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Hello, dear readers of the site Baby! Talk today Full baby. How can a child lose weight?

  • Many adults believe that the cause of completeness in children is a sedentary lifestyle, sitting in front of the computer or in front of the TV.
  • But recently, scientists have concluded that the main reason for the completeness of the child – the wrong diet.

Full child

They believe that avoiding overeating will help children lose weight much faster. Let’s talk about how to lose weight as a child, what you need to do and the child and parents.

Diet for fat children

Child and diet are two incompatible concepts. Indeed, they combine with great difficulty and horrify both parents and all relatives.

  • But it is necessary for a full child. I think it is clear that it is simply unacceptable to offer the kid modern, superfashionable diets.

Full child

In addition, the diet is contraindicated for babies up to three years old, but low-calorie diet can be offered to full children of 4-5 years. And that only if it is prescribed by a doctor.

  • The diet for fat children is different from the diet for adults, it has its own characteristics. Since only the amount of animal fats and carbohydrates decreases, the amount of protein should correspond to the age norm of the baby. After all, protein is a building material for a small body that has not yet become stronger. The main supplier of protein is low-fat or completely fat-free dairy products, eggs, fish and lean meat.
  • On the table should be a lot of vegetable dishes and products that contribute to the breakdown of fats – cabbage, eggs, melon, green peas, low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Be sure to have cereal – buckwheat and oatmeal, they are well controlled weight of the child.
  • And products such as sour cream, cream, butter, cookies, soda, sweets, sugar from the diet should be excluded.
  • Let the child eat more fresh fruits, they are very low-calorie berries, but they are energetically very valuable. In addition, they contain a lot of fiber, which helps the body to get rid of toxins.

Of course, you can not leave the baby completely sweet. But what if you removed ice cream, cakes, and sweets from his diet? There is only one way out – dried fruits. Kids eat them with great pleasure. How can a child lose weight?

Try to adjust the diet

It is necessary to monitor not only what the child eats, but also how he eats. Feed the baby need 5 – 6 times a day.

  • The time between meals should not be more than two hours. Such a fractional diet saves the baby from feelings of hunger and overeating.
  • Do not allow your child to eat quickly, because such food on the fly leads to overeating

Prepare food yourself

The crazy rhythm of our lives leaves the household with very little time. Our women, in order to quickly feed their families, more and more often buy ready-made semi-finished products. It takes a little time to prepare them, but such products are a sure way to get overweight, not only in babies, but also in adults. Because they contain fats, preservatives are flavor enhancers. Food cooked at home is healthier and safer for all family members. In this case, preference should be given to steamed and boiled dishes, excluding fried from the diet.

Exercise, sports

Full child

It’s no secret that our children move very little. Strictly restrict sitting or lying in front of a TV or monitor with a pack of crackers or chips. The child needs to move actively.

  • Kids up to five years old have enough walks in the fresh air and active games every day. Therefore, it would be nice if you go for a walk every evening with the whole family.
  • On weekends you can go to the pool, go cycling or rollerblading, play football with dad.
  • A child of five or six years old may help around the house: sweep or vacuum.
  • Write your baby in the sports section, because such children doctors recommend sports activities.
  • If square meters allow, arrange at home a sports area for the child.

Of course, not immediately, but gradually those extra pounds will go away.

  • In conclusion, I would like to tell the parents: being overweight in a child is of course a problem. But this problem is completely solved.

No need to wait for quick results. Remember that your task is not just to lose weight in a child, but also to preserve his health. Be healthy!

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