Educational computer games for children 4 years

Age limits in educational games for girls 4 and 5 years old are very conditional,

The interest of even the most inquisitive little persons must be constantly heated up, inventing new games and changing the means of learning. In addition to traditional books and toys, parents often use educational games that run online or installed on a computer. Their content and complexity is determined by the age and sex of young players, so the games for girls of 4 and 5 years that develop: logic, thinking, memory – have their own characteristics.

Games for princesses 4 years

4 years old computer development games for girls perform the same tasks as conventional learning tools – they develop logic, thinking, train memory, and replenish knowledge about the world around them. Only their undoubted advantage is that no additional means of motivation are required. Flash applications are so exciting and colorful that the kid doesn’t even notice how he assimilates information.

In tasks for children of 4 years old, you usually need to pick up objects in shape and color, find hidden images, find differences, memorize pictures and assemble them in pairs and

At the age of 4, babies can assemble a picture of 20 or more parts. For 4 years the developmental tasks of this class are of great importance,

Move virtual puzzle pieces with the mouse. If the child does not cope, you can “call” a hint. In any case, are nearby to help the child.

A rare mother will allow her daughter to put on makeup even for children’s cosmetics, to say nothing of the present. Beauty salon simulators will help to satisfy this need and practice make-up.

Favorite dolls, fairies and heroes of fairy tales act as virtual make-up dummies. They all hurry somewhere – to a party or to a ball. Girls should help them get together by choosing a suitable make-up and hairstyle.

Pet Care

To feed, wash, comb, walk – with pets is a lot of trouble, and 4-year-old child can not cope with them. For virtual friends care easier. In games about animals for girls, you can not only make your own pet, but also create an image yourself. Tasks in which it is necessary to feed, walk and wash animals not only entertain, but also teach good attitude towards our smaller brothers.

The temptation to have not a real one, but many adults also lend themselves to a virtual pet, as eloquently testifies to the popularity of the My Talking Tom application.

Imagine yourself cooks like all children. They collect the ingredients for the cake, get acquainted with the products, show creativity in decorating the prepared dishes.

Educational computer games for children 4 years

Little girls and boys have absolutely no sense of time, so the gameplay on the computer must be strictly controlled.

Flash games and applications for babies 5 years

Age limits in games for children 4 and 5 years old are very conditional,

By the way, coloring is a favorite activity and younger children. But now girly coloring is a bigger choice in shades, and the picture has many small details.

Educational computer games for children 4 years

How to spend leisure time with children?

Games with Winx

With the favorite characters of the animated series “Winx” can be found in educational applications. Winx is more likely not a category of games, but their plot. With Winx, you can play “dress up”, and “make-up”, and cook. There are Winx coloring pages, which depict heroines and fragments from a cartoon.

Already by the name it is clear that “dress up” is a game for girls, in which it is proposed to choose the style and color of clothes, shoes and accessories for your hero. In his role is usually some kind of pretentious animal, cartoon character or fairy-tale princess.

Such classes from childhood instill in the baby a sense of style, developing their creative abilities in it. Who knows, maybe this unpretentious “dress up” will make the baby in the future to become a real fashion designer or designer.

Educational computer games for children 4 years

If playing online is not very convenient, any of the above categories of games for children 5 years old can be downloaded and installed on the phone (tablet / computer).

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