Happy birthday sister

How good it would be if every person in life had a loved one near him. Then everyone could feel happy that it is you who are next to him. And now you need to think carefully, if your sister celebrates her birthday, then you definitely have to congratulate her in an original way. And if you do not know exactly how to do it, then just go to our website, and take congratulations to your sister from her sister on her birthday. Since our site provides a large selection of such greetings, and completely free of charge, you can take them in any quantity. And remember that good deeds always come back to people who do something good. And may everything be with you always and always in the best way.

Happy birthday, little sister! I want to wish you so that you can laugh loudly and loudly, so that everything is on the shoulder. So that they surround you with love, Respect you so much. And hardships and sorrows didn’t touch you.

My little sister, I adore you and congratulate you on your birthday. My wishes will be simple: Beloved, you will have a happy life. Let your dreams never cease to come true. Let the flow of finance expand. Friends are real, and female happiness. Always be young, mischievous stay .

I hug you tightly, as in childhood. My little sister, happy birthday, beloved. You are so good, wonderful little man. I wish you to be God preserved. So that your life was bright and beautiful. So that everything you would like, that hour would come true. Smile let it not go away on your face. I want you to stay like this forever.

The closest and dearest person for me, I trust you any secret, I will reveal any secret only to you, The best sister in the world. Accept congratulations on your birthday, You are only worthy of admiration, Let luck spoil you, Let fate give you generous gifts.

My good and good sister, You are my closest relatives, You will always help, give good advice, You are bright for me in the light of the window. Congratulations on your birthday, I wish you all the happiness and smiles, Let your life be like clear water, Let it be sorrows all disappear forever.

To you, beloved little sister, On my birthday, I wish you happiness, Let luck not pass by aside, And all the bad weather will fly by.

Dear little sister, congratulations accept, Happiness, goodness for a long time – live long, Let life flow like a full river, Love and be loved always. We are with you, little sister, blood relatives, You’re the best friend for me, Let the lucky you in everything, always, All the best to you, good luck, joy, warmth.

Happy birthday to you, sister, I am glad to congratulate, I have a reward for you to meet, I live in different cities now, But no distance scares us. I wish you to be always happy, The most tender, kind and beautiful, Let it always bloom in my heart spring, Good Angel let him keep from harm and evil.

Sister, congratulations from your elder sister, On your wonderful birthday, Let your house be your full cup, Let your happiness and joy settle in it. Let your love inspire you, Let your friends surround you, Let the bright star illuminate, Let little things not bother you you.

Bouquets of flowers, poems of congratulations Today, all day you, sister, take. And happiness shines in beautiful eyes. I love you, and you know it. And I congratulate you on your birthday. Good luck and happiness to you. Let guardian angel coo loving your life with peace, good fills.

My sister, my dear little man, My congratulations to you on your birthday. Let the path of life be happily marked. Let everything you want happen in a moment. And only goodness surround you. Let love and tenderness be with you. Let everyone love you and respect everyone Live with a positive and with faith in a miracle.

From a loving heart from a sisterly Today, congratulations accept. I congratulate sincerely my own birthday. I wish myself, dear, wish you all that you want from life. All the best, love, health and luck. Live, not knowing tears and loneliness.

You are the best friend to me, The closest person, And with misfortune without each other. We cannot cope forever. What you flourish over the years. You probably know. And I want to say, loving: Happy birthday to you.

Dear my dear sister! Birthday begins in the morning! Birthday begins with a smile, Songs sonorous and in the soul of a violin! Birthday begins in verse. This is a holiday that comes to the house! And do not escape from happiness, as from captivity. Birthday and ways, and changes! You fulfill all my desires: Be happy, be loved and love! Be rich and always yourself. Live in joy, be happy with fate! Birthday is fortunately the key. It is a holiday, bright sun ray! This is the joy of the present moment. The heart beats, and the soul flies for some reason. A day is born It starts in the morning! Congratulations, dear sister!

I wish you happy birthday today, I wish you tenderness, love and firm faith, Excellent mood all the time, Stable growth in salaries and careers! Let your loud voice be heard more often, And friends envy you with white envy, Because I have such a little sister can’t!

My beloved sister, Perhaps, it is time for us to remember, All our quarrels, our fuse, Who told someone not so well? And how we wanted to be the first – All this is remembered and … forgotten! After all, you and I are no closer. We will turn the whole world together. we are any award. So happy birthday, sister!

My golden sister, You are lovely, You are the angel of the earth! I miss you very much, When you are not near me! Let the sun for one hundred years relentlessly send your light to you! Let it be unspeakable in life! With luck and good luck!

My dear, beloved sister! Congratulations on your holiday! Glorious, my dear bird, How much you mean to me! I wish you to be healthy And full of spiritual kindness, So that fate will not cost you severely, So that all your dreams come true!

Happy birthday sister

I have a holiday today – my sister’s birthday! In honor of an event like this, I don’t sleep in the morning myself. I hung balls for my beloved sister, I decorated the room, I tinted myself a little, I turned on the music loudly, I covered the table with treats.

Sis dear, darling, To say that I congratulate, Very little for me, Better to wish boldly, Much happiness for you, You are my dear sister, Better not believe you, Happy birthday to you, I congratulate you, Without further ado, Best friend you are my little sister and my poem is ready!

My dear sister, I want to congratulate you. And wish you my dear, All the best benefits without an edge! After all, you are beautiful and smart, And charmingly sweet. You give light with your smile, Live your little sister up to a hundred years old! , sincere water. On the shores there is a radiant light, And lush roses are a wonderful color! I sincerely wish you Health, happiness, prosperity. You will be happy, my dear, My little sister, dear.

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