Dream of pregnancy

A beautiful fur coat is a source of pride for many women. And its loss even in a dream is perceived as something terrible. But in fact, such a plot of dreams may portend relief from problems and joy. Much depends on what kind of fur clothing was sewn.

Miller’s Predictions

What dreams of stealing an old worn rabbit fur coat? Financial problems will end. At work, they will appreciate your diligence, dedication and increase salaries.

What dreams of stealing fur coats from high-quality fur? The disease will recede, the state of health will improve, and the patient will quickly get better, says Miller.

If you observe how a thief is wielding, the dream book confirms once again: the higher forces protect against troubles and misfortunes.

Loss of fur clothing as a symbol of loss

After stealing a mink coat in a dream, many predictors recommend changing habits. In the near future, you are doomed to loss, this concerns not only the material side of life, but also the spiritual one.

Oriental dream book recommends to be more careful when shopping: there is a great chance to purchase goods of poor quality at an inflated price.

What dreams of the theft of your favorite coat? Vanga decodes this event as a precursor to losses, a decline in income, money will literally flow through your fingers in an unknown direction. Dream interpretation recommends that you limit spending as much as possible, exclude major purchases, otherwise the situation will become critical.

Fedorovskaya treats the events that happened in a dream in the same way – in the near future you will be very cold, which will have a negative impact on your health.

Freud interprets the dream of a stolen mink coat as getting rid of everything superfluous – complexes, fears, prejudices.

Dream of pregnancy

Why does a woman dream of stealing a luxurious fur coat? You may have had a loss in the past that greatly affected your well-being. Predictors advise to let go of the past, concentrating on the present. Think about what you can do to improve the situation now.

Tears or joy

Interpreting a vision in which a rabbit was kidnapped, the dream book speaks of the duality of meanings. On the one hand, this plot predicts the loss of something unnecessary. On the other – a harbinger of disappointment about wasted time. Tsvetkov recommends recalling how you responded in a dream to the disappearance of a beautiful fur coat made of inexpensive fur. Burst into tears? Means, you will be disappointed in the close person. If you calmly suffered a loss, you are open to new impressions, acquaintances, relationships.

But if in a dream they appropriated a new mantle of synthetic material, Wang heralds the loss of respect. Watch out for correctness and appropriateness of behavior and avoid boasting.

Details of theft

In case of loss of a fur product, it is recommended, first of all, to pay attention to how this happened. Given the details, the dream book will give a more accurate interpretation.

Dream of pregnancy

  • The substitution occurred in the wardrobe – beware of deception, do not trust unfamiliar people.
  • A robbery in a dream happened at work – you are purposefully trying to mislead you.
  • The disappearance was found in the train — the journey will be accompanied by extraordinary events.
  • Split in the middle of the street? Dream interpretation advises to act bolder, experiments will lead to interesting results.

Dream of pregnancy

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