Dreamed of breastfeeding

breastfeed photo Why dream of breastfeeding? This dream predicts a woman great luck in all matters, as well as personal relationships. Breastfeeding in a dream personifies care and need for the help (and the help can come from you). Also, such a waking dream may mean that you yourself need care and help. If in a dream you were breastfeeding someone else’s child, then get ready that your noble actions and help in life will not be appreciated. In addition, your good deeds, on the contrary, turn into ingratitude.

What to expect if I dreamed of breastfeeding? What does a dream like?

The characteristic of such a dream is that in reality the process of breastfeeding is inherent only to women. After a baby is born, young mothers are often afraid that they will lose milk, in this situation, the feeding during the day may personify this fear. If in a dream you had the opportunity to breastfeed a child, then a new person will appear in your life who will drastically change the course of her events. Often, such a dream is a good sign. If you have seen how a mother feeds her child, then wait for the reality of auspicious changes, and also you will be able to realize all your plans.

Dream interpretation interprets that breastfeeding symbolizes a happy marriage and the appearance of healthy children. In addition, the dream may indicate any need. If you saw in a dream how a man sucks your chest, then it foreshadows that in life he will take possession of your personal property. In addition, the dream may promise that in reality you will be accused of unworthy, immoral behavior. A sick woman who has seen such a dream will soon recover in reality.

If I dreamed that I was breastfeeding a baby, how to interpret such a dream. Treatment for different dream books.

  1. Dream Miller describes such a dream as a kind of hint, that in fact there are quite favorable conditions in order to realize their potential and realize all their plans. To dream of a nursing mother – in reality you will soon get married, and in marriage you will have a lot of kids. Unmarried girls after such a dream can expect great joy, but it will quickly be replaced by sadness. For married women, sleep promises happiness. If you yourself are breastfed in a dream, then in the near future any of your cherished dreams will come true.
  2. Dream David Lofa breastfeeding in a dream deciphers, as an echo of archetypal personal experiences. Dreams can be interpreted in the literal or figurative sense, since in loving relationships, the fair sex often plays the role of caring mothers for a partner.
  3. If breastfeeding has dreamed of a pregnant girl, then in reality she is expected to have easy and faster delivery.
  4. If the chest in a dream was stained or dirty, then in reality you will have a rival in a love relationship, in addition, you may be disappointed in your chosen one.

Dreamed of breastfeeding

Typically, the dream in which you breastfeed is the personification of a pronounced maternal instinct, and it can manifest itself in both children and men. If in a dream you did not have milk and you had to hire a special woman for feeding, then in reality you would be offended or offended. Dreaming of breastfeeding in a public place foreshadows the imminent exposure of your innermost desires. That is, in life you need to be very careful in your revelations, because the person you trust can cruelly betray. Initially, make sure this person is sincere.

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