How to treat thrush in infants

If the baby is restless, this may indicate the presence of one of many problems, ranging from the usual discomfort caused by a wet diaper to the development of a serious illness.

When the baby is always naughty and refuses to eat, after making a few sips, you need to look into his mouth. Perhaps in infants thrush develops. This ailment is easily treatable at home. The main thing is that the diagnosis is confirmed by a pediatrician.

Komarovsky about children’s thrush

The oral cavity of the newborn from the penetration of pathogens protects the baby’s saliva. If there is a decrease in its protective properties, the fungus actively multiplies. The reason for this phenomenon is the process of drying saliva in the mouth due to the fact that infants are rarely taken out for walks, he often screams for a long time, his breathing is difficult.

The spread of cheesy plaques indicates the development of thrush. The main task of eliminating candidiasis is the process of restoring the bactericidal properties of saliva.

To do this, you need to do a regular airing of the room in which the newborn is located, frequent walks in the fresh air. After the baby eats, it should be given drinking water, not more than two teaspoons. This will eliminate the remaining food. The most effective remedy for the fight against candidiasis is soda solution. It is used to treat the baby’s mouth.

Treatment of thrush in the thoracic soda

Treatment of candidiasis can be carried out without the supervision of a specialist. For these purposes, ideal baking soda is ideal. To eliminate thrush with it you need to prepare the following mixture:

  • Take 200 ml of warm boiled water;
  • Pour a teaspoonful of soda into the water;
  • Add a drop of baby liquid soap;

Water with soda should be stirred until will not stop foaming. After adding the soap, the solution must be thoroughly mixed again. The resulting mixture is moistened with a piece of sterile bandage and the inside of the baby’s mouth is wiped. At the same time it is necessary to process the sky and language. The procedure is carried out at least five times daily until the white bloom has completely disappeared.

How to treat thrush in infants

The composition of the alcoholic solution of greens contains a phenol compound, which has a strong antiseptic effect. However, in its pure form, this tool is not used to treat thrush in the mouth of a small child, due to the content of alcohol in it, which can cause a burn of the mucous membrane. For the treatment of areas affected by fungus Zelenka solution pre-diluted. This is done very simply, five drops of Brilliant Green are added to one spoon of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and all this is mixed with one teaspoon of boiled water. A bandage is wound on the finger of a hand, moistened in the prepared solution and the oral cavity of the infant is processed.


Almost all pediatricians recognize the treatment of thrush Nystatin safe and effective. Within six days of the drug application, the ailment completely disappears. This tool has no cumulative properties, it not absorbed into the mucosa and it does not tolerate the fungus that causes candidiasis. The method of use of the drug is as follows:

  • One tablet of Nystatin is kneaded to a powder;
  • The powder obtained is dissolved in one ampoule of vitamin B12;
  • The solution is applied in the morning and evening, by applying a cotton swab on the affected areas of the mouth.

How to treat thrush in infants

This solution is intended for the implementation of treatments of the mucous membrane, which is affected by the fungus Candida. The drug can be impregnated with a cotton swab and wipe the mouth with a cheesy patina. It can also be applied to a bandage or gauze wrapped around the index finger of an adult in order to carry out the procedure for removing the plaque.

Rubbing is applied no more than three times a day. Already on the third day of treatment the result appears.

Folk remedies

The mild form of thrush is treated without the use of medications. Folk remedies are excellent for this, however, before you start using them, it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

Honey solution

Mix one teaspoon of bee honey with boiled water in the amount of two teaspoons. To get rid of candidiasis, use the resulting solution to wipe the baby’s mouth. The use of honey should be careful not to cause a severe allergic reaction. The course of treatment in this way is one week. In the absence of effect on the third day of treatment, therapy should completely stop and consult a pediatrician.

Herbal infusions

For their preparation, herbs with antiseptic properties are used. You can use chamomile, calendula, St. John’s wort, sage, oak bark. Raw materials in the amount of one tablespoon are poured with a glass of boiling water and infused for an hour. Infusions used to process gum, tongue, palate, cheeks.

Honey and raspberry juice

Freshly squeezed raspberry juice mixed with the same amount of honey. The container is placed on a low fire, brought to a boil, then removed and 10 seconds later put back. This should be repeated at least three times, after which the remaining mixture to cool and process the inner part of the child’s mouth.

One leaf is cut from the plant, the juice is squeezed, which should be diluted in half with water before use. This is necessary in order to do not cause vomiting in infants, as in its pure form, the juice has a very bitter taste.

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