How to cut a baby with a machine

To cut the baby at home is a troublesome, but quite doable thing. In this case, the main thing – stock up on dexterity, patience and simple recommendations. And if the first and second is completely dependent on you, then you can familiarize yourself with the third in this publication.

How to cut a baby with a machine

Basic tips

So, wondering how to cut a baby with an electric machine, consider the following points:

  • Trim the child should be in a room with excellent natural or artificial lighting and flooring, from which you can quickly remove short and numerous hairs. And there should be enough space to freely fit a chair with a sitting baby, and the parent has enough space for full-fledged manipulations with the machine and hands. Considering all this, it is most convenient to cut the child in the bathroom: everything is cleaned quickly and easily, and you can immediately wash the “injured” head;
  • Cover the surface of the floor, on which the chair stands, with an old veil, newspaper or piece of polyethylene. Then you just need to shake the hair on the street / throw it in the trash, and not to clean half the house;
  • So that the baby could not suddenly interrupt the whole process, put a spinning chair for him with the possibility of height adjustment;
  • It is very convenient to cut the machine, working from finger-type batteries. Such devices are extremely mobile and maneuvering, facilitate parental work and eliminate the contact of the child with the wires that are under voltage. You must have a custom plastic nozzle, thanks to which you can independently choose the desired length of hair;
  • Before you first cut the baby with a typewriter at home, be sure to stock up with ordinary sharp and thinning scissors. With their help, you can correct minor errors and align the transitions between layers of hair of different lengths. Do not forget about the need for the presence of a comb, even if the child has very short and sparse hair. All devices should be at hand, but be inaccessible to the child;
  • Now about how to properly prepare and cut the child with a typewriter. For a start, be sure to tell him about the upcoming procedure, or better, use the example of a doll / bear / robot. Let him know what and how you are going to do, what will be tormented in ignorance. Seat him in a chair, clothes or body, cover him with a smooth cloth that will not hold his trimmed hairs on himself. If you plan to constantly do your own haircuts to your household, then stock up on a special device with curved tips, which will prevent the spread of cropped strands.

What and how to distract?

Cutting an adult child is much easier than a one-year-old toddler. If in the first case the baby is already able to quietly wait for the end of the procedure, then everything is much more complicated with the baby. He may be frightened by the noise of the device, or your scissors, clapping over his ears.

In this case, you can use the following distractions:

  • Give the daze a collapsible or very bright, but certainly a new, childish typewriter. As long as he fully examines / breaks / unwinds, the haircut will be ready;
  • Immediately before the first year to cut a year-old child with a machine, turn on his favorite cartoon, give him a colorful puzzle, a designer or activate an elementary game on a tablet / computer.

How to cut a baby with a machine

Haircut process

We offer step-by-step recommendations on how to learn how to cut a child with a typewriter at home:

  • Initially, the strands should be well combed out, drawing a comb from the crown to their tips;
  • It is necessary to begin to wield the machine with the region of the crown. The device sets the maximum length, and it makes the first pass;
  • If you want to learn how to cut the “cap”, the nape is cut to a fictional line drawn between the child’s ears;
  • Then she puts a slightly shorter length on the typewriter, and she traverses the already treated area and is a centimeter below the original level. So it will turn out to achieve a smooth transition;
  • Then the length is shortened again, all actions are repeated. Near the neck, the hairs are clipped using the shortest nozzle. If the age and behavior of the baby allows, you can shave them with a safety razor;
  • After all this, it will be correct to go to the temporal area. There initially it is necessary to work with sharp scissors, and only after them to use the machine, again changing the nozzle from the longest to the shortest;
  • All hairs that have avoided meeting with the device must be trimmed with sharp scissors;
  • If the child is difficult to transfer the haircut or he is hyperactive, divide the whole process into several approaches.

Having managed to master the most elementary techniques, you will not be difficult to figure out how to cut your child with a fashionable and stylish machine. Do not be afraid to make a creative and unique personality out of your child, experiment and learn.

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