How to find out the sex of a child

The article will help future parents find out the gender of the child with the help of folk methods. Such methods include observation, fortune telling, calculations on the calendar, on the age of the parents. By adhering to the rules described, each parent can prepare in advance for the conception of the desired child.

How to find out the sex of the child according to national signs

Most people who are expecting an addition to the family in the near future, are trying in every way to find out the sex of the unborn child. Various ultrasound examinations, tests and tests are available. But ultrasound can not always tell important information. Analyzes and surveys are not carried out immediately. And I really want to know who will appear in the family. In such cases, the main source of information becomes popular omens.

How to learn the gender of a child using folk methods

As soon as the first signs of pregnancy appear, parents try to find out the sex of the child. Someone begins to study the tables determining the sex of the child, someone becomes very observant to himself, to all his needs and changes.

How to find out the sex of a child

The desire to learn by folk signs the sex of the child leads the parents to divination. Some variants of divination:

  • you need to hang a pendant on a chain (cross, medallion) over the palm of the future mother;
  • you need to hold the ring on the chain (thread) over the belly of a pregnant woman;
  • Need to hold the needle on the thread above the belly of a woman lying.

If the above-mentioned objects begin to sway to and fro in the process, like a pendulum, a boy will be born in the near future. If the object begins to describe the circles, then a little princess will appear soon.

Guess also hand. A woman is asked to show hands. If she puts her palms up – then she is waiting for her daughter and vice versa.

Guessing “Take the key.” There will be a son, if a woman takes the key by the sharp tip, the daughter will give birth to the one who chooses the round end of the key.

Though not 100 percent, but for most people, an exact definition of the gender of the future child provides a kind of calendar. In various forums, blogs write about this, those who have come true predictions.

Child gender: folk signs

While waiting for the baby, women carefully observe themselves, but sometimes they do not notice what immediately strikes others. For example, that the expectant mother begins to eat more meat or dairy products. Someone very strongly pulls on the sweet, and someone on the salty. In such cases, the grandmothers in the family become especially sensitive. They begin to determine the sex of the child according to those signs that were not previously characteristic of a pregnant woman.

There are such signs:

  1. Nutrition. There will be a girl if during pregnancy a woman begins to consume more than the usual sweet, dairy products, fruits. Son – if a woman pulls on meat, fish products, vegetables. Sometimes it happens that the expectant mother starts eating salty with sweet. For example, you can easily eat candy with fish. In such cases, people say that there will be a girl.
  2. According to the general condition of the woman. If the pregnancy is difficult (toxicosis appears, the stomach often hurts, you have to go to the hospital to save with the threat of miscarriage), grandmothers say that a boy will be born in the near future. According to them, the boys are still very weak and fragile in the womb, and the girls are strong and strong.
  3. According to the shape of the abdomen. Some stomachs look like a round “ball”, some have a pointed form. Observations show that in the first case we should expect a boy, and in the second – a girl. Although there are often discrepancies. It is not always possible to discern the sex of the future child along the stomach, since the form mainly depends on the body of the woman herself.
  4. Predict the sex of the unborn child and try on the activity of the child in the womb. If the child began to move very early, that is, up to 15 weeks, then, according to popular belief, a girl will soon be born in the family, but on the contrary – the boy.
  5. In general appearance pregnant. If a woman’s face does not change for the better, becomes pigmented, lips get fat, the nose becomes flattened – there will be a girl. If a woman becomes more beautiful during pregnancy, blush, and her cheeks are getting fat – a boy is expected.
  6. By hair growth. When hair grows on legs faster than usual, a stronger sex is expected. The girl is predicted when her hair grows slower than before pregnancy.
  7. On the “kicks” baby. If a child often pushes the lower abdomen, then this is a girl, and boys are more concerned with the upper abdomen.
  8. By favorite poses pregnant in a dream. If the expectant mother likes to sleep on the right side – to the daughter. If a woman is more likely to sleep on the left side – to her son.

How to find out the sex of a child

Folk signs: how to conceive a girl

When a family already has a son, or even two sons, many people also want a sweetheart – a daughter. The son is the helper in the house, the daughter is the beauty. And without beauty somehow empty in the soul. To be born a girl, you should prepare in advance.

To conceive a female child, it is important to consider the following points:

1. A month before conceiving a child, future parents should eat more dairy products. In the diet it is important to include calcium and magnesium, which are contained in egg white, cheese, milk, kefir, and so on. It is also recommended to consume more fruits (except bananas), rice and fish. These products contribute to the formation of the environment, which has a beneficial effect on the X chromosome. These chromosomes, according to science, are responsible for the formation of the female sex. During this period, you should abandon meat dishes.

2. To give birth to a glorious beauty daughter, you can also calculate the time of conception. Influences the sex of the child and the cyclical nature of the blood shift of the parents. It is believed that the blood is renewed in women every 3 years, and in men – in every 4. Whoever has more new blood at the time of conception will be inherited by the child.

3. A month before conception and a month after conception of a baby, a woman should limit herself to the use of sugar and salt.

The following 3 “main” components take part in the conception of a child: sperm – X, sperm – Y, egg – X.

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