Ovarian endometriosis and pregnancy

Ovarian endometriosis or pregnancy – is it necessary to make a choice? Very often gynecologists pay attention to endometriosis, however, this disease has not yet been studied properly and often causes female infertility and miscarriages.

Most gynecologists say that endometriosis is incompatible with pregnancy, but medical practice and the facts of the emergence of healthy babies to the world with this diagnosis claim the exact opposite. What is the truth?

Pregnancy after illness

Endometriosis is the proliferation of endometrial cells that must be in the uterus, beyond its borders. Patients with endometrial tissue fall into the region of other internal organs: in the cervix, ovaries, bladder, and even the intestines. Sometimes diseases can even be affected by the lungs or eyes of a woman.

During the onset of menstruation, the cellular structure of the endometrium, which did not await the egg cell, is gradually rejected. Of course, this is accompanied by internal bleeding. This happens with the cellular structure located outside the uterine region.

The body accepts the torn-off tissues as foreign, so it is forced to defend itself through the formation of adhesions and pain shocks.

It is for this reason that in case of endometriosis during menstruation a woman can observe bleeding from the intestines, the presence of blood in the urine or when coughing. Of course, observing such symptoms, you must immediately contact the doctor to clarify the disease and diagnosis.

Endometriosis can begin to develop for several reasons:

  • preliminary surgery;
  • frequent abortions;
  • immune and thyroid problems;
  • genetic predisposition.

Ovarian endometriosis and pregnancy

Among the intermediate signs of the disease are noted: pain during sex, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia, galactorrhea and others. It happens that the disease is absolutely symptom free and can only be detected by ultrasound or laparoscopy.

In addition, it must be remembered that if endometriosis occurs once, it will be impossible to cure it for ever. Gynecology can only make the disease go into remission.

Often, chronic endometriosis gives mild symptoms, but pregnancy in this case is simply not possible until the doctor has made a final diagnosis and prescribed the necessary treatment.

But, bad gynecologists often simply cannot find the reasons why a woman cannot conceive a child, therefore it is very important to get a good specialist.

Ovarian endometriosis and conception

It is on the ovaries that, as a rule, pathological endometrial formations appear. Because of such formations, endometrioid cysts begin to form – the cavities filled with blood.

Endometrioid cysts are mainly the cause of the impossibility of conceiving a child. They can disrupt the work of the ovary, adversely affect the work of follicles, which also affect the ovulation process.

If endometriosis actively develops, over time it can significantly deplete the follicular function of the body. The ovary will no longer be able to produce high-quality follicles, with the result that the chances of getting pregnant are drastically reduced.

Unfortunately, along with the pathology of the ovaries, other types of endometriosis occur simultaneously in the body. This also applies to spikes. The zones that were inflamed earlier are transformed into adhesions under the action of the endometrial pathological layer and this makes it difficult for the egg to move along the uterine cavity.

The consequences of this can be very scary. For example, an ectopic pregnancy, which makes it necessary to remove the fallopian tube. This will significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy in the future.

In addition, large cysts can form, which not only cause discomfort and pain during sex, but also rupture, requiring urgent surgical intervention.

Diagnosis of Endometriosis

Endometriosis is detected due to the method of laparoscopy, ultrasound or an ordinary gynecological examination.

During transvaginal ultrasound, an endometrial cyst is seen as a lesion representing a specific echogram. It is characteristic only for endometriosis, therefore even the worst doctor cannot confuse it with another disease.

However, after the first examination and detection of this disease, doctors strongly advise to be examined again after a few months, since endometriosis is very similar in signs and symptoms to a functional ovarian cyst.

The treatment of this pathology is carried out by several methods: hormonal agents and surgical intervention. However, it should be noted that medicinal treatment can be used only for those patients who have already given birth to children and no longer plan.

This treatment only suspends the formation of the disease and over time the ovaries can completely atrophy.

Besides the fact that self-treatment will always be accompanied by pain, it is also guaranteed to lead to infertility.

Hormone therapy is designed to suppress the work of estrogen – the female sex hormone. It is he who is the main “culprit” of the painful formation and growth of the mucous membrane of the endometrial membrane.

Suppression of the female hormone is carried out either radically or locally. In the case of the radical method, menopause forms with the help of a synthetic hypothalamus, and in the second, a pituitary inhibitor, an analogue of a hormonal contraceptive, is used.

In the definition of pathology and in its treatment, all processes are interrelated. For example, having endometriosis is quite difficult to get pregnant, but, on the other hand, pregnancy helps in the treatment of pathology. If you suspect endometriosis, the doctor may prescribe a diagnostic laparoscopy.

In its course, if the presence of pathological tissues is reliably established, the doctor can immediately remove a cyst and a nidus of the disease in order to make the possibility of becoming pregnant more likely.

But it must be remembered that conception immediately after surgery is extremely not recommended, since endometriosis has a “habit” to recur and become chronic.

Hormonal treatments

When cervical endometriosis is detected, hormone therapy is often used to stop pathologies and provoke pregnancy.

Ovarian endometriosis and pregnancy

Thanks to advances in medical equipment and the development of hormonal drugs, a disease can be detected at the earliest stage of its development.

Unfortunately, endometriosis cannot be cured once and for all, since the main reason for its occurrence is hormonal disorders, which can only be corrected by hormonal means.

But, with the help of a comprehensive and responsible approach, you can stop the symptom of the disease, bring the monthly cycle to a normal state and eliminate infertility!

Can I get pregnant with endometriosis? Yes, of course, but it is quite a rare phenomenon, not recommended by doctors. First, it is necessary to eliminate the pathology and level its symptoms, and only then to plan the conception of the child.

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