First Aid Kit for a child at sea

The most wonderful time is approaching – the time of holidays! Everyone wants a good rest, someone chooses a dacha as a holiday destination, and someone goes to resorts abroad. We will talk about what needs to be considered when traveling abroad with a child, so that the rest was impeccable.

We check everything before leaving:

Check the availability of travel documents:

When traveling abroad, first of all, it is recommended to check the validity of your travel documents. Namely, make sure that the passport name, first name and patronymic (including Latin transliteration), date and place of birth, information about children, passport validity is correct in your passport (passport must not expire in less than 6 months after end of the trip and have at least two free pages for affixing a visa). If you are followed by children under the age of 16, then the photos of the children inscribed in them should be pasted into the passport of one of the parents, or you can get separate passports for them. In any case, we recommend making photocopies of passports (can be useful if you lose your passport and in other unforeseen circumstances).

Check availability of air tickets or route / receipt of e-ticket; hotel voucher / reservation; medical insurance policy.

Before leaving, inform your relatives, friends about your trip, place of stay, leave contact numbers.

Write down the phone numbers of the embassies or consular offices of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the country of your next stay.

If traveling to countries with a hot climate, vaccinations should be given in advance. Traveling to tropical countries, vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and polio are recommended. When traveling to countries in Africa (sub-Saharan Africa) and Latin America, vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory. Anti-meningococcal vaccination is recommended for pilgrims in Mecca. In cases of prolonged stay in countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, vaccination against hepatitis B is advisable.

It will be prudent to take care of purchasing a medical insurance policy for the period of your stay abroad. Its presence will allow to insure against an accident during a trip and to avoid expenses for unforeseen medical expenses in case of an insured event.

Children’s passport and insert children in the passport of parents:

At present, traveling with a child abroad is possible both with a child’s passport, which is issued separately, and with "sticky" – the child fits, and his photo, regardless of age, is glued into the passport of the parent.

A minor citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who is following in common with at least one of the parents must leave the Republic of Kazakhstan on his foreign passport. Passport is issued in the PSC at the place of registration.

Without the need to obtain a separate passport for a foreign citizen, a minor citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan up to the age of 14 can travel together with at least one parent, if he is entered in the foreign passport of the parent leaving with him. In this case, the parent’s passport MUST be pasted in the photo of the child, regardless of his age, which should bear the stamp of the passport and visa service. The absence of a photograph or print is a reason for the child to refuse to cross the border. Departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan of minor children, information about which is included in the passports of accompanying parents, issued before March 1, 2010, is carried out according to the validity of these passports. Paste in the passport makes ATC Migration Police. The state duty is 1 MCI (in 2013 – this is 1731 tenge + bank commission), and the term for preparing the document is about 5 working days.

When following a minor citizen across the state border of the Republic of Kazakhstan together with one of the parents, it is not required to present the written consent of the second parent, unless he has previously received a statement about his disagreement on leaving the Republic of Kazakhstan of children whose parent he is. However, this permit may be required at the customs of another state. Therefore, this question is better to clarify in advance.

If a minor child and a parent traveling with him have different surnames, we recommend that you bring along a birth certificate or a notarized copy of the birth certificate – to confirm the relationship.

We collect baggage:

We recommend all valuables, documents and money to put in your hand luggage and take with you on the plane. All sharp metal and cutting items (nail scissors, nail files, a penknife and

First Aid Kit for a child at sea

Meals on the road. Think about how you will feed your child along the way. If the child eats from an adult table, you only need to take care of snacks and drinks. If the child is small, then stock up on food the whole way, and note that you also need something to feed your baby back. Be sure to bring water or drinks that the child drinks. But pay attention to the fact that the drink must be safe so that there is no chance to earn a sore or sit all the way in the toilet, so water is preferable.

Entertainment. On a long journey, consider what you can take your child on the road. Stock up on several options: decorating with pencils or felt-tip pens, a book with fairy tales, road games. You can also come up with some games for the road in advance. You can come up with a roadmap with chips and dice, each turn in this game is the story of an interesting fact about the country where you are going. So on the way you will be able to acquaint the child with the country and broaden their horizons. Own including)))

Collect bags. First of all try to choose a bag easier. Still, the luggage is always typed decent, why carry extra weight. If there are several bags, you need to think about who will carry what. Also try to isolate fragile items from things as much as possible, if you really need to take them. Think about what things you need to carry with you, and what you can buy on the spot.

Personal hygiene items. Much is now provided in the hotel. But it is better to clarify what will be in your room. It is better to take your toothpaste and brush – both more familiar and more reliable. Shampoo is better to take with you if you have sensitive scalp. When collecting, consider the time of stay – do not take the excess, calculate the exact amount and pack. So you save space in the bag and reduce its weight.

First aid kit tourist

Do not forget to collect and take with you a first-aid kit that will help you with mild ailments, save you time searching for medicines and save you from problems of communication in a foreign language. When selecting drugs for your first aid kit, you need to consider such factors: medications should refer to the so-called "first aid" drugs, that is, they must be designed for the treatment of acute diseases and injuries. Preference should be given to those drugs with which you somehow have already dealt.

The standard kit should include:

3. Cough (for SARS and flu)

First Aid Kit for a child at sea

4. Means from an allergy (there is an ointment, there are drops)

5. Remedies for diarrhea and constipation

6. Enzymes for the normalization of digestion (in

7. Ammonia for first aid in fainting

8. Sterile and non-sterile bandages

9. Bactericidal plaster

12. Hydrogen peroxide to treat wounds.

13. Tanning products in case you drive to the beach

14. Means for protection against mosquitoes (also depends on the area where you are going)

To be continued.

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