How many children have Natasha the queen

This family is constantly pursued by rumors: about the inevitable divorce, about the indecent clip, about the free morals of her husband and wife. Some of them turn out to be reliable, and some of them are simply from the category of gossip. Perhaps the reason is that husband Natasha Koroleva has an unusual profession of a stripper, which annoys many. Not everyone knows that Sergey Glushko (Tarzan) in the past is an officer, a graduate of the Mozhaysky Military Academy. But it just so happened that he had to part with his military career, and at the same time divorce his first wife. He moved to the capital, worked in the modeling business, starred in video clips, mastered the art of showing off his body, and over time created the popular Tarzan Show.

Wedding photo: Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan Wedding watch

The name of Sergei became more and more famous, he was invited to participate in concerts, at corporate parties. At this time, he met Natasha Koroleva, who was just going through a divorce from Igor Nikolaev. The singer invited him to perform at his concert. She liked a handsome young man, and after a while she herself confessed to him of this.

How many children have Natasha the queen

Natasha Koroleva with her son Arkhip photo watch

Next – a brief novel. And the wedding in St. Petersburg. In due time the son Arkhip was born.

Today, many call their marriage a guest. Indeed, the touring lifestyle leaves little time for a stable family life. However, both Natasha and Sergey claim that they are bound by strong bonds. At the same time, they admit that they do not limit each other’s freedom.

They have a large family house, where they always welcome guests. Often comes from abroad, Natasha’s mother, with whom Tarzana has established excellent relations.

Family celebrities: Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan with son Arkhip photo watch

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Natasha’s husband Koroleva assures that the years of marriage have benefited both his wife and him. Natasha has become more free, liberated, and he felt the beneficial effect of the family hearth. Tarzan dreams that in the near future they will have a daughter and another son.

Not every wife could calmly relate to such an occupation of her husband. But the spouses manage to avoid jealousy scenes, to treat the features of each other with understanding.

Natasha and Sergey celebrated the next anniversary of their family life in Ukraine. There were shooting the video for the song “Do not let me go.” The video as a whole is romantic, but it ends with a frank erotic scene. A lot was written about this in the press, but the authors themselves believe that everything was shot very beautifully and aesthetically.


How many children have Natasha the queen


INTERESTING FACTS In December 1997, Natasha Koroleva was shot for Playboy magazine. 2004 – photo shoot for the male magazine “Penguin” 2007 – photo shoot for the magazine “MAXIM” (February, 2007)

Feature films and series with Natasha Korolev (List) watch – Wikipedia Filmography – film roles 1997 – The New Adventures of Pinocchio – Malvina, singer 2003 – Recipe for a sorceress – Lyudmila 2004 – Against the current – cameo 2005 – Detectives 4 (episode “Without noise and dust”) 2006 – Grandfather of my dreams – Christina 2007 – Hold me stronger – Natalya Arkhipova 2007 – Kingdom of crooked mirrors – Brazilian participant in the contest “Curvature” 2008 – Golden fish – Maryushka 2008 – Paradox – Vadik’s wife

Others 1995 – Old songs about the most important – daughter of the chairman 1996 – Old songs about the main things-2 – neighbor seductress 1997 – Old songs about the main things-3 2000 – Old songs about the main things. Postscript 2005 – My Fair Nanny (episode “Card King”) – cameo 2006 – Happy together – cameo, sports simulator salesman

How many children have Natasha the queen


In 1992, the singer toured Russia with the final concerts in the sports complex “Olympic” with the program “Dolphin and Mermaid”, in 1993 – a tour of Israel, in 1994 – tours in Germany, in 1997 – in the USA (New York). Participant of many television contests and programs., among them: “Christmas meetings”, “Morning mail” and others. In 1990-1997, television came out 13 video singer: “Yellow Tulips” (M. Mogilevskaya, 1990), “First kiss” (I. Pesotsky, 1991), “Under the summer rain” (V. Vladimirov, 1991); “Why love dies” (I. Pesotsky, 1991), “Kiev boy” (I. Pesotsky, 1994), “Sunflowers” (D. Fix, 1995), “Is it really me?” (D. Fix, 1995), “Little country” (O. Gusev, 1995), “A little man with an accordion” (D. Fix, 1996), “Wand wand”, “Do not die” (G. Gavrilov, 1997), “Summer Castanet” (I. Nikolaev, 1997), “Diamonds of tears” (O. Bazhenov, 1997).

After divorce from Igor Nikolaev released albums “Shards of the past”, “Heart”, “Believe it or not” and “Paradise where you are”. She acted as a host of various programs and concerts. She took part in the TV project “Dancing with the Stars” in Russia and Ukraine and in the project “Two Stars”.

In 2010 she took part in the project “Give yourself life” on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Since June 2, 2012 she has led her own show, Queen Prime, on the NTV channel. Only one release went on the air. C September 10, 2012 with his mother, and later with Alexander Oleshko and Roman Budnikov, conducts a culinary show “Time to have dinner” on Channel One. The show existed 2 television season. In the fall of 2014, the project did not return to the screens.

In November 2013, there were reports of her leaving the stage. But later it was refuted by the singer herself on her Instagram page. According to the singer, she stopped only touring activities (box-office concerts), but performances the other day of the city, other events remain, including corporate performances. This is done in order to return with the new updated program.

In December, a new video work entitled “She stood and cried” appeared on the screens of music channels. Natasha appeared in the video completely different, new to the viewer, who was not used to seeing her in such a dramatic lyrical way.

Natasha Koroleva from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A source:

  • Born: May 31, 1973 Kiev, Ukraine
  • Married: Husband Sergey Glushko (since 2003)
  • Children: Arkhip S. Glushko
  • Parents: Lyudmila Ivanovna Poryvai, Vladimir Arkhipovich Poryvai
  • Height: 160 cm
  • Party: United Russia

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