Maria Maksakova children

So, as we learned from the post of Light, Galina Yudashkina has a new boyfriend – MGIMO graduate Peter Maksakov.

No one doubts that Galina cannot stop her choice on a simple guy. Gale needs a rich man with connections who can provide a well-known fashion designer’s daughter a comfortable existence.

Let’s understand the kinship of Peter Maksakov.

Grandma Peter – the famous actress Lyudmila Maksakova. Her first husband, Lev Zbarsky (Zbarsky’s father embalmed Lenin). In this marriage, the son Maxim was born, who first bore the name Zbarsky, but after his father left for the United States, it was decided to return to the Maksakov family.

Maxim – Peter’s father, was convicted of fraud.

Under suspicion of the Main Directorate of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Ministry of the Interior were the winners of the budgetary funds competitions held by the Ministry of Sport under the federal targeted program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation for 2006-2015". Every year, the ministry allocates about 80 million rubles for the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle on television and in print media.

Starting in 2009, firms affiliated with entrepreneur Maxim Maksakov became the winner of the respective competitions. To win the auction alleged fraudsters acted in a very primitive way. In particular, for the bidding they declared three or four companies registered for their friends, acquaintances or relatives, one of which became the winner.

As it became known, most of the allocated funds settled directly from Maxim Maksakov, for which he was brought to trial and sent under house arrest.

Why Maksakov not punished for fraud? There is a version that the case is suspended due to the personal connections of Lyudmila Maksakova with the Mutko family.

Now most of the year, Maxim Maksakov with his new wife and two daughters lives in Italy.

The daughter of Lyudmila Maksakova from her second marriage with Peter Igenbergs is Maria, the opera singer, and also the State Duma deputy from the United Russia party.

Maria Maksakova is married to Vladimir Tyurin (nickname – Tyurik). Although she officially denies it.

While Maria sang at the Mariinsky Theater and was a deputy in the Duma, Tyurin was announced by the Interpol on the international wanted list.

… Tyurin

According to the “primaries” of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, Vladimir Tyurin is allegedly among the ten most famous kings of the Russian underworld, along with Ded Hasan, Zakhar Kalashov and Tariel Oniani.

Criminal record of Tyurin: – On November 1, 1974, he was convicted by the Irkutsk Regional Court for complicity in gang rape; – On June 11, 1980, he was convicted by the Bratsk City Court for complicity in apartment theft and malicious hooliganism; – On October 28, 1985, he was convicted by the Bratsk city court for engaging in illegal fishing, involving minors in criminal activities.

In such a beautiful and close-knit family, the new bridegroom of Galin is growing up – Peter Maksakov.

Before Galina, Petr met Tata Mamiashvili for a while.

Maksakov family complete:

the top row is the second wife of Maxim Maksakov, son Peter, Maxim Maksakov himself, before Peter – Vasilisa, daughter of Maxim from his second marriage

the bottom row is Lyudmila and Maria Maksakov (they have Maria’s children on their knees – son Ilya and daughter Lyudmila Maksakovs (for obvious reasons the children do not bear the name of Tyurina)

Maria Maksakova children

Updated 25/03/14 12:42:

As it turned out, the photo with Maria Maksakova was not Tyurin.

Now this is for sure he is the officially crowned kingpin (date of coronation

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