How to quickly get pregnant tips

Difficulties in conceiving a child arise in many couples of different ages. Complicating this process is the lack of absolute guarantees of the birth of a healthy baby in a short time from scientists.

Gynecologists have nevertheless developed several effective methods and tips on how to quickly become pregnant for women of different ages. Simple actions will help to bring the child to the family as close as possible.

General recommendations on how to get pregnant successfully

Absolutely all the ways to get pregnant quickly work only in a healthy body. To exclude any that can affect the conception of deviations, both partners must undergo a medical examination. A woman needs to visit a gynecologist and pass tests for an extensive examination. In some cases, you may need an ultrasound. A man needs to visit a urologist.

The general rules for both partners are the examination of all profile clinics to exclude any chronic diseases.

Ways to conceive from the first time

Further advice on how to quickly get pregnant to healthy partners comes down to controlling the ovulation cycle in a woman. To determine the most favorable day for conception, you must constantly monitor the menstrual cycle. Ovulation is the time of the release of an ovary ready for fertilization. The period lasts 1-2 days, after which the cell dies.

How to quickly get pregnant tips

The main thing is to get pregnant quickly by 100 percent – to ensure regular sexual intercourse exactly during the onset of ovulation. The onset of ovulation some women feel physically. During this period, aching pain in the lower abdomen.

Ways to get pregnant quickly by the first child often include control of the basal temperature, since this option is the most reliable definition of the moment of ovulation. The temperature on the right day is at the lowest level, after which it gradually begins to rise.

In order to quickly become pregnant without making a mistake with the calculations, you can simply use pharmacy tests to determine ovulation. They are sold in the public domain and are used in the same way as pregnancy tests.

How to get pregnant if it does not work?

To quickly conceive a child, knowing only an auspicious day is not enough. It is necessary to take into account the information that it takes 10 hours for male gametes to reach and fertilize an egg and, if sexual intercourse took place on the day of ovulation, the oocyte (ovum) may die much earlier than the time when the sperm reaches it.

Successful fertilization is guaranteed only with regular sexual intercourse. Enough to have sex every 1-3 days. With more frequent coitus, the chance of becoming pregnant does not increase, since the quality of sperm is deteriorating due to a decrease in the concentration of spermatozoa in it.

A common myth, how to quickly get pregnant, are the recommendations of special poses for sex. In fact, it is not scientifically proven that increasing the chance of conception depends on the specific position of a woman. Of course, when choosing a position, one must take into account the law of gravity, but only with convenience for both partners.

According to the same recommendations immediately after intercourse can not get up. It is necessary to hold in a horizontal position for 15-30 minutes, so that sperm is guaranteed to fall into the cervix.

7 secrets of how to successfully conceive a child at home

Summarizing the above information and adding to it other expert advice, you can highlight 7 secrets how to get pregnant quickly:

  1. Mandatory health of future parents.
  2. The correct calculation of the moment of ovulation and use it to increase the chance of conception. You can accurately determine the occurrence of the ideal period for conception in several ways: • by measuring the basal temperature; • monitoring the consistency of cervical mucus; • using pharmacy test; • using the procedure of the pelvic ultrasound.
  3. The use of lubricants during sexual intercourse should be excluded, since they significantly reduce the quality of sperm.
  4. You should choose the most comfortable posture, taking into account the laws of physics, but do not overdo it.
  5. The full health of partners is guaranteed not only by examination, but also by maintaining a correct lifestyle during the conception of a child. It is necessary to refuse cigarettes, alcohol, improper food and some drugs that can inhibit sexual function.
  6. Negatively affect the state of the body and stressful situations. During pregnancy planning, they should be completely excluded.
  7. Women need to give up physical exertion, because they contribute to changes in hormonal levels and shifts in the menstrual cycle.

Reviews of real women and doctors about the 7 secrets of how to get pregnant quickly are purely positive. Nevertheless, experts recommend not to overdo it and in every council to find a “middle ground”.

What can you drink from drugs?

During pregnancy planning, many experts may recommend additional medication. What a person needs to drink is determined only by a doctor. General recommendations boil down to providing the body with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other beneficial substances.

How to quickly get pregnant tips

Proper nutrition is able to provide the body with everything you need in its normal state, but much more nutrients are required when carrying a fetus. Folic acid – this is what you need to drink in the first place, to get pregnant quickly. Lack of this vitamin (B9) increases the risk of miscarriage and leads to infertility in women. His presence in the diet guarantees conception and ensures the full development of the unborn child.

Among other vitamins that should be drunk when planning pregnancy, it is possible to mention tocopherol (E), ascorbic acid (C) and vitamins from group B. In addition to them, experts recommend enriching your diet with polyunsaturated fatty acids, iodine and iron. Substances contribute to the normal course of pregnancy, strengthen the immunity of the expectant mother, improve metabolism and the proper development of the placenta and uterus.

Nutrients needed for planning and pregnancy

This category of drugs is something between a medication and food. Supplements carry the same vitamins, minerals and other substances that are beneficial to the human body. If desired, you can take them to saturate your body, but only with the permission of the doctor. Not all drugs are recommended during pregnancy and its planning.

How to quickly get pregnant tips

There are also special pills that help you quickly get pregnant. Appoint them to women only with the omission of all the above tips and the absence of conception for more than 1 year. The drugs are aimed at stimulating the maturation of the eggs, threading them to life or preparing for pregnancy of the uterus. All medicines are hormonal, therefore, are appointed only by a specialist in extreme cases. The doctor identifies the problem and selects the most appropriate medicine. The most popular pills for women to get pregnant quickly are:

Tips for women aged 40

More and more women want to have a second child after 40 years, in connection with which they increasingly ask questions about how to quickly become pregnant at this age. It is known that having a healthy offspring is not a guarantee of a quick conception after 40 years, even with the same partner. Most often, you can not do without medical care and hormonal drugs, because during this period, women already have a moment of extinction of its reproductive functions.

In order to get pregnant quickly at 40 years old, one should adhere to a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits.

Grandma’s methods

Some healing herbs contain analogues of female hormones that can increase the chances of conception. Act plants softer, but, like drugs, may have contraindications. Before using them, you should consult with your doctor.

The most effective and popular grandmother’s method is the infusion of a boron uterus. Siberian plant has long been considered the guardian of women’s health. In the preparation of medicines required all its ground parts.

Often phytotherapy is carried out by sea buckthorn, sage, plantain and knotweed.

Before using any herbs should consult a doctor.

Review Review

All reviews, how to quickly get pregnant, are reduced to a psychological attitude. Women claim that without a true desire to embrace their child, no physical actions have any meaning.

Psychologists confirm that self-hypnosis greatly affects the body of any person and during attempts to get pregnant you should think only about a positive result.

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