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Christina Orbakaite is a wonderful actress, a talented, successful singer, a hardworking horse: concerts, tours, music videos, new songs, husbands, children – this woman sleeps only six hours a day, otherwise she can do everything to be always on afloat, in stream, in the subject?

On forums, in the news feeds about Christine Orbakaite, they often write not very biased things, but it seems to me that all this is from envy to her success. People can not accept the fact that the girl is not with the strongest vocal so successful in show business.

In fact, the fact that her mother Alla Pugacheva gave her a start, but it was not this fact that helped her to stay on the stage for so long, to become more and more popular, to gather huge halls of fans. What were the advantages that her mother is a famous singer? Well, first of all, it is an opportunity to cooperate with excellent composers and songwriters, because a good musical composition is probably 80% of success. Secondly, it is airtime, advertising, the ability to be visible. But Christina Orbakaite put a lot of energy into making her songs popular and loved by the people, she didn’t have anything in herself, she plowed as few people could, few of her close ones believed in her success, nor Alla Borsovna Neither Volodya Presnyakov’s husband was serious about the attempts of our heroine, how hard Christine was in those days! Many thought that a girl would play at a singer and would give up this ridiculous idea, go back to dancing or just sit at home, wait for her husband to cook soup and go to beauty salons. But Christina Orbakayte developed by leaps and bounds, she is a creative person and her energy accumulated over the years has asked for a way out. Her voice, of course, is not as strong as her mother’s, but he is, he is beautiful, voiceless, this singer can’t be called that, Christine can only be teased by those who do not like singing.

After I found photos of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Maxim Galkin, I wanted to find as many photos of Christina Orbakaite as possible. Photos – frozen moments from the past life, most often they capture moments of happiness. Here I have a photo where Christina is a very small, cute, sweet girl. Many people remember her in the movie “Effigy.” How at the time I was impressed by this drama! How soulful little Christina Orbakaite played. She was 10 years old at the time.

The “Scarecrow” motion picture is close to me, since I myself was once new in class. Christina Orbakayte played brilliantly, heartfelt. I understand how it is – when almost everything is against you – even a guy who likes you very much.

The next role of Christina Orbakaite, which impressed me – was the role of Princess Fike in Svetlana Druzhinina’s film “Viva, midshipmen!”. At that time, Christine was twenty years old. Young, tender, flirty – the very charm. For you, readers, I made screenshots from the movie “Viva, midshipmen!”.

I remember very well the moment when Christina Orbakaite began performing on the stage, because initially she positioned herself as a dancer. Well, the audience began to lament, they say Christine is not a singer, there is no such vocal range as her mother’s, and it’s better not to sing at all, but to dance further. The most interesting thing is that Vladimir Presnyakov, at that time her husband, did not believe in his wife. In fact, he advised her to work more at home and family, and not to dream of a singing career. But Christina Orbaikayte girl hardworking and hard. She, like a tank, went to her goal, the dogs bark, and the caravan moves on. Properly chosen repertoire, that neither song – then hit. She very competently approached the question of her musical career, did everything in the best way, laid out and laid out until now, one hundred percent. Well, yes, she doesn’t have the talent of her mother, she’s just a singer, a distinguished high-quality repertoire that works with a huge return on her concerts. Christina Orbakaite has an individuality, she is not like others, her voice and manner of performance are not confused with anyone.

In general, Christina Orbakaite did not think that she might not be able to do something, she just did what she liked and received not only money, but also great pleasure from it. The result on the face. For her 46 years, Christina Orbakaite is popular, recognized by the public, loved by fans. Christina Orbakaite is the mother of three wonderful children, all of them are born from different husbands, each of them has their own religion.

Mother of children of Philip Kirkorov photo

Nikita Presnyakov was born of her first husband, Vladimir Presnyakov. When Christina met Volodya, she was fifteen years old, she studied in the ninth grade, Presnyakov was a little older — he was eighteen, they didn’t come right away, probably half a year after the first meeting. Alla Borisovna was not against, because she knew the parents of her newly-born son-in-law well. Let your daughter be better with a good boy, than she will hide in the doorways with anyone, besides, there is no cure for love. At twenty years old, Christina Orbakaite gave birth to a son, Nikita.

Together, Christina and Volodya were about ten years old, then mutual reproaches began, betrayals, besides Presnyakov began to abuse alcohol. Christine herself put an end to their relationship, it was she who told her civil husband that she was leaving him. Presnyakov experienced a break, he compared his condition with a wound to the stomach, saying that a bullet is better than going through it. Nevertheless, although love and passion were gone, friendship remained, and later mutual respect came.

In this photo, Christina Orbakaite with her first husband, Vladimir Presnyakov, as well as her father-in-law and mother.

The next civil husband of Kristina Orbakaite was Chechen businessman Ruslan Baisarov. When they met, he was 29 and she was 26. Christina Orbakaite told the press that this man had been caring for her for a long time, but she did not give consent, but as a result, under the pressure of a hot Muslim, she surrendered, the two did not register their relationship at the registry office, but they became husband and wife according to the laws of Islam. Marital happiness did not last long, once Ruslan Baisarov firmly jealous of his beloved and managed to break her nose in a fit of jealousy. To date, all the squabbles and contradictions have subsided, and Christina Orbakaite with Ruslan Baysarov maintain friendly relations. Ruslan Baysarov at one time helped develop Christine’s career, he invested a lot of money in it, Alla Pugacheva was also given help, Ruslan Baisarov not only gave her money, but also bought a chic apartment in the center of Moscow.

In union with Ruslan Baisarov, Kristina Orbakaite’s son was born Deni. After parting with the father of the child, Christine could not dictate to her son what path of life to go, where to live and what to do. According to Muslim customs, the son obeyed his father, and according to this, since eleven years old, Denis Baysarov spent more time with his father than with his mother, followed in Dad’s footsteps, getting ready to become a businessman.

In this photo, Ruslan Baisarov.

At 34, Kristina Orbakaite meets 27-year-old Mikhail Zemtsov. This guy did not have such money and power, as the previous suitor, his condition was much more modest. By education, Mikhail Zemtsov is a dentist, he had his own dental clinic in the USA. But since Christina and Mikhail could not live in two countries, gradually Zemtsov’s business disappeared, the man decided not to tempt fate and devoted himself to his family, especially since his wife gave him a daughter, Claudius. Christine Orbakaite was 41 years old when she gave birth to her third child.

This is a photo from the wedding of the eldest son of Christina Orbakaite, Nikita. The guy married the beautiful Alena Krasnova.

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