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Pregnancy or not: the first signs of pregnancy

Signs the fact that a new life was born in the bosom of a woman is a huge amount, and they all have a tinge of individuality. Let’s talk about the most common first signs of pregnancy.

Delay of menstruation – the main sign of pregnancy

The first and most obvious sign of pregnancy – the delay of menstruation. However, one should not fully rely solely on this aspect: a delay or a change in the structure of the menstrual cycle may indicate both pregnancy and a whole series of diseases completely unrelated to the joy of motherhood.

Some women first signs of pregnancy they appear already in the first week after conception, for others – for weeks or even months.

By her own delay of menstruation can not be considered absolutely true sign of pregnancy. But if you did not observe hormonal disorders, exhaustion, or severe mental trauma, then, along with other positive signs, this may indicate that you are almost a mother.

If menstruation does not come in the allotted time, it makes sense to measure the internal temperature of the body. The thermometer should be inserted into the rectum to a depth of 2 cm for 5-7 minutes.

If the temperature for several days exceeds 37 degrees, you can sound the alarm. If the menstruation is delayed for 1-2 days or more, a pregnancy test can be done.

Unfortunately, an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages is practically not identifiable and proceeds with absolutely the same symptoms as the normal one. Make sure that the new uterine pregnancy can only be a specialist, and then according to the results of ultrasound.

Other reasons for the delay in menstruation: a sharp decrease or increase in body weight, chronic fatigue, hormonal disorders, stress, discontinuation of oral contraceptives, breastfeeding.

Bleeding is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

It appears approximately 6-12 days after conception., during embryo landing on the uterine wall. In some women, this process may be accompanied by bleeding and even spasms.

In the earliest gestational period, minor bleeding is considered a common symptom that is not cause for concern and does not pose a danger to the normal course of pregnancy.

However, you should not run ahead of time for the stroller and sliders: the bleeding can be caused by normal menstruation, a change in the cycle, and also become a side effect of taking contraceptives. Not to mention the various kinds of infections and microdamages received during sexual intercourse.

Delay of menstruation, menstrual disorders – The most common symptom is forcing a woman to take a pregnancy test. The latter is accompanied by the termination, or rather the delay of menstruation for the entire prescribed period of development of the fetus.

However, in some women there is a slight bleeding, which passes low-intensity and stops much faster than usual.

Other causes of bleeding: minimal bleeding after sexual contact (due to the trauma of the loose outer part of the cervix), ectopic pregnancy, infection, menstruation, a side effect of taking contraceptives.

Breast augmentation is another sign of pregnancy.

Has the chest increased and become hypersensitive? The chest does not necessarily increase by 2 sizes immediately, but any changes to touch it exactly!

Swelling, breast tenderness – a sign of pregnancy, which may occur 1-2 weeks after conception.

The chest can react to any, even a slight touch, as well as slightly swell. If you oyakat when a partner touches his chest? Is your chest tight? Well, most likely, this is a pregnancy.

Other causes of increased breast sensitivity: hormonal imbalance, taking birth control pills, premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Fatigue and sleepiness are another sign of pregnancy.

Fatigue, apathy – a sign of pregnancy which may occur in the first week after conception. Such weakness, especially in the morning, is a frequent sign of pregnancy.

Other causes of fatigue, apathy: stress, overwork, depression, cold or flu, other diseases.

Nausea is a sure sign of pregnancy

Nausea, toxicosis – this symptom often occurs at 2-8 weeks after conception. Some women tolerate this stage of pregnancy quite easily, but the vast majority of expectant mothers often suffer from toxemia.

Online pregnancy test to delay

Nausea, sometimes with vomiting, may begin as early as one week after conception! It occurs more often in the morning, but it is possible at any other time of the day or night.

Other causes of nausea: food poisoning, stress, ill gastrointestinal tract.

Low back pain – an indirect sign of pregnancy

Low back pain can also indicate early pregnancy, however, minor back pain will occur throughout the life of the child.

Other causes of back pain: premenstrual syndrome (PMS), stress, back problems, physical and mental stress.

Headaches – An Indirect Sign of Pregnancy

Headache, migraine – a sign of increased hormone levels in the body can cause headaches in early pregnancy.

Other causes of headache: dehydration of the body, retention of caffeine, premenstrual syndrome, eye strain, other diseases.

Frequent urination is a frequent first sign of pregnancy.

Frequent urge to urinate – At about 6-8 weeks after conception, there may be frequent urge to urinate.

Other causes of frequent urination can be: infectious diseases of the urogenital system, diabetes, excessive fluid intake, and the abuse of diuretics.

Darkening of the skin around the nipples is not the first sign of pregnancy.

Already in the very early stages of pregnancy, when you yourself may not know, your breasts are already signaling pregnancy. At around her normal critical days, the areola darkens and grows, and the veins in her chest become more noticeable.

Other causes of darkening of the skin in the nipple area there may be a hormonal imbalance, not associated with pregnancy, a residual phenomenon after a previous pregnancy.

A change in appetite is another first sign of pregnancy.

Increased appetite craving for certain products – it is not necessary that women have a desire to eat overseas exotic, but most expectant mothers have a strong craving for completely specific products.

Other causes of increased appetite: malnutrition, lack of a certain group of vitamin or nutrients, stress, depression, menstruation.

Changing sexuality is another possible sign of pregnancy.

You and your partner will find each other more attractive, change your sexual attraction. Some women have strange sexual cravings and fantasies. May increase the sensitivity of the clitoris and the duration of orgasm.

Caressing the chest will be enjoyable due to hypersensitivity and swelling of the mammary glands.

Other reasons for changing sexual desires: all the rest.

Pregnancy test – a reliable sign of pregnancy?

Most quality tests designed for use from the 1st day of the delay of menstruation. In 85-95% of cases by this time the embryo has already attached to the wall of the uterus and begins to produce hCG. However, in 5-15% of cases, attachment has not yet occurred. With a monthly delay in 1 week, implantation occurs already in 94-100% of cases.

HCG is multiplied by 2 every 2-3 days from the day of the delay, therefore, if the result is negative, if the monthly periods do not start, repeat the test after a few days.

False positive results are rare, unlike false-negative. The latter are obtained when the period of pregnancy is still too small and the level of hCG is low for a test to determine.

Causes of a false positive test: drugs containing hCG, trophoblastic tumors, spontaneous miscarriage (there is no pregnancy, and the test is still positive).

A pregnancy test online will help you determine if you are ready to present a new person to the world in a specific time!

Online tests have recently become extremely popular and the pregnancy test is no exception. Yes, the twenty-first century is in the courtyard, now such tests can be independently passed at home, through the screen of a monitor, laptop or tablet, without going to the doctors and not be afraid of publicity if something happens. Just a few minutes, and you will know for sure whether to start choosing a name for an unborn child or wait a bit.

Classic online pregnancy test

It is not difficult to pass a pregnancy test: see the questions – press the answers, there are only 29 questions, so please be patient, believe me, this is the optimal number of questions in order to determine whether you are pregnant or not. At the end of the test you get the result, everything is completely free and without SMS.

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Experimental pregnancy test to delay online

So, we start to determine whether you are pregnant or not, right now, online and absolutely free!

1. Relax your body muscles, close your eyes, imagine that you are a balloon, your life is serene and calm.

2. Slowly open your eyes and look at the monitor screen. You see a circle. Rest your right thumb, if you are right handed. If left-handed – the left thumb.

3. The third item of the test for free determination of pregnancy online is very important! You must keep your finger in the center of the circle for at least 2 minutes.

4. If within two minutes the circle changes color to another, congratulations! Most likely, you are pregnant!

5. If the color has not changed, most likely you are not pregnant yet.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test for Sanity

2. You often remember the magical moments of intimacy with a young man, but you can’t remember if he used a condom or not.

3. Now you can not stand oranges, which are adored not so long ago, but are crazy about salty chips, which have never been tried before.

4. The smell of the perfume neighbor is very sharp.

5. You are being followed by nausea.

6. Your abdomen over the past few months has greatly increased in size, your mother drags you to the ultrasound, and your husband chooses a maternity hospital and forbids you to sit on the Internet for a long time and take various stupid pregnancy tests online, even if it’s free!

Pregnancy Test to Delay

If you have a delay of menstruation, and you suspect a pregnancy, then the easiest and fastest way to test your guesses at home would be to conduct a test. Modern tests are quite accurate, completely accessible and very easy to use.

But what if before the anticipated onset of menstruation is still far away, and doubts about the likelihood of a pregnancy that has come about are already creeping in? Will a pregnancy test be valid before the onset of menstruation?

When does the test show pregnancy?

Modern tests for determining pregnancy are highly reliable and sensitive. Regardless of the quality and manufacturer, they all work on the same principle. The test contains a special substance that reacts to the presence of the hormone gonadotropin in a woman’s urine. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is secreted by the chorion (the forming placenta), that is, in the absence of pregnancy, it is practically absent in the blood (except for some factors: illness, hormonal medication.

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Gonadotropin begins to stand out immediately after the embryo is introduced into the uterine wall, which occurs no earlier than 7-10 days after fertilization. But at this time, his level is just beginning to grow. Every two days, the concentration of gonadotropin doubles and after a certain time reaches a level when the test is able to “see” it. This moment is the decisive timeframe for an expedient test. It is for this reason that doctors, pharmacists and everyone who is familiar with the principle of the test, recommend testing no earlier than on the third day of a monthly delay. It is believed that the previously carried out procedure is not reliable due to too low content of hCG. But if you really can’t be completely tolerated, pharmacies sell highly sensitive tests (as a rule, these are jet tests) that recognize gonadotropin in low concentrations and allow their use even before the onset of menses. How it works?

Will the pregnancy test show up to a delay?

If the conception took place and the woman is pregnant, the level of the hormone hCG in her blood begins to increase actively and by the first day of the expected menstrual cycle it usually already exceeds 100 mIU / ml. The concentration of gonadotropin in the urine, which is used as a test liquid when conducting a pharmacy pregnancy test, is at two times lower than in the blood, that is, by the expected day of the onset of menstruation it is about 50 mIU / ml. Modern highly sensitive tests are able to identify gonadotropin at a concentration of 10-20 mIU / ml. Consequently, they can be carried out much earlier than the delay. It is necessary to pay attention to the sensitivity of the test – this information is indicated in the instructions or directly on the packaging.

However, it should be understood that the reliability of the test carried out in advance will not be high enough; more precisely, the probability of obtaining false results when testing before the delay of menstruation exists quite large.

And therefore, whenever a pregnancy test is carried out – before a monthly delay or after – for the maximum accuracy of its results, it is necessary to repeat the procedure after a few days (and even better – do it repeatedly). And be sure to pass an examination at the gynecologist, if the monthly and will not come. Often the cause of delayed menstruation can be gynecological or infectious diseases of the reproductive organs.

Especially for

Pregnancy test to delay: reviews

Test – a modern way to determine pregnancy

More recently, scientists with the help of modern technology have developed various tests that allow you to determine the onset of pregnancy, even before a delay. Every girl can do the test at home. It determines the level of changes in hCG, which begins to be produced in the blood, as well as in the urine of a pregnant woman. This special hormone begins to develop after the embryo is fixed on the wall of the uterus.

Online pregnancy test to delay

The instructions say that the correct result will be if you make it after a monthly delay. But rising hCG can help determine the onset of a new position even after ten days, as soon as conception occurs, although there will be several more days before the onset of menstruation.

But in order for the results to be reliable, several rules are required. During these periods, only a highly sensitive test can determine pregnancy. It should be carried out in exactly following the instructions for the test.

If a woman is pregnant, then she will have to do many more tests that were developed more recently. Thus, the glucose tolerance test during pregnancy is becoming popular, which helps diagnose the presence of even latent diabetes mellitus, often developing after conception has occurred.

How to use a pregnancy test

Scientists have developed a variety of home tests that make it easy to detect pregnancy. Almost all of them act according to the same principle; everyone in the test has instructions that spells out how to use a pregnancy test. Different in modern tests method of diagnosis and display of results, but the principle of operation is the same

  • The most common and cheap test in the form of strips. To make it, you need to lower the strips in a container with urine to a special mark. The first strip is a control, it confirms that it is suitable. The presence of conception is suggested by the second strip. The brightness of the strip does not matter, even when the second very weak strip is visible on the pregnancy test – this is an indication that conception has occurred. Instead of two bars, a plus image may appear. This is also a confirmation that a pregnancy has occurred. If there is a minus on the stripes, it has not come.
  • The jet test is very popular. To do this test, a woman must put it under a stream of urine.
  • There are cassette tests, on them the woman drips urine from a special pipette. They are the most accurate, since they have high sensitivity.
  • Now began to gain popularity digital tests. Their results are easy to interpret. If done, the electronic display will even report the expected time from the date of conception. This is the most accurate pregnancy test.

When pregnancy tests are used

Often, women are interested in the question not only how to do a test, but how many days can remain until the delay so that it shows the correct result. The embryo is usually implanted in the uterine cavity approximately seven days or more after ovulation has occurred.

Sometimes implantation may occur earlier, and sometimes later. Immediately, as soon as the egg is fixed on the wall of the uterus, first in the blood, and a little later in the urine at this period should appear the hormone HCG. Its level is rapidly increasing with each day of the new position. If implantation occurred on the seventh day after ovulation, the content of hCG in the blood will be about 2–4 mIU / ml, on the ninth day after ovulation its level will reach 8 mIU / ml.

But even if the test was carried out at the earliest possible time, it will show the correct result. If you make it at the very beginning of pregnancy, a weak strip may appear on a pregnancy test, but it is an indication that a woman is already expecting a baby.

What is the best time of day to test

It is better to diagnose early pregnancy in the morning using the first portion of urine. But in practice, it has been proven that it is possible to carry out diagnostics even in the afternoon; for this, it is not necessary to drink a lot of liquid and not urinate for several hours. Such recommendations must be observed if the test is carried out before the delay of menstruation. When the monthly did not come on time, and the woman does not doubt her new position, she can diagnose at any time of the day.

At this time, the concentration of hCG should already be over the threshold of sensitivity, and if a woman is pregnant, she will see the second bar. So, it’s time to contact the antenatal clinic. The future mother should tell her midwife about all the diseases, even those that her close people had. If diabetes mellitus is suspected, she will subsequently have to pass a glucose tolerance test during pregnancy, which can reveal even a hidden disease.

How to determine pregnancy without a test

There are a lot of additional signs of how to determine pregnancy without a test before the delay of menstruation. The very first symptom is implant bleeding. It passes at that time, the fertilized egg is introduced into the endometrium. At this time, there are red or pink spotting that takes only a few hours. The blood appears due to the fact that the fertilized egg slightly damages small blood vessels.

Due to hormonal changes, the sphincter of the bladder can relax, so urge to urinate more often. The nature of vaginal secretions is also changing, due to the appearance of a mucus plug in the cervix.

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