Inflammation of the ovaries during pregnancy


The main goal of every woman is a healthy pregnancy and carrying a full-fledged baby. For many, fear is a terrible diagnosis, while not fully understanding the situation. Very often, the gynecologist is treated with the problem of inflammation of the female genital organs. And this is due to many circumstances: sexual intercourse earlier than nature provides, frequent changes of sexual partner and the lack of regular visits to the doctor. The appendages are the fallopian tubes and ovaries. The function of fertilization and gestation is performed by these internal genitals of the woman. Sometimes carrying a baby’s inflammation of the appendages of a woman is assessed as a sentence. But everything is not so scary, if you diagnose the disease in time and start correct treatment and observation.

Significance of diagnosis

Take a detailed study of the importance of each element of the appendages. The production of female hormones responsible for the maturation and release of the egg, carry the ovaries. After that, the egg enters the fallopian tubes, in which conception is carried out. At first glance, it seems that at this stage, the participation of appendages is completed, since then the egg moves into the uterus and matures there. And such a thought is not true. The function of the appendages and sometimes pregnancy is very large, so the inflammation can provoke the appearance of pathologies of the sometimes birth process. It is strictly forbidden to postpone a visit to the doctor with minor feelings of discomfort and to begin treatment yourself. After all, it is not only the health of a pregnant woman, but also a child.

The threat of inflammation is that it can develop against the background of existing chronic sexual diseases. Therefore, it is advisable not to ignore visits to the gynecologist and visit him at least once every six months, and if there are chronic diseases, then once a quarter. It is advised to visit your gynecologist before planning a pregnancy. So, you can protect yourself from surprises when you get pregnant.

It is well known that carrying a baby causes:

  • relief of general immunity;
  • the immunity of the female genital organs in particular, a sharp restructuring of the body;
  • readiness for carrying a child and the future generic process.

The disorder in health provokes a terrible ecological situation. Because all the inflammatory processes in the body become more intense, and then they become complicated in a geometrical progression.

Is conception likely

Often the inflammation of the appendages occurs with the formation of scars that prevent conception. Many are interested in whether there is a possibility of conception, if a woman does not know about the presence of this disease and what the consequences may be. Freely moving the egg in the uterus does not really give scars. This can trigger an ectopic pregnancy. The most dangerous outcome of this may be a rupture of the fallopian tube and its extraction, which leads to infertility. Therefore, every girl from the moment she enters the reproductive age is obliged to attach the maximum amount of time to her health. In addition, not only scars in the fallopian tube, but also in the ovaries themselves can be an obstacle to conception. After all, they will not give the possibility of the egg from the beginning. That is, they “reset” ovulation. However, do not panic in advance. Such dangerous phenomena can occur only in the case of advanced and chronic stages. It does not contribute to stopping the healthy process of fertilization, conception, childbirth and childbirth in time made the diagnosis and correct treatment of inflammation of the appendages.

All diseases of the genital organs of women are dangerous because their onset and course, in most cases, go away without obvious symptoms, until the time of exacerbation comes. In addition, only a doctor can establish an accurate diagnosis. Such signs resemble the premenstrual syndrome, however, if there is a temperature, then it means:

  • the presence of inflammation;
  • that the body is trying to eliminate the inflammatory process.

If this option is possible with a cold, waiting is not suitable for sexually transmitted diseases. And this is sometimes a particular danger of pregnancy, as there is a risk of its termination. The symptoms of exacerbation of chronic adnexitis are almost absent, because it has become common for the body and nerve endings to fight constant inflammation. And this is the most terrible thing in diagnosing the disease, as it is a threat to both the mother and the child.

Adnexitis, which was diagnosed at times of pregnancy, needs hospital treatment. Expectant mother should be under the close supervision of physicians. The main task is a quick response to the disease. It should be as quickly as possible to remove the development of inflammation, and the most significant, to prevent the infection from getting through the placenta to the future crumbs. If the doctors do everything correctly and harmoniously, then you will be able to stop the process and bring a healthy baby to the light.

Often, the treatment of the inflammatory process is carried out with antibiotics. And therefore take a test for sensitivity to the compound drugs that can be used at times of pregnancy. You should make sure that there is no risk to harm the baby. The treatment is mandatory with drugs, which increase the general and local immunity. After treatment, you should resume the vaginal microflora to protect the baby in the future from falling infection before the onset of labor.

Complications sometimes carrying

Inflammation of the appendages can provoke not leaving the egg ovary limits or it will come out later than usual. If ovulation is normal, then the egg goes somewhere for 13-15 days, if the ovaries are inflamed, then it happens at the end of the cycle. The formation of a special gland – the yellow body occurs at the site of the egg, after it has left. This gland produces progesterone hormones, which contribute to the normal bearing of the baby in the first trimester. Chronic inflammatory inflammation is a barrier to producing progesterone in the right amount. This can lead to abortion.

Labor complications

The behavior of the inflammation of the appendages, unfortunately, sometimes the generic process is unpredictable. It may cause premature rupture of amniotic fluid. Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, which are often activated inflammation, have enzymes that affect the amniotic fluid. The course of normal labor occurs with the opening of the cervix, often active contractions and effusion of amniotic fluid. Premature rupture of water can occur even before the onset of labor, and this will complicate childbirth and contribute to the penetration of the infection into the anhydrous period. Inflammation of the appendages is not a sentence, and before pregnancy, and after its occurrence. The main thing is a timely visit to the doctor to establish the diagnosis and cure the disease or to refute the probability of the disease.

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