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Regardless of what a woman looks like, if she dresses like Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian somewhere other than a fashion show or a scene, she is criticized and reprimanded because outright sexuality is considered vulgar and vulgar today. But has it always been like this?

In the photo: What if the scandalous American star of the reality show, Kim Kardashian, and the socialite of that time have much more in common than we think? After all, even the ways to seduce them are the same

This is what a serpent-looking goddess from Crete looks like: a crazy look, in the hands of a snake, her chest out. A rare man or god would venture closer to her. For women’s clothing of the time is characterized by a wide skirt, in the image you can guess that such a thin waist creates a sewn laced corset. Researchers claim that this is one of the first cleavage in European history.

In the photo: The figurine of an ancient goddess with snakes from the Palace of Knossos. OK. 1600-1500 before

The ancient Greeks and Etruscans had no deep cuts on dresses. In ancient Rome they wore tunics and raincoats, and underwear appeared, like a modern bra, which is called a strophy. Byzantine fashion, in fact, the heiress of antique and nothing brave, we also will not find here. Only in the XII century, strict free attire is replaced by tailored clothes, tight to the figure and emphasizing it, cut bodice and lacing appear.

Photo female breast

Image: Portrait of Anne du Pire, Bartholomeus van der Helst

The decollete, in the modern sense of the word, appeared in the XIV century, in Burgundy, at the court of Isabella of Bavaria, who had the reputation of a lecherous and bad woman. The fashion for the depth of the neckline on the dresses changed just as the concept of what should be the chest.

On the image: “Ladies toilet. Portrait of Diane de Poitiers “, artist Francois Clouet

In most European countries, from the second half of the XIV century, women are beginning to proudly display their charming forms. Diana Poitier, the favorite of King Henry II is one of the most famous sultry beauties of the French Renaissance. She was older than the king by 18 years, but she knew how to file herself and prolong her youth.

At that time there were restrictions on the images of the naked chest. It was considered appropriate to draw only antique scenes or a nursing Madonna with a baby, but artists often resorted to tricks. So contemporaries in the images of goddesses recognized the wives and mistresses of privileged persons.

Image: So Jean Fouquet isobazil Agnes Sorel – favorite of the King of France Charles VII

The name of the mistress of the French king Charles VII Agnes Sorel is associated with the advent of fashion for women’s dresses, completely opening the chest. According to the moral standards of that time, an open chest was more permissible than bare legs or shoulders.

In Venice, there was a double moral: the requirement that noblewomen cover their faces, but the requirement did not apply to the falling out chest. The “wandering neckline” was popular, the invention of which is attributed to the anemone of that time, Lucrezia Borgia: it was not fixed, but so wide and free, that it exposed one or the other chest in turn.

Image: Portrait of Simonetta Vespucci

According to legend, to know at the time was having fun, arranging beauty contests of dubious moral character, having learned the details of which even our contemporaries will turn red. All hemmed up and exposed breasts. If you believe the brothers Goncours, in the competition for the best breasts, which took place in Versailles, won the Queen of France Marie Antoinette. It does not surprise me at all. And you?

The great French revolution helped women free themselves from tight corsets. Today there is hardly a person unfamiliar with E. Delacroix’s painting “Freedom, Leading the People”, which depicts a woman with a bare chest on the barricades.

Image: E. Delacroix Freedom Leading the People

Modern fashion does not involve an open chest, however, women are trying to create a beautiful silhouette. For a long time bras stuffed with cotton and even folded socks. In the late 40s, the American firm Fredericks of Hollywood created special underwear for women, the first push-up bras.

In the photo: Unusual swelling bra, designed by Fredericks of Hollywood and advertising miracle bras that increase breasts.

A special inflatable bra was developed, which was sold complete with a straw through which it inflated to a certain size. But he had a serious drawback: he could begin to deflate at the most inopportune moment, and, with a characteristic whistle. They told funny cases when these bras exploded in an airplane or burst during bathing.

In the photo: You probably do not realize that our great-great-grandmothers were also provokers and big yoke.

Nowadays, few women are trying to demonstrate the lingerie style and bare breasts. For example, the scandalous Kim Kardashian, who walks through the streets in inappropriate outfits, however, accompanied by security guards. Or Kendall Jenner, who appeared in public in a transparent blouse on a naked body.

In the photo: Kendall Jenner in a transparent long-sleeved naked body.

The fashion for naked or decollete breasts did not last long, but excited the minds of men who were lucky enough to live at that time. Studying history, we understand that, in criticizing modern trends and the shamelessness of half-secular shameless girls, we are no different from the disgruntled Chancellor Jouvenel Des Joerssen, who once indignantly remarked, because of which you can see women’s breasts and nipples. And how in his apartment, as well as in the apartment of the queen and their children, many men and women suffer in an atmosphere of debauchery, sins and perverse connections. Wearing such clothes is inappropriate and deserves punishment. ”I think the king“ tolerated ”this with great pleasure.

In the photo: Model Bella Hadid appeared at the masquerade during Paris Fashion Week in a transparent dress with a corsage of Dior Couture

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