Edema in pregnant women

Edema or dropsy is quite common in pregnant women. Is this a normal manifestation of pregnancy or a pathological condition requiring treatment? You can answer the exciting question by understanding the types of edema during pregnancy, their causes. Types of edema during pregnancy:

  • swelling in varicose veins;
  • swelling in the pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • swelling in renal disease;
  • physiological edema;
  • pathological edema, as a manifestation of late toxicosis.

Causes of swelling with varicose veins

Arise as a result of the action of pregnancy hormones on the vascular wall. Accompanied by severity, pain in the limbs, increased venous pattern, the appearance of venous nodes. Edema can be asymmetrical – be present on one limb.

Causes of edema in pathology of the heart, kidney

Unlike dropsy, pregnant women can appear in the early stages. Explained by decompensation of the work of pathologically changed organs (heart, kidney) during pregnancy, they require immediate hospitalization.

Causes of physiological edema

Occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy with the abuse of over-salted food, physical overload. Associated with the delay of water molecules and sodium cations in tissues. Manifested pasty feet, legs in the lower third. Usually they appear in the evening and disappear on their own by the morning after a good rest.

Causes of pathological edema (dropsy) of pregnancy

A variety of causes leads to dropsy in pregnant women, such as a change in neuro-endocrine regulation, stress, genetic predisposition, which results in a disturbance in the adaptation of the organism of the pregnant woman to its state. Until the end of the causes of edema has not yet been studied. Disadaptation is manifested by persistent spasm of blood vessels, impaired microcirculation in the body, including the placenta, the brain of the pregnant woman, as well as a delay of sodium cations and water molecules in the tissues. Such edemas are detected after 20 weeks of gestation, do not pass on their own, require medical intervention. Untreated edema leads to more severe complications of pregnancy, accompanied by hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of the fetus.

Manifestations of edema during pregnancy (dropsy of pregnant women)

When pressing the skin, a fossa appears on the front surface of the tibia, which does not disappear immediately, as happens in normal conditions, but after a few seconds. Comfortable shoes are still getting close. Rings on the fingers leave grooves, are removed with difficulty.

Weight gain per week with edema is more than 300 grams, there is an uneven weight gain. This may signal hidden edema.

The volume of liquid emitted during dropsy is less than 75% of the amount drunk. To account for the amount of liquid, you can use measuring dishes. Drunk liquid is not only drinks, but also fruits (they need to be weighed), first courses.

An increase in the circumference of the ankle for a week by 1 cm or more.

Blister test is currently rarely used.

There are degrees of edema during pregnancy:

  • 1 degree – swelling of the legs, feet;
  • Grade 2 – swelling of the legs, lower abdomen, lumbo-sacral area;
  • Grade 3 – swelling of the hands and pasty face;
  • Grade 4 – General swelling.

Edema in pregnant women

With HANDLING nerves in the carpal canal may be impaired. This is manifested by numbness, burning, pain in the fingers, sometimes pain in the shoulder. Soreness and restriction of movement in the joints of the fingers may appear. In this situation, limit the work associated with the monotonous movements in the joints of the wrist. It helps massage, shaking limbs, acupuncture, vitamins. Complete the treatment of edema.

Edema during pregnancy, what to do?

Edema in pregnant women

Swelling arising in pregnant women with chronic heart and kidney disease, require immediate hospitalization. If the above diseases in a woman before pregnancy were not observed, but in the early stages of pregnancy there were edemas, she should be examined and treated in the hospital.

Edema in varicose disease are treated at home. You can not stand (sit) in the same position for a long time. Useful low heel walking at a moderate pace. You can wash your feet with nice, cool water. In the afternoon, be sure to take the time to lie down with your limbs up in the air. Wearing compression tights is recommended. Treat scrupulously to their choice – tights are expensive. The use of medical creams based on horse chestnut, heparin. To clarify the nuances of treatment, visit the surgeon.

Physiological edema require correction of the diet (will be discussed below), adherence to work and rest. Stress must be avoided. It is important to walk every day, for an hour, at a moderate pace. You are not accustomed to move a lot? Start from 10 minutes, increase the duration of the walk gradually, listening to your well-being. By following these tips, you can NOT ALLOW the edema of pregnant women, as a manifestation of toxicosis.

Swelling as a manifestation of pregnancy toxication are treated in the hospital. Until recently, all pregnant women with dropsy were recommended to reduce the amount of fluid they drink to a liter per day. Nowadays, the approach has changed. Fluid consumption should be physiological, up to 2 liters per day. Restrictions lead to a decrease in BCC, vascular spasm and increased blood pressure. Inadequate drinking can cause pregnant pyelonephritis. The qualitative composition of the drink is important. Be sure to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, containing structured water, fresh juices, weak tea with milk, slightly sweetened; fruit drinks, compotes.

Restrictions should concern table salt and products containing sodium ions in an increased amount. Add salt to ready-made dishes, adding some lightly salted food. Cook boiled or steamed.

It is necessary to exclude completely:

  • fried foods;
  • pickles;
  • smoking;
  • spices;
  • carbonated drinks;
  • semi-finished products;
  • tomato juice.

In the diet should be a complete protein – meat fish, dairy products. Limit fatty and high-carbohydrate-rich foods.

At the direction of the physician for a course of 2 weeks are accepted charges of diuretic herbs, sedatives.

Be sure to eat complex vitamins for

What else is needed for treatment, you will tell the attending physician. Do not avoid hospitalization if it is necessary, do not make your baby suffer.

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