Delay White Highlight

When menstruation does not begin in time, it is always a cause for concern. And if there is a delay of 5 days and white vaginal discharge – this is a double tension for a woman. Some of them do not know what these symptoms are talking about: pregnancy, some kind of disease or hormonal failure.

Delay White Highlight

Test do two times

To find out the causes of white discharge on the background of the delayed menstruation, it is necessary to correctly calculate the days of delay. The girl of reproductive age has a menstrual cycle of 26-32 days. It is necessary to consider from the first day of menstruation.

Doctors are considering a delay that lasts more than 5 days.

If you have counted on your calendar and you are sure that there are no more than 5 days to the month, then:

  1. Do not panic. In any case, everything has already happened, whether it is a pregnancy or something else. You need to calmly respond to all the news and think adequately.
  2. Follow your body or remember exactly what discharge you had at that time. It is very important that they are not dark brown. This may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.
  3. To clarify the situation, buy a pregnancy test. By the way, this can be done on the third day of the delay or even earlier. There will be a negative or positive result, in a day it can be repeated just in case.
  4. If the test showed both times that you are not pregnant, think about what was unusual in your life in the last month. You may have taken hormones or traveled to another country, or experienced severe stress. All of these factors can trigger a delay.

Delay White Highlight

Even if you have a delay of 3 days and have white discharge, you can already safely go for a consultation with a gynecologist. It does not matter whether you are pregnant or not. Discharges of this nature are a signal that a malfunction has occurred in the body. And in the worst case, the disease that you have may adversely affect the formation of the fetus.

From pregnancy to stress

The most frequent reasons why there is a delay in menstruation and white discharge:

Delay White Highlight

  1. Pregnancy. Even if the woman did not plan the child, do not be upset. At a minimum, pregnancy is better than a disease. And in the future you will only be glad of your delay. Leucorrhea appears as a defense mechanism of the body. So the uterus creates an environment in which it will be difficult to penetrate various sexually transmitted infections. Discharges of this nature close the cervical canal, and the infection does not penetrate the genitals along the vertical

    Consultation with a doctor is necessary in any case

    These are the main, but not all possible causes, when there is a delay and white discharge. Another situation can provoke:

    • diabetes;
    • hormonal drugs or other potent drugs;
    • taking contraceptives;
    • allergic to hygiene products, including daily pads, gels for washing away intimate places, poor quality underwear;
    • effects of severe flu.
    • Many women, after making a pregnancy test, and he will show a negative result, calm down and just wait for the menstruation to begin, and the discharge will stop. This is a serious mistake that can lead to health problems. After five days of delay, the woman must consult with the gynecologist. And the presence of whiter, if pregnancy is excluded, most likely, suggests that you have gynecological problems that need to be addressed. If you go to a doctor promptly, you can recover quickly and easily. In the case when the doctor could not immediately diagnose you, you will undergo additional examinations. After that, continue to monitor your body, and when menstruation begins, pay attention to its nature and duration.

      At the same time, I still want to note that in 70 cases out of 100 leucorrhoea and delay mean pregnancy. Do not be afraid of such news, just make a test and sign up for a consultation with a specialist. The doctor will explain everything to you and will tell you the algorithm for further actions. Stay calm and enjoy life. Now another one is born inside you!

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