How long can a pregnancy be determined?

How long does it take to determine if a girl is pregnant or not with a pregnancy test? Today in the pharmacy you can buy various types of tests, as according to the method of use. Can a pregnancy test be wrong? In the early stages, no studies are able to give a 100% result. How and at what time can you determine pregnancy? How to distinguish a real pregnancy from self-hypnosis? Can pregnancy tests “make mistakes”?

After intercourse, attachment of the ovum should take place, which takes at least 5 days. Accordingly, a week after unprotected intercourse, NO ONE QUALITY TEST cannot show two strips.

The easiest way to define it is take a test sold in pharmacies. But note that rapid tests should be used on certain days of the cycle and clearly according to the instructions. Even so, they give a guarantee of only 80-90%. If doubts don’t leave you, consult a gynecologist – already at 3-4 weeks from the beginning of the delay of menstruation, you can make an ultrasound and determine the pregnancy with 100% accuracy.

When to do a pregnancy test?

When can I do a pregnancy test to get the right result? If earlier our mothers and grandmothers could find out about their pregnancy for a period of 2-3 months and probably only after examining the gynecologist, then you and I have a great opportunity to find out about our new status as a future mother, when the fetus is not even visible on the ultrasound. To do this, you only need to spend no more than a hundred rubles to buy a pregnancy test. This trick of not tricky action will quite accurately show whether you are in a position or not. However, manufacturers recommend testing only from the first day of the delay, while women eager to get pregnant do not want to wait that long. How long does it take to determine pregnancy? Let’s figure it out.

How long can a pregnancy be determined?

On what day of pregnancy can a pregnancy test be shown?

The test responds with two strips to the content in the urine of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin. And this hormone begins to be produced by the chorion, which then turns into the placenta. So, hCG can be diagnosed already 9-10 days after conception, after the fertilized egg penetrates the uterine wall. If you take, for example, the average menstrual cycle at 28 days, when ovulation falls on day 14, it turns out that you can be tested 3-4 days before the expected day of the onset of menstruation. If your cycle is longer or shorter, then in the same simple way you can calculate the days for more or less accurate diagnosis and for yourself.

It goes without saying that not all tests equally correctly diagnose early pregnancy. In pharmacies, you can see tests with different sensitivity. Usually, the higher it is – the higher the price. The smaller the number indicated on the package, the more reliable the test. Thus, a test with a sensitivity of 20 is more reliable than one with a sensitivity of 25, since the former reacts to a lower concentration of the hormone HCG in the urine, that is, diagnostics is possible at the earliest dates.

When to do a pregnancy test, what time of day? It is recommended in the morning, and a few hours before that it is advisable not to go to the toilet. For long periods, when the level of human chorionic gonadotropin is already quite large, it can be tested at any time of the day.

When can I do a pregnancy test if it shows a dubious result? Quite often, not too high-quality tests show a very weak second striped. As a rule, such a strip (if it is not the fruit of the imagination of a woman) appears in early pregnancy. Then, the longer the term, the brighter the strip will be on the test. Erroneous results may appear when violations of the test procedure described on the package. For example, if you hold it in a container with urine more or less, less than what the manufacturer recommends. You also need to watch the result after a certain amount of time, and not later or earlier. If the second strip appeared 3 hours after testing, it can hardly be regarded as an indicator of pregnancy.

In case of doubtful test results, it is recommended to donate blood for hCG. A reliable result can be obtained within 10 days after conception (before the start of menstruation delay).

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