bring down the heat without drugs?

However, you can not rely only on medicines. The most important thing is to provide the baby with the right conditions. At high temperatures, the body rapidly loses fluid, so the child needs plenty of warm drinks. The best option would be compote or juice, although in this case it is not so important what to give to the child: both tea and mineral water will do. The main thing is to have enough liquid. The air in the nursery should be cool, but it should be monitored so that the child does not freeze.

Often parents are interested in how to bring down the temperature of 39 without the use of drugs? A common method is rubbing with alcohol or vinegar. But this cannot be done under any circumstances! Such rubbing is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious poisoning of the child’s body.

Thus, convulsions at a child’s temperature, although they are a rather frightening symptom, usually do not carry a serious danger to the child’s body. The main thing is to know how to properly help the child in such cases.

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