How to congratulate your beloved happy birthday

“Birthday is a sad holiday …”, – so says everyone, although somewhere in the depths of the soul this day is waiting for. But perhaps the most pleasant thing is to make this event memorable for a loved one. And so, how to congratulate the birthday of the guy, your loved one?

How to congratulate the guy on his birthday – tips for girls

In fact, the complexity of this event depends only on how long you know your loved one. You can of course use the standard scheme – friends, relatives, balloons, music, cake, gifts, but you can also come up with something original, so that this birthday will be remembered for sure.

The most ideal option would certainly be to find out how, in childhood, you dreamed of celebrating your favorite birthday, and what he wanted as a gift. Make it difficult, but there would be a desire. After all, you want to congratulate him on his birthday so that she remembers it for a long time?

With friends or two, you can go out of town for a barbecue. In this case, all the activities depending on the season – swimming, skiing, snowboarding.

How to congratulate your beloved happy birthday

If your guy is extreme, then an invitation to race on maps, quads, or paintball is quite suitable as a gift.

You can congratulate the guy on his birthday and celebrate this event in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere: together go to the spa, where you can just relax and be together – also a good option to congratulate the guy on his birthday, especially for those who do not like big companies .

You can arrange a day off and come up with a whole program of activities, and end the day in the bedroom.

Arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight on the highest roof of the city, run together dozens of sky lanterns.

You can congratulate the guy on his birthday like this: announce to him that you have tickets to the place where he wanted to go: a concert, a cinema, a resort, another city.

Agree with the photographer on a photo shoot for the whole day. And no matter how you celebrate your birthday, there will be a lot of bright photos in memory that will allow you to remember this day at any time, right down to the smallest trifles.

If your boyfriend loves when you prove your love to him, arrange for him "Chamomile holiday". Do not forget that men do not grow up at all, they are children at forty, so do not be afraid to overdo it with surprises. They will be pleased with it not less kids.

You can congratulate the guy on his birthday like this. At night, while your loved one sleeps, decorate the room. If you live separately from each other, decorate the entrance of the house in which he lives, the bridge on which he goes to study (work). It is necessary to decorate with petals of camomiles from paper. On each petal write good, most tender words about your love for him.

Hang them in different places. During the day, your loved one will read that he is the most desired, most loved, most dear person to you. In addition to the petals, you can do the same with balloons, heart-shaped clippings, and colored ribbons. Do not be afraid to experiment!

You probably have a bunch of joint photos with your boyfriend. Take them and boldly paste them all over the room. Seeing this, your young man will be delighted!

Give your loved one an unusual gift. In addition to the standard thing that he probably expects, give him a hand-made flower with your common photo embedded in the middle, and the petals will be the same "strewn with" words of love. At the same time, the flower should be of impressive size, which will surprise and delight your boyfriend.

Give your loved one an intimate gift to unusually congratulate the guy on his birthday. Feel free to go to the sex shop and choose. We must remember that sex for a man takes one of the main positions in relations with a girl. On your birthday try to diversify your intimate life. Without a doubt, it will please him very much.

If you want to celebrate a birthday in a noisy company – arrange a party. It will be much more creative if it is a theme party. You can choose absolutely any style which is closer to you: "dudes", "punk"”Aliens"”Greek dinner". Enter a specific dress code, prepare the appropriate evening meal. All this will add fun contests for the beloved and guests.

To originally congratulate the guy on his birthday, ask your friends to make up for themselves and change into celebrities who will congratulate the birthday boy. Your boyfriend must feel important and meaningful.

Touching little notes with the words of love were taken imperceptibly to throw a loved one a few centuries ago. Carefully putting a note in a few lines in the pocket of her husband’s jacket, leaving for work, was fashionable in the times of our grandmothers. These small paper messengers were very reliable assistants of loving hearts and gave a lot of positive emotions.

Almost like sms, which today millions fly around the world. To congratulate a guy on his birthday in this way is easy and beautiful. It is a true art, requiring a good style and reliable communication service provider. After all, on a holiday, congratulations should arrive on time.

Be sure to try to congratulate him first, this is very important for you both. Congratulating happy birthday to close people, it is important not only to congratulate, but to try to do it as early as possible, better in the morning.

Then your congratulations will surely be remembered, as the birthday man is anxiously waiting for signs of attention already in the morning. The text of the message to a loved one on his birthday can be like this: “Darling! Congratulations to the very same man in the world happy birthday! The rest of the surprises at the meeting! “,” Happy Birthday, my dear! I am the happiest woman in the world – I have you! Love you!”

Night clubs, outdoor recreation, restaurants and even an amusement park – you can celebrate a birthday anywhere. It all depends on the willingness of your friends and your beloved “to submit” to your imagination. The main thing is not only to keep a great mood for the whole day, but also to share it with others.

Decorate the apartment, the entrance of the house in which he lives. Write under the windows of his apartment how much you love him. To congratulate the guy on his birthday, do not skimp on this day for pleasant surprises. Hang as many balloons as possible, colored ribbons, scatter streamers. Put up posters of congratulations, with gentle words about your feelings. Be sure the guy will be delighted with all this.

Arrange your favorite adventure. If you know that your man has a dream to visit some place – arrange a trip there for him. Do not doubt – both of you will be satisfied! So you will make his birthday completely unforgettable.

Now combine all the tips into one and arrange for your boyfriend a great, memorable for life holiday. Surprise him, because this is the birthday of the most beloved, most dear person in the world.

What to give a guy a birthday

Cheap gifts. Make for your favorite personalized gift. Any thing with his name will become dear and beloved for him, know this. Write with the soul beautiful lines and type on a cup or a T-shirt. Or give him a belt engraved with the name. Guys love such seemingly banal, but at the same time made with love things. To congratulate the guy on his birthday, you can print his photo in a large format, write words of love and congratulations on it, which will also be no less pleased with the birthday boy.

More expensive. If your budget allows you to make gifts more expensive, then you can consider as an option jewelry as well with engraving. Before the birthday try to think about what the birthday man himself may want for his birthday. Maybe it will be connected with his hobbies, interests. Surely he told you about his dreams, remember everything and make a conclusion that he can please him and use to congratulate the guy on his birthday.

And the peculiarity of the holiday is not how much money you spent to please your beloved, but how much energy you spent. And, if you think through every detail, your loved one will not only be amazed, but he will also appreciate your efforts. And how to know, and if your birthday will not be the main gift for marriage proposal ?!

Using our advice – congratulations on the birthday of the guy – take into account the interests of your guy. If he is deeply in love with something, then a thing related to this hobby can make him very happy. But give him this thing so that he was delighted with it, and not just pass it from hand to hand. From any gift should remain memories.

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