Pain killer during pregnancy


What anesthetic is possible during pregnancy

In the life of each person had to resort to drugs from the pain. And how difficult it is for women in a state of pregnancy, when her body works for two for the whole period and constantly that one hurts, then another, and many medicines are also contraindicated.

Pain killer during pregnancy

The manifestations of pain during pregnancy most often include: toothache and headache, as well as pain after severe injuries and bruises.

Headache pain reliever

Sometimes pain may be accompanied by signs of late toxicosis. And may be accompanied by fatigue, stress, sudden changes in the weather. A pregnant woman should measure blood pressure daily; it can be low or high. If the pains accompany a woman for several days in a row, with dizziness, you should consult a doctor and tell about your symptoms. Perhaps these are manifestations of low hemoglobin, which is a common occurrence during periods of pregnancy. If, nevertheless, the headache is not associated with any manifestation of the disease, you can drink an anesthetic.


Paracetamol – it is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent and, based on the results of the studies performed, showed that it does not in any way adversely affect the fetus and the course of pregnancy. Therefore, paracetamol is allowed to use the expectant mother at any time during pregnancy. Paracetamol-based preparations – Ferwex and Efferalgan. They are effective for colds, which are often accompanied by headache and sore throat.

Pain reliever for toothache

Every person in everyday life from such pain uses analgin. It has already ceased to be used in developed countries because of its cheap cost, but is still popular in Russia and the CIS countries. Pregnant women analgin is prohibited in the first trimester and in the last weeks. In the second trimester can be used only with urgent need and consultation with a doctor.

Back pains with bruises and injuries.

Diclofenac (Voltaren) was widely used. It is used for back pain, lower back in the form of a warming gel. It can be used by pregnant women in 1 and 2 trimesters. In the last term, you need to consult a doctor before use.

Pain killer during pregnancy

Perhaps the only universal anesthetic is the drug No-shpa. It is used for headaches and toothaches, and most importantly suitable for pregnant women. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the drug, as well as cardiac arrhythmias. Drotaverin is the Russian analogue of a no-difference that does not differ in quality features. It is relatively cheaper and people who prefer to save willingly buy it.

Is it safe to use painkillers during pregnancy?

All these drugs were tested for effectiveness, and are used for a long time. They meet all safety indicators, and therefore every expectant mother must keep these medicines in her first aid kit. Yes, there are other medicines, more expensive in price and many people might think that they are better. But they have not undergone such thorough research, many have generally appeared relatively recently and have not yet been completely studied, so it is not yet known how they will act in relation to pregnant women.

Pain killer during pregnancy

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