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Welcome, dear reader, in the section on astrological forecasts.

Maternity Music

Remember the bravura song on poems by Pushkin ("How is the prophetic Oleg now assembled") and to the motive "Varyag"? There’s still chorus: "So louder, music, play victory …" (lovers of Shufutinsky will recall another motive: "Play, harmonica, play … We were on earth looking for paradise …").

So now "Prophetic Oleg" gathered under the same roof and singing in unison, now in the third, then in some unknown dissonant interval to the accompaniment of astrological harmonics by stellar notes. You can listen to this unique choir in three versions:

  • monthly (forecast for all signs for any month),
  • Zodiacal (when you choose a single sign and read the monthly forecasts for him, darling),
  • as well as annual (forecasts for the year are common and signs).

Retrospective Magus

In the sections of the site devoted to forecasts for 2016, 2017 and 2018, you can read the forecasts of the leading astrologers for the years already / almost past and compare: what is true, and what, maybe, does not go into any gate. But keep in mind that it is better to read the forecasts for your rising mark,

Magi about the future

If the past worries you a little, refer directly to the forecast for the coming year.

Of course, your personality is unique, and it is not necessary that everything will be exactly as written. These are just general trends. But still, knowing them may be useful. Periodically, someone will respond (mostly – those who know the position of the planets and sensitive points in their horoscope): "Thank you, lovely! You warned, you warned! 3-5 February I will cross the street only to the green light, in March, to the mortgage or foot, and in June, instead of Antalya, I will sit down for accounting!"

But how! In order and astrology, so that the client does not sleep!

If it is serious, then indeed there is quite a few cases in the assets of every practice when it is possible to prevent, inspire, inspire and even strengthen and direct.

Caesar and Vybegallo

Any predictions (including those given on this site) by the masses, as the unforgettable Vybegallo from "Monday" Strugatsky, can turn into an experiment with the individual, "satisfied astrologically", because in the personal horoscope the strongest opposites can act (or "perpendicular"or directional "utterly"happens to be at an unimaginable angle) trends. So do not believe the predictions! And this – too. But – have fun, if you want.

Maternity Music

Read the notes about the victories in the run out!

Remember that this is a game, a joke, notes of the observer for fleeting sparkles, waving in the wind of fate.

Genuine connoisseurs of intimate talk about karma; Lovers of detailed business forecasts; Ladies interested in personal life prospects; Those who are concerned about the problems of vocational guidance; In general, all those who want to determine the tactics or strategy – welcome to face-to-face talk.

You will be surprised when you learn how much astrology can do, how clear and practical this discipline is for pragmatic people and how symbolically rich is for people eager for depth.

Everyone finds their own here. Stars do not oblige. But, speaking among themselves, they actually speak within us.

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