How can you sleep pregnant

At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women can sleep on their stomachs, since the uterus is small in size, and the pressure exerted by body weight has no effect on the development of the child in the womb.

How can you sleep pregnant

However, sleeping on the stomach during pregnancy can interfere with breast tenderness, which begins to increase from the very first days after conception. Sleeping in such a pose can become uncomfortable, and you have to choose a different position. It is best to get used to sleep on your side from the very beginning of pregnancy, since lying on your back later becomes harmful.

By the third or fourth month of pregnancy, as a rule, pain in the mammary glands, but the uterus grows, the tummy begins to appear. The pelvic bones no longer close the uterus, although it is still possible to lie down comfortably on such a small stomach. Despite the fact that the child is protected by the fetal membrane and amniotic fluid, the muscular layer of the uterus and the press, prolonged pressure on the baby is not good. Therefore, pregnant women can not sleep on the stomach.

By the third trimester, the fetus grows so that sleep on the abdomen becomes uncomfortable. For a comfortable sleep, you can twist the roller out of the blanket or buy a special pillow for pregnant women, allowing you to choose a comfortable position for rest. With such devices, even those who are accustomed to rest on their stomachs before the pregnancy will sleep better.

The most comfortable in late pregnancy will be posture for sleeping lying on its side. From the point of view of the work of the internal organs, it is optimal to choose the left side, except in cases of heart disease.

How can you sleep pregnant

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Sleep on your side

A newly born baby can only sleep safely on its side. This posture is best suited for a weak body, even if it belches during sleep, it will not be able to choke. After each feeding, you need to lay the baby on the left side, then on the right, putting a rolled up diaper or towel under the back. This is done so that the child does not roll on his back. Sleeping on the side and in the future will be the optimal pose for the baby. Especially during the illness, because when the nose is stuffed up or a cough hurts you need to be able to breathe freely. Sleeping in a fetal position is most often chosen by newborn babies. At the same time they press the legs to the tummy, and the handles to the chin. As a rule, children disaccustom from this pose after the first month of life.

Sleep on his stomach

During the period of bowel adaptation to the digestion of breast milk or adapted mixture, many babies suffer from colic. The best way to transfer discomfort – is to put the baby on the stomach. With such a position, the work of peristalsis will be much more efficient, gases will not accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract, thanks to the self-massage of the child’s abdomen and the heat from the bed. In addition, lying on his stomach, the crumb will learn to lift and hold the head. Also during sleep on the abdomen strengthens the muscles of the back, neck and shoulder girdle.

Sleep on your back

The most “adult” posture for sleeping an infant is sleeping on the back. He masters this position at the age when he has the ability to turn himself over. The child does not want to fall asleep in the position in which you put him, he will fall, as it will be more convenient for him. When you sleep on your back, your cervical vertebrae and the whole spine will get stronger, so it is especially important that the children’s mattress be the correct shape. It is better to choose to choose on an orthopedic mattress. Keep in mind, pediatricians warn that you should not allow your child to sleep on his back for up to five months. An infant sleep in the position in which his parents lay him down, since he still does not know how to roll over. That is why the task of the mother – from infancy to teach your baby to fall asleep in the correct position.

How to help your baby sleep well

Even newborn babies do not need to swaddle tight, otherwise he will not be able to move, and even in his mother’s stomach, he felt freer. You should not put a pillow under your head, at this age he does not need it. And the last recommendation: do not put the baby to bed immediately after feeding. Try to walk with him first, holding it in a column, and letting it burp. So it will be less disturbed by colic, and the crumb will sleep peacefully.

Sometimes children use very unusual postures to sleep. If, in your opinion, it is safe, do not shift the baby, let him rest as he is comfortable.

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