Maxim Vitorgan children

The notorious couple Sobchak and Vitorgan, again in the spotlight. A photo taken during a joint vacation in a London hotel shocked Instagram subscribers. They are accustomed to see the televisible neat and stylish, and not in a bathrobe and without makeup. Especially considering the latest news of 2018, when quite recently Ksenia Anatolyevna nominated her candidacy for the presidency of the Russian Federation.

What was unusual in the photo?

In the picture, the couple stand in the elevator, looking at each other. Both of them are dressed in bathrobes, which show the symbols of the spa salon. By the way, Ksenia Anatolyevna herself signed under the picture: “membership costs transcendental money, but the guests enjoy it for free”.

Maxim Vitorgan children

Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak

But back to the picture that made so much noise. A woman is captured without makeup. Fans and detractors of the socialite, presenter and politician, noted that she (to put it mildly) does not look good. People literally made out everything! Even the fact that she has more bald spots than Maxim Vitorgan. In just a few hours, the photo gained more than 45 thousand likes and a lot of comments. Subscribers are divided into two camps. Some spoke in support of Xenia and Maxim, others insulted them in every way.

People who are interested in the latest news of 2018 will be curious to find out: what is on vacation with them, the Sobchak and Vitorgan spouses have invited Maxim’s daughter, Polina, from her first marriage. She got along very well with her father’s current wife, and loves her younger brother Plato, who is now a year and a half.

Spouses travel a lot

Maxim Vitorgan children

Maxim and Ksenia settled in a five-star hotel located in the center of London. From the windows of which, a gorgeous view of the Grand Park. The cost of a room in this hotel costs about 60,000 rubles per night.

The stellar couple tries as much as possible to walk around, seeing the sights, visiting museums, night clubs and restaurants. And also, they enjoy walks through the quiet streets.

Spouses on holiday in Thailand

They lived in a luxury villa with private access to the beach. Fans Sobchak spoke about this unfriendly, believing such spending overkill.

Ksenia Sobchak with her son

Political life of Ksenia Sobchak

Recall: not so long ago, Ksenia Sobchak fought in the election race for the presidency of the Russian Federation. The reaction of the public to its announcement of the nomination of its candidacy was ambiguous. At first, Sobchak did not even have a program, which she honestly admitted. But soon this misunderstanding was corrected and, now already an ex-candidate, traveled around the country with agitation and clearly formulated tasks.

Maxim Vitorgan children

Ksenia Sobchak presidential candidate

By the way, this is not the only incident that happened to Ksenia Sobchak. A few days after the program of Vladimir Solviev, on which it happened, Sobchak was attacked.

According to Ksenia Anatolyevna, the man poured over her “some kind of liquid” and cried out: “this is for Zhirinovsky”. As it turned out, it was Alan Dzutsev, personal assistant to deputy Shaposhnikov. But officially this information is not confirmed. It happened in Moscow, near the station “Dynamo”.

Sobchak and Vitorgan visited China

In the elections held on March 18, 2018, Sobchak Ksenia Anatolyevna took the 4th place. Voted for her 1.67% of voters.

The attitude of the spouse on the decision Sobchak to do big politics

Famous artist Maxim Vitorgan, part-time spouse of Ksenia Sobchak, reluctantly spoke with journalists on this subject, making it clear that there are more important things and (quoted from his personal Facebook page) “different agendas”.

Perhaps such a reaction was caused by spiritual feelings about the passing away of Dmitry Maryanov, colleague Maxim Vitorgan. It happened on October 18, just before Sobchak’s official statement about the nomination of her candidacy.

What does Maxim think about the conflict between Xenia and Zhirinovsky: In this situation, the spouse could not stand aside and stood up for his wife. Speaking live on Russia 1, he called him a “sick person.” These are the latest news 2018 about the star pair Sobchak and Vitorgan.

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