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Few people suspect, but each woman has such an individual breast shape that you can even interpret the character of the owner of such a bust. Not for nothing, the female sex has been discussed for a long time by representatives of the opposite sex with such interest.

The question of which form of the female mammary glands is considered the most attractive and ideal worries everyone without exception, in order to find the answers, it is necessary to consider in more detail all types of the female breast. According to experts, any type of bust can be perfectly emphasized if you know the rules for choosing underwear and clothing.

Types of female breasts

Considering various sources of information about the classification of the female breast, it can be noted that some types of breast belong to the journalistic style of description and interpretation, but there are also such types that belong to the category of scientific data.

Here is an example of the national classification of types of female breasts in the photo:

Forms of the female breast: popular classification

In fact, the scientific interpretation of breast types, which will be presented in this article, deserves greater confidence from women. So what forms are female breasts?

Forms of female breast small size

  1. Chloe. The mammary glands of this type have delineated pronounced contours. At the same time, the breast areola is small in size, the same can be said about the nipples. Owners of “Chloe” breast type will never suffer from sagging of the mammary glands, often this type of breast is found in young persons of the fair sex.
  2. Snow mound. In women with this type of breast, the mammary glands are characterized by a pointed nipple and rounded mammary glands of medium level of elasticity. Such breasts do not sag after a while and do not lose their tone. At the same time, in the area of ​​the décolleté in women there is a pale shade of the dermis, the same situation with the areoles – they also have a pale color, despite the rather large size.

Forms of a female breast of the average size

  1. Buds. This type of chest differs in that it is as if stretched slightly forward. Areola looks inconspicuous, having a small size. In this case, the nipples in this case are pointed and also look forward. The dermis in the decollete zone is distinguished by a pale pink shade. Sometimes in women with breasts of the “Buds” type, thin streaks of red color appear over the area of ​​the mammary glands.
  2. Sappho. The owners of the chest type “Sappho” is a clear difference is velvety, and even silky skin in the neck. But there is one “but” – this type of chest can not boast of sufficient elasticity, experts say even a certain sluggishness. At the same time, the breast is distinguished by the large size of the nipples and areola with a rather dark shade.
  3. Circe. For many centuries, this breast shape has been a leader in the ideality of its structure and external data. The mammary glands themselves have distinct rounded shapes, while the areoles are striking with their large size and perfect symmetry. The skin in the neckline is famous for its silkiness and extraordinary tone. With the active movement of women, the breast “Circe” varies in a wave-like way, attracting the maximum attention.
  4. African savanna. The name of this type of breast can be explained by the fact that the breast glands are often compared with the world atlas map. The width of the chest has a little oblate border, but in general it is quite rounded and attractive. The chest does not fall over time, as it is famous for its elasticity and elasticity of the skin. At the same time, areoles of small mammary glands have clear delineated lines. Nipples are also small.

Large female breast forms

Do you want such a chest – you here!

  1. Dulka. If we compare the width of the mammary glands in the nipple with its immediate base, then at the beginning of the breast slightly narrowed. The very same breast areola is large in size with an unsightly small nipple. The name “Dulka” originates from the comparative characteristic of the form of this sort of tomato.
  2. Peach. Breasts of this type are known for their overall dimensions. They even create an impression of their own weight. They are called so because they have rounded shapes, like the fruit itself. The dermis in the neckline is famous for its some fluffy and slightly pink color. In this color areola favorably focuses on her all the attention.
  3. Pear. Comparison of the breast of this form with this fruit has appeared for a reason. The fact is that by themselves the mammary glands do not have elasticity and are lowered down, repeating the lines of the pear. The skin in the area of ​​the mammary glands has a brownish tone, while being famous for its elasticity and smoothness. The mammary glands are soft to the touch with a well-defined stress state of the nipple and small areoles.
  4. Chestnut. Despite its large breast size, it has a slightly flattened shape. The skin in this area of ​​the body is characterized by extraordinary velvety and elasticity.
  5. Lady fingers. Breasts are thus called for a reason, they visually resemble Lady Fingers. The skin is light enough, areola and nipples, in contrast, have a dark color. To the touch the breast is soft, one can even say juicy, with nipples with a discreet look.
  6. Water surface. Breasts of this type have weakly expressed areoles and cannot boast of elasticity and tone. But at the same time the skin in the neckline is smooth, bright shade.
  7. Alma mater. Owners of this type of bust are striking in their large dimensions. The skin in the area of ​​the mammary glands has a pale color, while the nipples of the breast look tense and clearly visible.
  8. Turkish woman’s eyes. Owners of this form of breast have, as it were, elongated mammary glands, while the nipples look in different directions, they do not have a clear symmetry.
  9. globe. In a woman with this type of breast, the mammary glands have ideal rounded shapes, resembling the globe of the Earth. At the same time, the chest has dark areoles and large, standing nipples.
  10. Renaissance. The name of this form of the breast due to excessively pale dermis, which doctors sometimes call transparent. Chest massive by weight seems soft enough. The breast is surrounded by large, pronounced nipples, but with small dark-colored areoles. Women with the type of breast “Renaissance” often appear many small moles on the size.

With such a detailed list of breast forms and types, any woman can compare the data and determine exactly which classification her breasts belong to.

Factors that determine breast shape

In order to understand why nature has awarded a woman with this or that type and shape of the breast, it is necessary to understand what factors influence the future breast of the young person.

With such knowledge, a woman can even slightly adjust and transform her breasts.

  • The endocrine system, which predetermines and controls the production of sex hormones.
  • Heredity, thanks to which it is possible to predict the future size of one’s own breast along the female line of ancestors.
  • Diseases of the mammary glands, as a rule, we are talking about tumors and tumors.
  • The number of fat cells in the mammary glands, you can control the volume of fat layer by yourself.
  • Muscle activity, as the pectoral muscles do not allow sagging and lowering of the chest, losing elasticity and tone.
  • Strong ligaments that act as a breast carcass, controlling the strength and shape of the breast.

Painstaking and regular work on your body, taking into account the above factors, will help transform the breasts and return her former youth, elasticity and beauty. Exercise, proper nutrition, normal hormones and drinking regime will take care of the shape and health of the mammary glands.

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