Help for children with autism

We continue the cycle of FREE Saturday creative meetings and seminars for parents – Parent Saturdays.

Our address: Mendeleevskaya metro station, Gorlov deadlock, 11a, tel. 8 (495) 374-77-40 Venue: 4th floor, Conference Hall Time: from 14:00

After the seminar, a meeting of teachers and parents will be held over tea and creative workshops.

Center team “Our Sunny World”

If you anticipate your presence at the seminar, call 8 (495) 374-77-40 and sign up through the center administrator.


rehabilitation center for children with disabilities

non-profit organization

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Informational brochure on early diagnosis (ready for printing):

“OUR SUNNY WORLD” is one of the first organizations in Russia (since 1991) that deals with the rehabilitation of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disorders.

“OUR SUNNY WORLD” is now a unique comprehensive program of habilitation, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disorders. Worldwide recognized diagnostic methods (ADOS, ADI-R, VB-Mapp, etc.). Methods with proven effectiveness – Evidence Based Practice (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), DIR-Floortime, PECS). Methods of teaching and speech development, means of alternative and auxiliary communication. Sensory integration, neuro-psychological correction and many other methods. All the methods used by us are part of our Comprehensive Program, which has been improved and updated over more than 20 years. We first presented it at the 1997 International Congress in Denver (USA). For more than 15 years, specialists from all over our country and from other countries have been trained in our Center. In our Center, many children are engaged free of charge, due to the help of charitable foundations. All classes for adults with Asperger syndrome, for parents of children with ASD are always free. The Center regularly hosts free internships for specialists and training seminars.

The presentation “OUR SUNNY WORLD” is available at the link: Presentation


The conviction in the absolute value of each person, regardless of his individual characteristics, and that the only criterion of the “norm” is the possibility of adequate individual development of the child in the real environment.


Professional assistance in the development, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with ASD and other developmental disorders and their families.


To help as many children with developmental disabilities as possible, to make this help free for their families, to transfer the experience accumulated over more than 20 years to as many specialists as possible.

Weekly classes at the Center attend about 300 children from 1.5 years old, adolescents and young people with autism and other developmental disorders. They are provided with rehabilitation assistance. 70 highly qualified specialists and volunteers. For more than 20 years, the Center specialists have helped and changed the quality of life of several thousand children and their families. Thanks to the lessons at the Center, many children have the opportunity to attend regular kindergartens, go to schools (correctional and general education), and lead a socially active lifestyle.

Many of our specialists are parents of children with ASD and other developmental disorders. The Center also employs several adults with ASD, in the past, pupils of the Center.


Centre "OUR SUNNY WORLD" was founded in 1991 by professionals and parents of children with autism and other developmental disorders. This was the first Center in Russia, where the method of riding was used as the basis for the rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Since 1992, the Center has launched a program of comprehensive rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with ASD and other developmental disorders. The history of the Center is more than 20 years of “selection” of the most effective rehabilitation and correction methods.

"OUR SUNNY WORLD" was the first center in Russia, whose employees in 1992 with the support of the Ministry of Social Security of the Russian Federation organized and conducted a summer integration rehabilitation camp for their wards. NSM holds summer rehabilitation camps annually.

In 1996, the Center hosted the first Moscow competitions in equestrian sport under the Special Olympics Program, and later on under the Paralympic Games Program. Such competitions began to be held regularly. One of the leading equestrian athletes in equestrian sport in Russia has been and remains the wards of the Center.

In 1997, with the direct participation of specialists from the Center "OUR SUNNY WORLD" The National Federation of therapeutic riding and horse riding equestrian sport (NF LVE and VIC) was created. "OUR SUNNY WORLD" is the base center in Moscow NF LVE and X. Over the years, more than 500 specialists in the field of therapeutic riding and horse-riding equestrian sports for Russia and the Near Abroad have been trained.

The Center works on the “Program of an Integrated Ecosystem of Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation of Children and Young People with Disabilities”, which was first presented in 1997 at the 9th FRDI International Congress in Denver, USA, and in 2002 was published as a brochure.

In 2011, together with Yulia Erts Naftulieva, a certified behavioral analyst (AI, VSVA), the project “Correctional work with children with autism based on applied behavioral analysis (theory and practice)” was created at the Center. Within the framework of the project, full-time study for the highest degree in Behavioral Analysis – EASA – was approved by the International Commission in full (225 hours, for all four training modules). At the moment (the beginning of 2014), more than 120 specialists have been trained in the full-time study program, of which 3 graduates have successfully passed the international exam and received the international BCBA degree. About 40 specialists and more than 400 parents received online training.

Help for children with autism

In 2013 "OUR SUNNY WORLD" was declared the Primary Partner in Russia of the International Organization Autism Speaks (LIUB program).

In 2013, the Center "OUR SUNNY WORLD" (the only Russian organization) was admitted to the European Association of Autism Europe, which brings together leading organizations from 30 European countries and protects the rights of people with autism at the EU level.

In 2013, the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, personally thanked the Center for the Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities. "OUR SUNNY WORLD" for effective assistance to children with autism spectrum disorders in Russia.

In 2014, in Luxembourg at the General Assembly of Autism Europe, the director of "OUR SUNNY WORLD"Igor Spitsberg was elected to the Board of this international organization. The activities of our Center in the field of rehabilitation and social adaptation of children with ASD in Russia were highly appreciated by European specialists.


The Center implements its own program of comprehensive rehabilitation, based on the methods developed by the specialists of the Center, as well as the most effective techniques used in foreign practice.

Head of the Center

The process of development, rehabilitation and social adaptation of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disorders occurs throughout the year and includes:

· Individual lessons with specialists on correction of features in the development of sensory systems, body-oriented methods, defectology and speech therapy, productive activity, applied behavior analysis (ABA), music classes, dog classes, alternative methods of communication (computer, iPad, PECS) , Floortime-game interaction, etc .;

· Game interaction (individual lessons and folklore game groups);

· Various forms of theater (puppet, role, shadow);

· Workshops of traditional crafts (ceramic, weaving, carpentry, felting) and creative studios (painting and music);

· Horseback riding and horseback riding for the disabled;

· Wellness massage, adaptive physical education and sports, dance-movement exercises;

· Social project, “scout” project and integration club for teenagers with ASD and other developmental disorders;

· Mini-projects: preparation for integration into the kindergarten group, “zero” – preparation for school; projects on the formation of social skills in children with ASD in the process of group interaction, etc .;

· Cartoon studio and film studio;

· A special program of classes with parents;

· Teaching tutoring support;

· “Village” project – training in independent living skills for adults with ASD and other developmental disorders;

· Intensive rehabilitation course in a country integration camp in the summer.

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