Fenistil gel during pregnancy

“Allomedin” is a local action gel designed to protect the skin and mucous membranes from the negative effects of viruses that can cause inflammation and lead to the development of tumors of epithelial tissues.

pharmachologic effect

The tool is effective when the first symptoms of herpes. “Allomedin” stops the inflammatory process, helps to restore the natural look of the skin, relieves swelling, allows you to quickly get rid of itching and burning. If the initial stage of development of herpes is missed, full recovery occurs within 3-6 days after the start of use of the drug.

“Allomedin” is a gel created on the basis of allostatin and excipients, which include sodium hydroxide, ethylhexylglycerol, phenoxyethanol, allantoin, water, and carbopol. Complete analogs of the drug containing the same active substance do not exist. It is a natural alloferon isolated from the insects’ immune system. Allostatin has a detrimental effect on viruses, its action is due to the activation of cytotoxic cells of the immune system.

The cells affected by the virus are destroyed, but the drug does not harm the healthy cells. The action of the gel is aimed at eliminating the source of infection and stimulating the regeneration of the epithelium. “Allomedin” is a gel that reduces the number of relapses; it is active against the papillomavirus with an active growth of the neoplasm. The use of this tool eliminates the likelihood of the formation of new warts, warts and papillomas.

Indications for use “Allomedina”

“Allomedin” is prescribed for infections with papilloma, herpes and other viruses that disrupt the healthy state of the epithelial tissue. The drug is used to restore the affected areas of the mucous membranes and skin.


To the use of many drugs, there are some contraindications, including the use of such a tool as “Allomedin” (gel). The instruction contains one contraindication – hypersensitivity to the components of the gel.

During periods of pregnancy and lactation, the agent is used with caution and only after consulting a doctor. Treatment of patients with allergic skin diseases and children under 12 years of age with the use of a drug such as “Allomedin” (gel), the instructions for use also prohibits the exercise without consulting a doctor.

The use of gel “Allomedin”

For diseases of the mucous membranes and skin caused by viruses, you should definitely consult with a specialist so that he prescribes drug therapy.

“Allomedin” (gel) instruction allows you to apply for injuries of a different nature, the development of which occurs due to exposure to viruses. With herpes, which is accompanied by minor rashes on the face, it may be enough 1-2 days of application of the drug 1-3 times a day. In severe lesions, the use of a gel is required for 5-7 days from one to three times a day.

The gel is quickly absorbed in the places of its application, has a protective and regenerating effect.

The drug is most effective at the very beginning of the development of herpes, when symptoms such as swelling, redness, burning and itching are present. The areas of the mucous membranes and skin, on which there are rashes, cover the tool 2-3 times a day.

Gel from herpes “Allomedin” in order to eliminate lesions used 2 or 3 days for labial lesions and from 5 to 7 days for genital. If the need arises for longer use of the drug, it is used until the affected areas are completely restored.

Genital warts, vulgar warts, papillomas located on the skin and mucous membranes are also indications for the use of the drug.

If papillomas are present, the gel is applied for three weeks twice a day or in accordance with the scheme provided for destructive interventions.

Molluscum contagiosum requires application twice a day for 1-2 weeks or according to a scheme for destructive interventions.

Before the destructive intervention, “Allomedin” (gel) must be applied 2 times a day for 3–6 days, after the intervention, twice a day for 5–7 days. You can use the tool until complete recovery.

Side effects

In some patients, new herpetic eruptions may occur as a result of the use of the remedy. It may seem to the patient that the drug did not bring a positive result and worsened the situation, in fact, during this period the immunological activity in the human body increases.

It may seem that the condition has worsened, but at this time the foci of reproduction of the virus are determined, the action of the gel is sent to destroy them. The tool provides a lasting positive effect.

A latent infection caused by viruses may be a sign of a defect in the antiviral immunity system. If you identify a side effect of the drug “Allomedin” you should consult with an immunologist.

Drug efficacy

The best effect is observed when using the product immediately after the first signs of herpes appear. With timely detection of the disease, the subjective sensations that accompany it go away a few hours after the application of the gel, and the further development of the disease usually does not occur.

“Allomedin” (gel) reviews can be attributed to the most effective means, the action of which is aimed at protecting the mucous membranes and skin from viruses. In addition, the drug helps to increase the relapse-free period.

If the gel is used for papillomatosis, the reproduction of the virus is suppressed, inflammation is eliminated. The tool prevents the spread of the virus to healthy areas of the skin and mucous membranes. The gel does not allow new papillomas to form; it reduces the likelihood of developing oncological diseases due to exposure to the oncogenic papilloma virus, which is important.

“Allomedin” (gel): reviews

Reviews of the drug are different, the gel does not help everyone, some people do not feel any relief. Many “Allomedin” is suitable. Judging by the reviews, it not only removes the rash, but also reduces the number of relapses, eliminates severe inflammation. Patients whose herpes was detected at an early stage of development report that the damaged skin and skin begin to heal already the next day. However, everything is individual, so recovery may take longer.

When “Allomedin” (gel) is used with HPV, reviews show that it is not always effective. Similar opinions in people who were treated with this gel with molluscum contagiosum.

Based on such feedback, you can make the following assumptions:

Fenistil gel during pregnancy

  • the effect of the drug is more pronounced for herpes;
  • it is possible to understand how the gel will affect the body of a certain person only after its use;
  • “Allomedin” does not harm the body, even if it does not bring any benefit.

There are no complete substitutes for an agent such as Allomedin (gel). The analogue can be selected only for similar pharmacological action and indications for use. To compare the original drug with analogues, you should carefully familiarize yourself with their active ingredients. You should not replace the gel with a similar drug yourself, in this case, the permission of a specialist is required.

The following drugs have similar pharmacological effects: Geviran, Ribavirin, Acyclovir, Famvir, Imunofan, Immunomax, Dryvir, Valtrovir, Flavozid, Medovir, Acyclovir (ointment), “Virdel”, “Atsiklostad”, “Gerpeks”, “Gerpevir” (ointment, tablets), “Diminuvir”, “Silicea” (gel), “Valvir”, “Infagel”, “Proteflazid”, “Allokin “Alpha”, “Erazaban”, “Viferon”, “Ferrovir”, “Fenistil pentsivir”, “Panavir”, “Zovirax”, “Acik”, “Izoprinosin”, “Agerp”, “Lavomax”, “Amiksin IC” “Laferon”, “Valtrex”.

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