Give birth to children

Every mom is very interested who does the future child look like, what traits he inherits, while she represents the familiar and beloved traits embodied in a tiny little face. Is it possible to “program” a child for what it will look like, and why is the fact that the child’s similarity is so important for his parents?

Give birth to children

It turns out that subconsciously endowing the future child with their features, the parents do it completely “not disinterestedly”. Their desires are guided by the parental instinct laid down by nature, since the very fact of the child’s similarity with the parents has a calming effect on the psyche and, as it were, ensures the implementation of the well-known desired attitudes:

  • If a baby looks like mom or dad, his actions can be predicted. And therefore it will be easier to educate him.
  • If a the child will inherit the best features of the parents and relatives, this would provide him with the best and easiest life scenario.
  • If a daughter is like father and son is like mother, then it is believed that they will be happy.
  • If a baby looks like dad, then it makes the newly-made father feel like a parent “to a greater extent”: nature, as it were, emphasized the father’s dominance, repeating his main features in the heir.

Give birth to children

Who does the child look like?

The famous French pediatrician Michel Lacossier became interested in the similarity of children and their parents and conducted his study, which showed that most newborns are more like dad than mom, and by three years the ratio is evened out, children change and become similar to both parents. From this, he concluded that nature specially arranged everything in a similar way in order to “launch” the paternal instinct more quickly.

Give birth to children

And indeed, if the answer to the question “who does the child look like?“Is obvious to parents, their instincts turn on faster, forcing the mother to take care of the baby, and the father to take care of the mother and child, diligently” extracting the mammoth. “

You have probably heard the expression that “all babies are the same person,” and only by the age of 3-4 years can we talk about any similarity of the child with the parents. In fact, there is little truth in this statement. It is only true that children change very quickly, but their pronounced features can be seen immediately after birth, and they are practically unchangeable neither by time nor by age. By the way, if outwardly a child may look like both parents, then the character is usually in someone.

How to find out how a future child looks like?

Genetics, to a greater extent than the parental imagination, will be able to answer this question. Each new person is another genetic experiment, this is a unique set of genes and cells that will never happen again, even with the same parents. However, predict who does the future child look like still possible.

  • If dad has brown eyes, and mom has blue, gray or green (or vice versa), the baby will most likely have father’s brown-eyed look.
  • If mom or dad has curly hair, the first child will inherit charming curls in 90% of cases.
  • Body type and hair color are most often inherited by gender: the boy looks like his father, and the girl looks like his mother.
  • Intelligence is transmitted through the female line! Genes responsible for the intellect are on the X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes (XX), and men have only one (XY), so the rationality genes of women are more active, and a genius dad can pass on his incredible intelligence to his daughter, but not to his son.

Is it possible to influence the appearance and character of the unborn child?

Genetics determines everything. 20% fall on the environment, on the period of intrauterine development, on nutrition and care at an early age. And these are just physical properties. Mind and character traits generally depend on a huge number of factors. Therefore, many psychologists in the voice argue that the expectant mother may well affect the appearance and character of your unborn child. Maternal ability to represent and “see” your baby long before his birth is truly a wonderful and magical property. So take note:

  • If you want to the baby looked like dad, more often imagine a loved one, his smile, walk, glance.
  • Carry a photograph of your husband with you, occasionally glancing at her, while trying to imagine the voice depicted in the photo.
  • If you want to avoid any objectionable features in the form of a child (for example, grandfather’s ears or daddy’s long nose), imagine these features less, focusing on something else.
  • Smile and rejoice more, surround yourself with beautiful things, go on nature, read good books and visit amazing and interesting places, meet good and pleasant people – all this will affect your general condition and mood, and hence on character and mood baby
  • Already love the growing and living miracle in your body.

The art of giving birth to beautiful

And you know that a thousand years ago in India, China and Egypt, special prenatal houses operated, where future mothers lived and spent time before giving birth. They were surrounded by beauty, peace, magnificent gardens, objects of art. They practiced music there, painted, meditated and performed special exercises for pregnant women. In ancient Greece, there was a whole science about the birth of beautiful and intelligent children – callipedia. Her followers called to marry representatives of different nations and nations, different constitution and characters, because as a result of such marriages beautiful and intelligent offspring is born.

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