Effective cough medicine for children reviews

Cough often becomes the most real problem – this cold symptom lasts the longest and, as a rule, gives the most inconvenience. Moreover, undertreated cough can cause serious complications. This is what cough treatment should use the most effective, proven tools.

The choice of cough remedies should be determined by a number of nuances. Chief among them is whether the cough is wet or dry. For the treatment of wet cough mucolytic and expectorant drugs are used. Dry cough treatment requires the use of drugs that suppress the cough reflex. And for the treatment of dry cough, and to combat the wet cough produced a lot of tools so that it is quite difficult to navigate among them. We bring to your attention the most effective cough medicine: perhaps our review will help you find the best treatment option.

ACC is one of the most popular drugs for wet cough. The remedy helps to thin the sputum, so that it quickly leaves and the cough becomes more productive. ACC acts fairly quickly – in the first days of admission comes pronounced relief. The drug can be used for nursing mothers and children from the 10th day of life. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

When using ACC, it is important to consider that the drug is not combined with paracetamol. Also, it can not be used with other antitussive drugs – otherwise there is a danger of stagnation of the respiratory tract.

The cost is about 250 rubles.

Syrups and lozenges “Doctor Mom”

“Doctor Mom” ​​is a herbal preparation that is used as an expectorant with a wet cough. The composition of the drug – aloe, basil, ginger, licorice, elecampane and other herbal ingredients. “Doctor Mom” ​​has a very wide scope of application and can be used in the treatment of a whole range of diseases, from pneumonia to laryngitis. The medicine provides fast dilution and sputum withdrawal. If you use Dr. Mom in the treatment of dry cough, it quickly turns into a productive wet cough.

“Doctor Mom” ​​is available in syrup form, as well as in the form of tablets with a fruit flavor. Pastils can be used from the age of 14, the syrup form is used to treat cough in children over 3 years old.

The cost of syrup is about 170 rubles.

Falimint is a local remedy – these are lozenges that are effective for dry, unproductive coughing. Falimint relieves irritation, dilutes sputum, anesthesizes. The product is quickly absorbed, so relief comes almost instantly. Falimint tablets can be absorbed up to 10 times a day, but they should not be used for more than a few days. This drug is not prescribed to children under four years of age, lactating and pregnant women.

The cost is about 170 rubles.

Effective cough medicine for children reviews

Libexin is used in the treatment of dry cough, the appearance of which is associated with colds, flu or bronchitis. These cough pills are very affordable and at the same time quite effective. The effect of Libexin is to reduce the sensitivity of the cough receptors and suppress the cough reflex. At the same time, Libexin has no inhibitory effect on the respiratory center. Libexin has anti-inflammatory effect, and also provides sputum thinning.

The drug is used to treat dry cough in adults and children, has no serious contraindications. For young children, use Libexin with caution.

The cost is about 350 rubles.


Stoptussin is a popular antitussive drug that simultaneously inhibits the cough reflex and provides mucolytic action. Stoptussin is a very effective remedy, but pills have a large list of contraindications. In particular, they cannot be used by pregnant and lactating women, as well as children under the age of 12 years. Stoptussin washes to give a whole range of side effects, from allergic reactions to headaches. Therefore, it is better to use it only in cases where the cough is very strong, and it requires intensive treatment.

The cost is about 160 rubles.


Bronholitin is a syrup with a combined effect. It has an antitussive effect and at the same time expands the bronchi. The action is complemented by anti-inflammatory effect. Bronholitin is used in the treatment of many diseases, from whooping cough to asthma. Syrup quickly alleviates the condition and is considered fairly safe – it is also actively used in pediatrics, for the treatment of cough in children over 3 years old. At the same time, it is not recommended to use Bronholitin during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

The cost is about 150 rubles.


Bromhexine is used in the treatment of wet cough. It comes in the form of tablets and a mixture and has a mucolytic and expectorant effect. Bromhexine can be used to treat cough, including in children aged 3 years and older. If necessary, the tool can be used for a long time – up to 4 weeks without interruptions. It has a pronounced effect and helps to quickly cope with the cough.

The cost of medicine is about 160 rubles.

Ambroxol is one of the most popular remedies for wet cough. The pills have expectorant and mucolytic action, help to very quickly cope with coughing. Ambroxol is well combined with a number of other medicines, increasing the effectiveness of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy.

Ambroxol is an inexpensive drug that has many complete analogues (for example, the rather expensive Abrobene, Lasolvan and

The cost is about 40 rubles.

Mukaltin is a very well-known remedy, these are tablets, as a part of which only one active ingredient is Altea Medicinal Extract. Mukaltin is used in a wet cough to thin the sputum and facilitate its coughing. Tablets also have an anti-inflammatory effect and increase bronchial secretion. This drug is considered one of the most effective in treating wet cough.

The cost is about 10 rubles.

Warming ointment “Doctor Mom”

When coughing, Dr. MoM ointment is recommended to be applied on the chest or back. It has a warming effect and helps to cope with both wet and dry cough. The main active ingredients are menthol and eucalyptus oil. It is possible to use this ointment as well for treating cough and cold in young children. The only limitation is that you should not use Doctor Mom ointment at high temperatures (due to the warming effect, it may increase further).

The cost is about 80 rubles.

In any case, the selection of cough remedies is better to trust the doctor – self-treatment can be dangerous. When using a cough remedy, it is important to strictly follow the dosage and instructions for reception.

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