How is gestation considered

How is gestation by weeks and days considered? First of all, the girl or her gynecologist should find out when the immediate conception occurred. Without this information, it is problematic to clarify the stage of fetal development. Fortunately, you can cope with the task in different ways. And each woman can independently decide how to conduct calculations. Next, we will try to consider all existing scenarios.

Types of terms

The gestational age for weeks and days can be calculated by each girl. The main thing – to know how to act in a particular case.

But first you have to remember one simple truth – the gestational age may be different. It is conventionally divided into two types. Which ones?

You can find out information about obstetric gestational age, and you can learn about embryonic. These periods are slightly different from each other. And so sometimes untrained women have some problems. All of them are solvable. And then we will try to understand how not to get confused in the periods indicated earlier.

About obstetric

How is obstetric gestation considered for weeks and even days? First of all, you need to understand what it is all about.

Obstetric is considered the term of pregnancy, counted from the first day of the last menstruation. He helps to put the DA, as well as understand exactly when conception could happen.


You can also hear from a doctor or an ultrasound examiner about the embryonic period. What is it?

This is the term for direct development of the fetus. He is two weeks less obstetric. Serves as a faithful assistant in determining the pathologies of the development of the future baby.

Ways to count

It is not as difficult to calculate the gestational age in weeks or by days as it seems. The main thing is to choose one or another method of obtaining the necessary information for a woman.

At the moment, you can learn about pregnancy and assume its duration:

  • blood test;
  • using ultrasound research;
  • through the gynecological calendar;
  • calendar method of counting;
  • with the help of fetal movements;
  • online calculator;
  • on the DA, if delivered;
  • according to the schedule of basal temperature.

You can also purchase a special electronic pregnancy test at the pharmacy. Some such devices show not only the successful conception, but also the term thereof. True, the test will have to spend money.

The exact duration of pregnancy by weeks is usually difficult to determine without the help of medical specialists. All of these methods, with the exception of testing, a visit to a gynecologist, as well as an ultrasound examination study, cannot be considered reliable. But all together they provide the most accurate data.

Important: when determining the stage of pregnancy development, it is recommended to focus on obstetric terms.

Last Monthly

How correctly is considered the gestational period in weeks? It all depends on what kind of data the girl wants. Let’s start by counting the obstetric duration of pregnancy. He, as already mentioned, helps to suggest the date of birth, which is an extremely important point.

Usually, girls consider the duration of pregnancy from the last menstrual period. We need to remember when the last menstruation was, and then think about when it began. The time interval between the date of commencement of calculations and the beginning of critical days is the gestational age. It can be counted in days, weeks and even months – as it is convenient to whom.

Interested in the duration of pregnancy? How many weeks do I have to wait before visiting a doctor or before using a special pregnancy test?

In general, there is no need to hurry to check on the success of conception – everything has its time. Early diagnosis may be false, for good reason.

The thing is that immediately after conception of the baby, certain changes begin to occur in the woman’s body. Blood produced "pregnancy hormone". It is called hCG. It is to him that pregnancy tests react. It changes depending on the time of the interesting position.

The table above will help to assume the duration of pregnancy according to the results of the blood test for HCG. It is better to wait for the delay of menstruation before passing it. Otherwise, the girl may miss the pregnancy in the early stages.

BT Calendar

Until how many weeks is considered early pregnancy? This is usually described in the first trimester of an interesting situation, up to 12 weeks (obstetric). Up to this point, each pregnant woman can voluntarily have an abortion or register with the LCD to receive appropriate benefits in the future.

In any case, you first need to understand that conception happened successfully. This is not always easy to do, but if a woman is attentive to her body, you can try to get the necessary data as early as possible. To judge the successful conception of the baby helps schedule basal temperature. True, it will have to lead in advance and for several months.

Usually, during ovulation, BT rises to 37-37.7 degrees, stays at such values ​​for several days, and then, if conception did not occur, it drops to normal. In the case of pregnancy, the temperature remains elevated in the early stages. So, the deviation of the BT schedule from the norm is a clear sign of a successful conception.

Now what? It is necessary to look at the schedule of basal temperature and determine to mark the date of conception of the baby. After that, it will be just to calculate the difference between the day of the onset of pregnancy and the time when the girl decided to make the appropriate calculations.

How is gestation considered weekly? The main problem sometimes becomes determining the date of conception of the child. And therefore it is necessary to carry out the corresponding calculations by various methods.

Some girls can understand that they are pregnant, according to the movements of the fetus. True, so long usually do not wait. The thing is that the girl can feel the first movements of the future baby in the second trimester – at the 16-20th week. Accordingly, it is quite easy to understand them when a pregnancy occurred, conception occurred, and also to put the DA.

Calculator on the Internet

The gestation period for weeks and days for each woman can be found without leaving home. However, this technique is somewhat reminiscent of the calendar method for determining the obstetric period of gestation. It is about using special online calculators on a variety of women’s sites and forums.

Usually, in order to take advantage of this technique, it is recommended to proceed as follows:

  1. Recall when was the last menstruation. Or rather, when it began.
  2. Find and discover the so-called pregnancy calculator online.
  3. Write on average the difference in days between critical days, as well as the date of the last critical days.
  4. Click on the button responsible for the start of calculations.

All that remains now is to look closely at the screen. It displays information about the DA, as well as the current gestational age in weeks and days. Very comfortably! There is no need to use the calendar method and independently calculate the relevant data.

If DA is known

How is gestation considered weekly? The answer to this kind of question is already known. But the techniques listed earlier are not exhaustive. You can achieve the desired result in different ways. True, it is better to give preference to medical methods of diagnosis of pregnancy and the formulation of the DA.

It so happens that the doctor tells the estimated date of delivery, and the woman forgets the rest of the information. If you do not see it in the exchange card or in the certificate, you can independently find out when an interesting situation has arrived.

For this, it is necessary to take 9 months from the estimated date of birth. The resulting time is the beginning of the obstetric period of pregnancy. Accordingly, with the help of it one can understand at what stage of development of an interesting position a girl is. There is nothing difficult in this – only the simplest mathematical operations.

It is not as difficult to calculate the gestational age by weeks and days, as you can see, as it seems initially. In any case, if a woman is responsible for her body and knows its features well.

Previously, it was stressed that with the help of a special pregnancy test, a girl can learn about the period of gestation. To accomplish the task, you just need to buy an electronic pregnancy test at the pharmacy, for example, Clearblue. It shows the presence of a successful conception, and the term interesting position in weeks.

Suppose a test is purchased. Now what? Usually you need to do the following:

  1. Wait until there is a delay in menstruation. Up to this point, the test (even electronic) may be wrong.
  2. Take a pregnancy test in the morning and urinate on it.
  3. Lay the device on a vertical dry surface (preferably).
  4. Look at the issued result.

Such a diagnosis is available to every girl, it takes only a few minutes. True, pregnancy tests may be wrong. And therefore, as has been said, it is better to turn to medical specialists if you suspect a successful conception. Only they are able to most accurately set the duration of pregnancy, as well as determine the pathology of the fetus, while also putting the estimated date of delivery.

Medical diagnosis of an interesting situation is the most accurate. If a girl wants to quickly understand that she is pregnant, you need to give preference to more accurate methods of solving the problem. They are not so much.

You can go and do an ultrasound. The duration of pregnancy (in weeks) is determined and the DA, and the embryonic period, and even the pathology of pregnancy. Can you guess the date of birth in this way? Full

The specialist will make an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, and then report the presence or absence of a successful conception. In the first case, they can also suggest or accurately name the term of pregnancy. At the 6th-8th week, the fetal heartbeat begins to be monitored and viewed.

Important: if you come to the ultrasound too soon, some medical specialists may confuse the fertilized egg with an inflammatory process or a cyst. Such cases do occur in practice, although not too often.

It is recommended to visit the ultrasound room to determine pregnancy only after critical days have not arrived on time. Until this happens, the probability of error will be quite high.

How is gestation considered

At the gynecologist

How is the gestation by week, we found out. Clarify information about the fetus, as well as the development of pregnancy is always possible at the gynecologist. This specialist collects history, and then provides the patient with information of interest to her.

How is gestation considered

As a rule, when you first visit a gynecologist because of pregnancy, the doctor asks:

  • when was the last unprotected sexual intercourse;
  • how long menstruation lasts;
  • when were the last periods;
  • is there a delay of critical days.

Using this information on a special gynecological calendar, the doctor marks the beginning of pregnancy, and then determines its current term, puts the PDR.

Also, the woman will have to undergo an examination on a gynecological chair. The gynecologist will be able to determine whether there is a pregnancy as the internal organs of the girl. For example, on the cervix – it acquires a bluish tint.

With IVF and normal cycle

Interested in the duration of pregnancy? How many weeks the girl is pregnant, to know is not so difficult. The main thing is to act consistently, as well as to determine the appropriate diagnostic method.

Increasingly, couples are conducting an IVF procedure. In this case, the definition of the day of the beginning of pregnancy has its own characteristics. Women with a normal cycle, as a rule, can focus on the day when the last critical days began. From the relevant day will be calculated obstetric term.

IVF and long cycle

The situation with IVF is somewhat different if a woman has a long menstrual cycle. In this case, the obstetric term will differ from the embryonic period by about a month. This difference is unacceptable, it leads to serious problems in determining the DA, as well as the current duration of pregnancy and fetal abnormalities.

What to do if a woman has an IVF, and she has a long menstrual cycle? In this situation, as a rule, the development of gestation should be considered from the moment of embryo replanting. And the beginning of the last critical days of gynecologists in this case is not particularly interested. In any case, such information to calculate the time of pregnancy will be superfluous.


We figured out how to calculate the gestational age in weeks, as well as days and months. To cope with this task is offered in different ways. It is better to use several methods to obtain the data of interest, as well as to consult a specialist.

Some girls say they understand that they are pregnant, immediately after conception. Nobody has canceled inner intuition, but you should not rely on it. And trust the harbingers of a successful conception, like toxicosis and implant bleeding, too. Similar symptoms may indicate a hormonal failure. Do women have a week delay? The gestational period in this case is usually about 4 weeks. This is about obstetric terms. As soon as there is a delay in menstruation, you need to do a test and go to the doctor.

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