Masha Rasputin children

It is unlikely that in our country there is a person who has not heard the name of this pop singer. Someone loves her work, it annoys someone, but be that as it may, Masha Rasputina, whose biography is inextricably linked with the Soviet and Russian show business, is a bright and original person. Today we will introduce you to her life and work.

Masha Rasputin children


It so happens that Masha Rasputina (Alla Ageeva) does not like to talk about her childhood. He does this only under the pressure of especially persistent journalists.

A future star was born in the village of Urop in the Kemerovo Region. She went to school well. When she was eighteen, she moved to Kemerovo to get a higher education. She tried herself in many professions, and six months later applied for admission to the University of Culture and Art.

At the entrance exams, she accidentally met a vocal teacher who worked at the music school in Tver. He offered her to go to his university. Masha graduated from the conducting and choral department of the music school in 1988.

Career start

Singer Masha Rasputin, whose biography was inextricably linked with the stage, in search of well-paid work immediately moved to Moscow. Due to the extremely sociable character, she managed to make connections in the capital’s music circles, and also recorded her debut hit “Play, Musician”. Before the songs of Masha Rasputina were first heard on television, the singer changed her name to a pseudonym.

In nineteen ninetieth year, Masha Rasputin, whose biography is the subject of discussion in many popular publications, began to collaborate with the great poet Leonid Derbenev. He became for the singer not only the author of his favorite songs, but also a great friend.

First album

Work on this compilation lasted for about a year, and in 1991 the collection “City Madman” appeared on the shelves of music stores. In this work, Masha showed the range of her vocals and the depth of the songs presented, which few people expected from an aspiring singer. However, Masha’s music was especially distinguished by the particular irony inherent in the songs she performed. People’s love and tremendous popularity were brought to the songs “Circling Music” and “Himalayas”. Largely due to these two songs, the album sold out in huge circulation in Russia and in the former Soviet republics.

Growing popularity

Masha Rasputin, whose biography is unthinkable without a scene, spent the next year on tour. In 1992, her second album appeared – “I was born in Siberia”. Derbenev still writes poems for songs, and the music is made by two very talented composers – Alexander Lukyanov and Igor Mateta.

In the house Derbeneva singer meets a Soviet pop star F. Kirkorov. This acquaintance was very fruitful. Masha Rasputina and Kirkorov became friends, often perform at national concerts, and even (which happens very rarely in show business) they sing some songs.

Over time, the singer became popular in the United States, Israel and other countries with the Russian-speaking population. The critics accepted the second album more favorably than the first. The most popular was the composition “I was born in Siberia” and “On a white Mercedes”. In the video for this song on the famous “Mercedes” appears Phillip. Masha Rasputin still works a lot with Derbenev, but at the same time she communicates with Yuri Nikulin, Lev Leshchenko, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Vladimir Vinokur.

Masha Rasputin children

In 1994, the first CD of Rasputina appeared on sale – “Blue Monday”. This collection was different from the previous variety of songs – lyrical, naughty and even patriotic.

New image

At this time, the image of the singer was finally formed – a bright, bold sexual beast in short and challenging costumes. In 1996 the next album of the singer was released – “I was on Venus”, with beautiful dance rhythms. The album included the song “Oh, Odessa”, which Masha wrote herself. This original composition, as well as the perky song “Hooligans” gained great popularity. In 1998, the fans of the singer got acquainted with one more novelty – the album “You won’t wake me”. The title song and “You fell from the moon” became especially famous. At this time, the popularity of the singer is growing. Her songs began to sound on FM radio stations that had not previously recognized her work. Photos of Masha Rasputina have become increasingly appear on the pages of glossy magazines. The singer felt the true love of their fans.

Masha Rasputin: biography, personal life

The actress was married twice. The first husband is Vladimir Yermakov, with whom she met in her first year in Moscow. Once she learned that in the club of the factory where Masha worked as an accountant, she rents the premises of a certain VIA under the leadership of a former boxer, now a singer and musician Vladimir Yermakov. With her singing, Masha impressed him, and he accepted her into the group. Very soon the creative union grew into a romantic one.

Young people began to live together, and in 1983 the family of Masha Rasputina increased – the couple had a daughter, Lida. In 1997, this union collapsed. Former spouses departed, but Yermakov became the producer of the singer.

In the mid-nineties, another interesting man appeared in Rasputina’s life – her fellow countryman from Siberia. A big businessman, sporty and gallant, but married … Despite everything, Masha plunged into a new relationship, but her new lover was in no hurry to ruin her family. He was quite happy with the situation. As a result, this situation brought Masha to extreme stress. She fell into a deep depression, quit her job and started smoking marijuana.

Second marriage

In the summer of 1999, Masha Rasputin, whose personal life has not yet been settled, married for the second time to the prominent businessman Viktor Zakharov, whom her ex-husband, Vladimir Yermakov, introduced her. Victor was a fan of Masha – he went to her concerts in different cities, gave unusual bouquets of flowers and dreamed of meeting her. For her, he divorced his wife. They not only registered, but also got married in church.

At this point, the singer completely dropped out of concert activities. Many who know the explosive nature of the singer, believed that this marriage will not last long. But the unexpected happened – in 2000, the singer became pregnant. Victor is also a remarriage. In the first family he has two children – a son who studies in Canada, and a daughter who lives with her mother in Ukhta. Recently, Masha Rasputina’s husband reported that his 48-year-old spouse was pregnant again.

Masha Rasputin: biography, children

In the first marriage, the singer had a daughter, Lida, with whom, after the divorce, she had a very difficult relationship. When the actress married again, the daughter did not find a common language with her stepfather. She really missed her father, became withdrawn and unsociable. When little Masha was born, Lida realized that she was superfluous in this family. This greatly affected the psyche of the girl. During the exacerbation, Masha sent her to a psychiatric hospital. After the doctors discharged the girl from the hospital, the mother did not take her. Yermakov asked Zakharov to buy his daughter an apartment. Lida met on her way a young man and began to prepare for the wedding. However, when he found out about the disease, he left the girl.

On the eighth of September of the year two thousand, Rasputin became a mother for the second time. In the family was born a girl who was named Masha. After the birth of the child, the singer completely left the stage, devoted all her time, attention and care to her family and daughter. She even made a public statement about the cessation of concert activities. However, she did not keep her promise. Already in August 2001, released a new CD “Kiss me with all.” In the spring of 2002, she began to appear in public. True, her appearance was not in large concert halls, but in nightclubs and casinos. The organization of these performances involved the singer’s husband, Viktor Zakharov. The fees requested by the spouses were very significant, but the owners of the establishments did not stint.

Dreams Come True

Masha always dreamed of moving to Kiev. She is in love with this city, its extraordinary architecture. The singer’s husband gave her a luxurious gift – an apartment in Kiev of approximately 500 square meters on the 21st floor. From the windows there is a magnificent view of the Pechersk Lavra, the Dnieper, the Mariinsky Park and the Square of Eternal Glory.

Rasputin today

Currently, the singer is less and less on stage. Masha Rasputin, whose biography a few years ago was unthinkable without concert activities, fans, and spectators, is enjoying family life today. Now she is firmly convinced that the main purpose of a woman is to create family comfort and have children.

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