How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

From the article we learn how to increase the chances of getting pregnant. In the modern world, infertility is more and more common or there are problems with conception. Sometimes even perfectly healthy couples can not give birth to a child for a long time. Therefore, women think about raising the likelihood of conception in a given period. What techniques are very successful? The following secrets and recommendations will help increase the chances of getting pregnant. Some of them are just a myth, but girls readily follow them. Any little thing that has the slightest chance of increasing the chances of getting pregnant is used.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

The first problem women face is the choice of the so-called right day. The female body has a very complex device. Every month he undergoes a full cycle – the period between menstruations. And in a given period of time certain processes occur. In this case, the chances of getting pregnant are not always. For example, there is a perception that during critical days you can not be afraid of pregnancy. Therefore, doctors warn: if a woman wants to learn how to increase the chances of getting pregnant, she needs to remember – only 1-2 days per month are suitable for conception. They are called ovulation.

In theory, unprotected sexual intercourse at any time may result in pregnancy. Only in ovulation the odds increase to the maximum. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate when this period will come. This is usually the middle of the menstrual cycle. Approximately 14 days after the onset of critical days, ovulation occurs. Try to have unprotected sexual intercourse in this period and 1-2 days before it. To facilitate the determination of ovulation, special tests were invented. They are sure to help discover "x day".

On the right day

This is not the only method that increases the chances of conceiving a child. The people came up with many ways to solve the problem. How to increase the chances of getting pregnant in ovulation? There are many options. The most effective and proven method is taking vitamins. More specifically, folic acid. Start drinking it about 1-2 months before the planned pregnancy. It is desirable that your partner also uses them. From a medical point of view, this is the most effective way to increase fertility. Nevertheless, the girls still bring a lot of tips that supposedly help increase the chances of conception. Some options are just a myth, but women still successfully follow them. What are these tips?

If you are thinking about how to increase the chances of getting pregnant, get ready for the fact that you have to do a variety of actions. Some girls offer to do after unprotected intercourse "birch tree". That is, you carefully, without getting out of bed, after intercourse, you need to raise the pelvis. It is best to throw the legs while on the wall. Stand in that position for a few minutes. Maybe it sounds silly, but some of this technique really helps. Sperm does not immediately flow out of the vagina, which increases the chances of conception. True, doctors point out that it is not necessary to do "birch tree". Instead, just lie down with a slightly raised pelvis (putting a pillow under it) for 20-30 minutes. This technique is less dangerous and does not require any effort.

If you are thinking about how to increase the chances of getting pregnant, you can hear advice on choosing the right posture for sexual intercourse. It is recommended that a woman be downstairs. It is believed that this method is perfect for conception. "Missionary" posture – ideal.

Nevertheless, some girls indicate that this is not the only way to increase the chances of conception. Any posture with deep penetration of the penis into the vagina will do. And what do doctors say about this? Their conclusion is: a girl can become pregnant in any position. Just try to take into account the laws of physics. Positions in which a woman is on top, not too suitable for increasing the chances of pregnancy. The force of attraction will quickly provide a complete exit of the seminal fluid from the vagina, and this will only reduce the likelihood of conception.

Not everyone can get pregnant on their own. Sometimes you have to perform an IVF procedure. This is artificial insemination. Dear, but very effective process. How to increase the chances of getting pregnant with IVF? There is no exact action algorithm. It is recommended to undertake all methods to increase the chances of conception during normal fertilization. And while many doctors recommend taking vitamin D. How to increase the chance of getting pregnant with IVF from the first time? For about a month, start drinking vitamin D tablets or capsules. Additionally, try to eat more chicken eggs and fish oil. Oysters, chicken fillet and seafood, meat – all this, too, will have to enter into your diet. And on an ongoing basis. In this case, you can hope for success with fertilization.


How to increase the chances of getting pregnant with endometriosis? This question many girls ask. In general, as such, treatment is not required. About half of all women are diagnosed "endometriosis" able to conceive a baby without undergoing a special course of rehabilitation of the body. Nevertheless, to increase the chances of conceiving, you can use another trick. It is better not to start without consulting a doctor.

You need to drink a course of hormonal drugs, which are abruptly canceled. As a result, fertility rises. But only for a certain time. Therefore, it is recommended to coordinate everything with the doctor. He will tell you when sexual intercourse is needed without protection. What drugs are prescribed most often? First, oral contraceptives. Any suitable, but it is better to make an individual selection with your gynecologist. Secondly, hormonal drugs. The most popular is "Duphaston". Just a course of taking pills – and the chances of conception will increase even with endometriosis!

One pipe

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant with one pipe? Far from the most frequent occurrence, but in practice it still occurs. Usually, the fallopian tube is removed after an unsuccessful ectopic pregnancy. After the operation, you need to securely secure for about six months. And only then you can think about increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

It is recommended to begin to find out what caused the ectopic pregnancy last time. Of course, it is necessary to eliminate this hindrance. Take a full course of examination and pass all tests (with a partner) to make sure your health. Once you do this, you can think about how to increase the chances of getting pregnant. If a woman has only one fallopian tube, it is recommended not to experiment. Just try to focus on ovulation, drink folic acid and lead a regular sex life.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins? Only a small number of pregnancies allows you to give birth to more than 1 baby at a time. If you want to increase the chances of twins, it is worth considering some of the features that distinguish scientists. It is proved that the probability of conceiving several babies is immediately transmitted genetically. In simple words, if someone in your family has already given birth to twins, your chances increase. Therefore, it is recommended to look for a partner who also had twins or twins on the maternal or paternal line. Age also has its effect. The older the woman, the higher the chances of conceiving twins. Therefore, you can not rush to this process.

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant? When insemination high probability of the birth of twins. Therefore, if you are planning a similar procedure, you can tune yourself to the fact that you will have two babies at once. Not necessarily, but there is such an opportunity. It is higher than with normal, natural fertilization.

Other tips

What else should I pay attention to? Now I understand how to increase the chances of getting pregnant. Only this is not all. The people and medicine have a variety of techniques that should help in solving the problem. What you should pay attention to?

How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

First of all, give up bad habits a year and a half before planning a pregnancy. Alcohol and tobacco are now banned. Even electronic cigarettes should not appear in your hands. This also applies to your partner. The next stage is nutrition. He also needs to be adjusted. It is advisable to start eating nuts and sour cream. Pineapples, too, include in your diet. In addition, try to eat only healthy foods. This technique will help enrich your body with vitamins and minerals. Just what you need to conceive!

Maintain a regular sex life. But do not overdo it! It is advisable to have sexual intercourse with the purpose of conception approximately every 2 days. This solution is often extremely effective. Regular, but without excess, sex life increases the chances of conception. Another small tip – give up on coffee and energy drinks. The less caffeine in your body, the better.

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